Monday, December 31, 2012

MY 2012 Favourite

yeaaayyy it's the last day of 2012.. and as i promised you for my last post this year.. it would be all the favourite products i've tried this year. So let's get started...
note : all the pictures in this post taken from google images

favourite cleansing product :
etude house cleansing dream cleansing water
I like this cleansing water because it cleans well, both make up and dirt, and it didn't give any sticky feeling or oil resude after, like some cleansing lotion or cream, and it didn't make my skin dry. i think i'm convert to cleansing water because of this. on my next haul i already ordered some other cleansing water.

favourite toner :
Holika holika egg cooling toner
This toner satisfied me because not just it is refrehshing but also moisturising yet not sticky. and not to mention the cute packaging! haha
favourite cream/emulsion
Tony moly ice queen multi play cream
This is really a multi cream. first, ok i admit, beside the packaging, the scent it lovely. but what makes it my favourite this year is also the function as a moisturising cream, the texture melted into the skin easily and kept my skin moisturised during dan and night. it's good to use as primer in the morning before bb cream, as an extra moisturising cream in the afternoon and even during the night.

favourite mask/scrub/peeling

Tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub
My first lip scrub. where i've been all this time that i didn't use or try lip scrub before? it's really usefull specially sometimes i have dry chapy lips. from now on lip scrub would be in my list and in my routine.
Baviphat pearl brightening gommage cream
This is a peeling cream. The formula is super thick and easy to scrub off. what i like from this is the extra moisturised feeling i got after using this product. it's also made my skin smoother after using this.

favourite bb cream
holika holika aqua petit jelly BB
I like this because it feels light on the skin, gave me natural look and it has good moisturising properties. what makes me like it more is when i tried using it with the sponge aplicator that comes with the product. it gave me smooth and flawless finish. nicee..

Favourite primer:
Baviphat all skin collagen primer
finally i found another fav primer. You can read my previous post to see how i looove this primer. it gave me smooth silky skin and also  it didn't dry my skin..nice and glowy finish.

Favourite make up products:
etude house line nuance duo
i'm too lazy to put eye make up for daily look. normally i just use eye liner. it's been more than 2 years that powder eye shadows were not in my make up bag. so this kind of duo function eye shadow and liner is a solution for me. it's easy to apply, and the result also quite good and natural. in fact i just ordered another color for this!
skin food choco powder eyebrow pencil
My fav and to go eye brow pencil. the colour is just perfect and natural, and the pencil is smooth, easy to apply.
Baviphat make up eraser
my saviour to save me from a disaster, specially eye liner.. sometimes i smudged or made a mistake in using liquid or gel eye liner, and this one helped me to easily correct or erase the mistake.

Revlon lip butter
this lip butter is so popular this year i guess. and i regreted not to buy more colours. i just bought one to try and i like it.. i will definetely but more.

favourite hair product:

L'oreal hair spa
hair spa product that you can found in most beauty salon, and you can ask for the treatment. no time to go to salon regularly? just buy this!! it smells niiiiceee and made my hair smoother, not tangled but of course i have to use it often to get good result.

So.. that's it everyone!! that's my fav for this year, and this would be my last post this year. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year.. Happy new year everyone.. wishing you all the best and wonderful coming year

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Face primer review : Baviphat Sugar girl all skin collagen primer

Sooooo.... it's almost the end of 2012.. This could be my last review post this year.. Next day i'm just gonna write about my favourite products of 2012, so this could be the last review this year. Did i save the best for last? lol yeah indeed.. maybe not the best but one of my favourite.

I've been searching for a primer that gave me smooth surface before putting my make up, and normally that type of primer comes in gel texture, not cream. I wanted something like revlon beyond solution primer. i liked it a lot, the revlon one at the end it tend to dry my face. But i liked it and finished it anyway. Then my previouse primer products since i was into korean cosmetics was Missha M BB boomer and Nature republic ice jelly primer. Both was a good primer base but didn't satisfied me since i wanted the silky smooth effect from a primer.

On my blogger comment box, one of my beauty blogger, frozen blossoms suggested me this primer, Baviphat sugar girl all skin collagen primer. You can read her review here. So on my next pre order, i ordered this one.
I like the tube packaging. This one looks like a color paint isn't it.. specially the cap.

