Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haul 2010 review

it's the end of march! my target is to finish moving my old post from my old blog here this month and start new post on april. So, this is the last old post. Pictures, actually.

Living in Yemen, it's hard for me to get my fav korean brands. Ordering from internet will cost me a lot in shipping. So my solution is to buy lots of them for my stock, at least for 6months stock, when i come to Jakarta. Nowadays there are so many seller open pre order for korean brands, and they just cost me Rp.5000 for shipping (to jakarta)!
Sadly, i can only order around twice a year. Once when i come to jakarta for holiday, and once when my mom send me some stuff from home.

So, this is the pictures of my haul for last 2010. i ordered most of them from riebutik, joined their pre order, and some other i bought from chicprincessa, onikchan and intencorner from their ready stock list.

most of them are skin food, my fav brand so far. I ordered some etude house, baviphat and innisfree too.
and these are samples. i love trying new products, and that's why i looove samples (and some mask sheets). i don't even mind buying samples. Most of the samples i bought them, only some i got free from riebutik.
i bought some etude house brushes too. 
and.. eco tools kabuki brush & everyday mineral foundation brush.
this is baviphat cosmetic bag, or i don't know what they call this. this is just perfect for me to go. not too big, not too small.just enough for my pact, lipstick, blush on, eye liner, face mist and brushes.what i like is there is a space for my new brushes with a plastic to cover them.
my choices of face masks. skin food kiwi yogurt mask, skin food banana yogurt mask, baviphat mango magic brightening, etude house sleeping pack and etude house honey wash off mask. I don't even open skin food kiwi yogurt and etude house honey yet.
my choices of cleansing. alll skin food. skin food apple vinegar fresh foam, cappuccino mousse foam, milk mania cleansing emulsion, milk shake point make up remover, and grape seed oil. apple vinegar, cappuccino and grape seed now only half bottle left.. i'm start worried that i didn't buy enough stock for cleansing :(
will buy more next time..
travel size-gift set-sample set.. whatever the name, i love them!!
well, that's it! i am finish moving to blogspot. tomorrow i will start writing new post! hemm.. no, not tomorrow. it's holiday here. well, see you  soon


Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

wow, that's really a nice haul ^^ I love skinfood and etude too^^

Stephanie said...

I love Etude House as well!! Skr masih di Yemen apa udah di Jakarta, mbak?

galleryibu said...

masih di Yemen nih..