I didn't know that there's english description on Baviphat packaging now. Last time (last year i think) i ordered baviphat product it was still all in korean.
from the packaging :
Baviphat sugar girl all skin collagen primer
silky primer covers pores and wrinkles smoothly with collagen.
how to use :
Appy proper amount evenly onface after skin care.
colume 30 ml

Color and texture :
it's a transparent gel. Once i applied it on my face, it gave me this smooth surface i wanted. Yeaayyy!!!
it smoothen my pores, my skin, and prepared my face for the next step.
Together with bb cream on top, it gave me smooth flawless face, and even though i went out under the sun, sweat, in and out stores, when i came back home my face still looked good, not dull.
and it also didn't dry out my skin. another yeayyy!!!oh, and it's cheap toooo!!! compare to other primer that's rp.100.000 or above, this one below that price.
did i say sound to excited? in conclusion, i love this primer and will continue using it till the last drop. In fact because of this primer i'm sooo tempted to try the bb cream from this sugar girl line.

face mask review : Ovale cucumber mask

When was the last time i was using local brand face mask? uh oh.. i'm still using local brand make up (caring colors from martha tilaar, sari ayu lipstick, etc) but for face mask? it's been a loooong time.. well, it's about time to know and try the local brand right. So when i saw this on the supermarket, i chose 2 varians of Ovale facial mask; cucumber and lemon. This time i will review the cucumber first.
Too bad i threw away the sheet after finish this mask so i can't write you the description on the back of the packaging. This cucumber variant targeted for smooth, fresh and firm, it is written there "for matte looking face"

The texture is thick and creamy, reminds me of a hair creambath creamy texture, in fact the smell also remind me of hair creambath i've tried (can't remember which one).
This is how it looks like if you spread on your face.
how to use :
apply to clean, dry face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips area. Leave dry for 10-15 minutes. rinse off with warm water thoroughly.

So this is a wash off type mask, and the type of mask that will get dry in your face and make your face tight and stiff that you can't talk during the application of the mask. It's been more than 2 years i've been using korean type wash off mask, that most of them didn't give me this tightening and stiff effect, so it's kind of funny to experience this kind of mask again. And one more uncomfortable thing is that it really hurt my eyes. Although i didn't apply near my eyes, but still this mask somehow hurted my eyed (pedih pedih gitu deh). During the applicatin it didn't give me itchy feeling, only tight and stiff.

The result?
so after 10-15 minutes i rinsed it off, and yes, it's easier with warm water because it's a little bit sticky, the only result i could see was my face became whiter instantly. woa... i noticed it straight away how whiter and brighter.. but of course, only temporarily effect. I didn't feel extra moisturised or firm that i like (or hoped) from a mask effect, you know, that effect that makes you keep touching your face to feel the firm, smooth and moisturised face after mask. So if you want instant fresh, whiter and brighter looking skin, you can try this one.

For me, i will not repurchase this one but i don't mind trying the other variant from this ovale mask. maybe the cucumber is jut not for me. i;ll try and see the lemon one if it's better for me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

BB cream samples short revie & swatch

This time it would be short review of some bb cream samples i got, which are etude house presious mineral bright fit bb cream, etude house precious mineral sun bb cream and tony moly expert triple bb cream.I'm so sure that you are already familiar with etude house precious mineral, since it's so popular out there. Sun bb cream also quite popular these days among bloggers. These are some information about products that i got from googling.

Etude house precious mineral bright fit bb cream
 Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit N02 - promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection

Etude house precious mineral sun bb cream
1. Water holding system keep skin cool and moist.
2. 3 in 1 function : Coverage, Sunscreen, Waterproof effects help BB cream to last longer on face.
3. Attached sponge helps easy and perfect make up.
*No parabe and tar color, contain 5% pearl ingredient

Tony moly expert triple bb cream
Tony Moly Expert triple BB cream SPF45 PA+++ is a Tri-functional BB Cream, providing Whitening, Wrinkle Care and Protection against UV rays.
Red Ginseng extract helps regenerate the fibroblast and aggrandize the skin's immunizing functions.
Organic Lavender Extract boosts to restore the damaged skin and β-Glucan substance protects the Langerhans Cell in skin, which gets easily deteriorated by UV rays.

swatch and review

From left to right : etude house precious mineral birght fit no.2, etude house precious mineral sun bb cream no.3, tony moly expert triple bb cream
without flash
with flash.

From the texture, etude house precious mineral bright fit is the most watery among all, while tony moly expert triple bb cream is the thickest.From the shade, not too much different from all the 3. They are all fit to my skin tone.
Precious mineral bright fit bb cream,
It's easy to apply, and the colour is fit and match for me perfectly, i don't have to wait to make the colour 'blend' or 'adjust' to my skin. But the downside of this is that it doesn't provide enough moisturiser for me, or at least now in the winter season. By the afternoon i saw some part of my face getting dry with some dry flakes.. oh no.. and This bb cream can't add moisturiser i needed.

Precious mineral sun bb cream,
i like the texture, not to thin and not to thick. The colour also match perfectly, enough moisturiser, didn't cause flaky dry skin. The only downside is that i saw the white cast from this product, specially when i sweat or after washing my face with water before praying, it made my skin looks uneven.

Tony moly expert triple bb cream
a little thick in texture, but don;t worry it's still easy to apply. it gave me enough moisturiser, and quite good for my big pores nose too. and even perfect as a make up base. Just add loose powder on top of this and i'm set. It gave my face this fresh glowy look skin. And i even notice one day after going out shopping in 2 different supermarket, book store and beauty store, when i came back home and check on the mirror, my face still looked fresh and even better than before i left home, although i was sweating out there. So i really like the appearance of this bb cream on my face.

My favourite from all the 3 is.. tony moly!! and 2nd fav is precious mineral sun bb cream!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Watson @Shanghai Haul

When i was in Shanghai, China, one of my favourite shop was Watson! i Think i visited Watson more than 3 times in 3 different malls there. I was excited to shop for bags and shoes too, but when i entered Watson, i got even more excited with all those cute skin care and make up that are not available in indonesia. Everytime i entered Watson i alway ended up with something in my shopping Basket. lol.

well, let's take a look what i got there
Shower travel set! contain body scrub, body wash and body lotion. My husband and i looove this kind of set. Not just that it's convinient for travel but also it's nice to use complete body care from the same set and same scent. My mom loves this kind of cuties too so i bought another 2 of this for her.
I've tried the grape one and it smells sweet.. like grape but not too much grape scent in it.
Hair products..the one on the left is another travel set..contain shampoo, conditioner and body wash. at that time we were staying for a week in Shanghai, and the shampoo at the hotel was not so good so we went to Watson to buy Shampoo, we found this set so we bought 3 sets of this. lol. The shampoo and conditioner was so so, not my fav though. The one on the left is bubble hair mask. Yup.. i'm a sucker of the cute packaging so i bought this because of the
Watson mask sheet. the packaging is so girly.

and then.. there is this tools to suck your white heads/blackheads on the nose. My husband bought me this because he knew that i'm obsessed with the big pores on my nose. Lol. i tried this and although it worked but it hurted and made my nose red so i didn't use it a lot. The one on the right is a peeling gel and i haven't tried it yet.

There are soo many cute stuff in watson.. There was this rack full of skin care goodies with cute cute packaging.. sleeping pack, mask, cream,, all so tempting but i only bought one which is a cleanser and i don't have the picture because i left it in Jakarta.

Overall, i enjoyed shopping in watson, it's always nice to see many different stuff there. from local brand to intenational brand. i was so tempted to try some maybelline product that's not available in indoneisa too but i really really needed to

Monday, December 17, 2012

skin care travel set review : Skin food fresh apple

When i saw this new products on the net, i was sooo excited! why? because i'm a fan of skin food peach sake line and i was wondering when will skin food release new line for pore care. After peach sake, skin food didn't launch more skin care set focusing on pore care. So when finally i saw this, i was! and.. "i must try this!!"
and when i saw one of my fav online seller chicprincessa have this item for travel set.. i bought it straight away. A travel set! means i got to try the toner, serum, emulsion and cream without buying the complete full bottle!
So this is the mini set i got. Enough for the whole week. I got the toner, emulsion, serum and sparkling pore cream.
I like the packaging of the full size bottle, it looks so fresh and not boring. . So now i'll just write my opinion and experience of this set.

first.. the toner
This is type of watery liquid toner, not light gel type toner that lately i found. This one smells lovely and fresh. And sweeeet tooo.. just like any other skin food products.All the set smells similar like the toner. The toner on my skin gave this cooling feeling. Like there is alcohol in it. But the good thing is that it smoothen the surface of my big pores nose. But if you have sensitive skin you might get the tingly burn feeling.


The serum is white colour, with lotion texture, not too thick and not too watery. This serum gave the same effect like peach sake serum, or at least that's how i remember about peach sake serum. It gave me smoooth's like a good primer that tighten my pores and make the skin smooth. I like it. When i touched my face after applying this, it felt different.

OMG, this is the most watery emulsion i've ever tried. i couldn't even take a picture of the emulsion product. it's just like water that running down my hand straightaway. I really don't know why is it so light like this. In fact my holika cooling toner's texture is thicker than this emulsion. When i see how watery and light this toner, i was sceptical, i though, it won't be enough to keep my face moiturised. and i was right!. it was nice at first, it absorbs really quickly, but before dawn my skin started getting dry. I don't know, maybe this is for summer use, not winter. but still, i'm a little bit dissapointed of this emulsion.

Sparkling pore cream
Now the cream, The texture is thick gel, but not too thick, still easy to spread and absorb. This one felt similar with the serum, only thicker and richer. But there's one downside for me. I felt my skin a little bit itchy and little burn feeling after applying this.. :( oh no... i really hope this set will work good on me like peach sake.. did i use it in the wrong time? maybe i should use it during summer?
I'm really curious with the other cream though, the smooth pore cream. i don;t know why there are 2 types of the cream and what the difference betwen them, but i'm really curious to try if the other type works on me. Because so far i like the toner and the serum.


I really like the toner and serum, but not the emulsion and sparkling pore cream. i'm curious to try the smooth pore cream version though, and also the peeling.. i want to try the peeling!!
A little bit dissapointed because the emulsion is not as good as the peach sake emulsion, not what i was expected, but at least the serum has the same quality.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

cleansing foam review : Baviphat milky strawberry latte mousse foam

I must have at least 1 cleansing lotion/water, 1 cleansing oil and 1 cleansing foam in my drawer. I just like each different type of cleansing for each different purpose. As cleansing foam, i like to use it in the morning to freshen up and clean the last night skin care i applied. This one, is not any other usual cleansing foam. This one is a mousse foam. yeah, i admit, i bought this because it sounds cute. haha. Well, it's Baviphat, who always manage to attracted me with their cute packaging, name and product itself.

So this one is Baviphat milky strawberry latte mousse foam. comes in an aerosol can with a pump. The tag line is "pore and deep clean". Not much information i can get from the net, and no english information on the packaging also.
This is the information i can get by googling :

Cleansing Foam contracting pores and removing wastes and caring cleansing and massage at once.

Directions for use

Take proper amount, apply on face evenly, massage 1-4 minutes softly and wash out with warm water

this is the pump. it's so easy to pump out the product
The colour is white.. You have to shake it before use, or else the texture inside would not mis completely. When i first using this I didn't shake it first and the product is more liquid, not moussy type, and the colour is seperated with with and light brown colour.. the brown is like the latte and the white from the strawberry.

The scent is sweet strawberry scent. at first i could smell between strawberry and coffee, but after a while i could only smell the milky strawberry.
look at the texture.. it's moussy.. it's actually just like a shaving foam. look at this :

Can you imagine you cover your fave with this? You would feel like your face covered with whip cream,, or shaving foam.
So how is it anyway?
i use this every morning while shower, massage gently on my face, oh it smells sweet and refreshing. The good thing is that it doesn't dry at all. As i washed it off with water, i didn't feel this foam taking moisturise from my skin, in fact i felt moist as i washed it off. it felt like when you rinse off scrub from your body.
So it's good as a cleansing foam, but as for removing make up it's not good. I tried to test removing some make up that i drew on my hand. The result is that it could remove the powdery make up like face powder, powder eye shadow, but it couldn't remove cream or gel make up like gel eye liner and even lipstick, it couldn't remove completly. So for me it's only for morning cleansing or the last cleansing step after i remove my make up with cleansing water first.

Overall,  i like it. I do... This is one of the stuff i will keep using until i finish it. Repurchase? hmmmm.. the thing is i always want to try something new!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Face scrub review : Tony moly latte art cappuccino cream-in scrub

i know..i know.. the packaging is cute.. and simply just irresistible.and yes, i admit. i bought this because of the packaging. ha ha... well, i knew tony moly for awhile now, and so far their products quite good for me. so when i saw this. ok.. why not.. right.
i mean..look at this!!
look at the top.. with a latte art look like.. and a spoon? well actually the spoon is the spatula to scoop out the product. cute, right..
close up the spatula.
So this one is a face srub. there is another one from tony moly like this, whis is a morning pack or something, and there is another new one that i'm sooo interested! haha.. well for now let's start with this then.
To open the coffe cup, simply just rotate at it will open. The jar is in the bottom, covered with another plastic cap.
So this is the scrub. brown colour, it smells like... coffee!!!not creamy or cappuccino coffee, for me it smells a little bit like nescafe 3in1 or mocca coffee. Nice scent for me, as a cappuccino lover. but if you don't like coffee, or you don't like the idea of putting coffee on your face, then you may not like it.

The texture is very thick and creamy, and the scrub particle is tiny.
To apply, i tried it both on my dry and wet face, and i like it more dry with only little water as i start to scrub my face. When i applied on the dry face, it could be a little rough sometimes, so that's why i add water as i massage gently. I tried it on my wet face too, and the result was not as good as when i applied on cleaned- towel dry face.
scrub on the dry skin. Can you see the scrub particles? it's tiny and as you massage and rub gently the colour will turn into white creamy.

The result?
After scrubbing my face with this, i could feel my face clean, smooth and a little bit moisturised, and another good thing is i felt my big pores on my nose tighten and my nose felt smooth to touch.
so do i like it? oh yeah i like it.. and although i'm not gonna repurchase this but i'm gonna buy the new version of this latte cup with cocoa.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lip color review : Maybelline watershine pure C22 & revlon colorburst lip butter 001

I wanted to write on title "lipstick review" but since this time revlon named this product "lip butter", not "lipstick" so i decided to just wrote it lip color.
Anyway, last time on my holiday in Jakarta i bought lots of lip color products including these two. I also bought local brand lipstick martha tillaar in 3 different color but i left them in Jakarta and just brought these two plus two other tony moly lip color products(review coming soon). i thought, 4 enough. is it? lol girl never have enough of lipstick/lipgloss!
left : maybelline and right : revlon
the color..

The maybelline is C22, more to the soft pink color, not too pale and not too shocking pink, while Revlon lip butter i chose is 001 in pink truffle. it said pink but for me it is more natural brown color, although when i tested it on my hand it looked also like coral color.

the swatch..
without flash
with flash
up swatch : maybelline, down : revlon
as you can see from the swatch, the maybelline color somehow turned into more orange or peach than pink, but on the lip it still pink, but in natural color. not too much. it didn't dry my lip or made it flaky, which is good.
For the revlon lip butter, on my lip it turned to be more natural lip color, brownish with a hint of coral. This one gave the extra moisturised feel on my lip, like you were applying lip balm twice before your lipstick. it is actually a good thing, it didn't dry my lip and i felt it moisturised but it didn't last long. last than 2 hour i guess?

In my conclusion, i like them both, generally, although i'm not really satisfied with the color, so i will look for another color next time for sure.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Toner review : Holika holika smooth egg skin cooling toner

When i first knowing holika holika, i was sold straightaway to their cute packaging and products. I started by trying some products, and turned out they are quite good. So i kept buying and trying for more. This one is a toner. I always bought extra toner because i knew that toner will finish first before the lotion or emulsion. So for 2 bottles emulsion i'm gonna need 3 toners. or even 4? anyway, i chose this cooling toner because it's targeted for pore tightening.

SO,Are you ready for this cutie?
yup...cute cute cute... take a look at the bottle

it looks lika a bottle from fairy tale.. like a potion bottle right? :)
Anyway, there is some english information on the packaging box.
Holika holika
smooth egg skin cooling toner
Like a cold water patting massage, this innovative pore care gel skin provides tense to the skin with a fresh cooling sense tighting the skin pore.
Application guide : simply double the coolness by shaking 4-5 times before use, changing it's gel form to liquid. Apply proper amount on the skin after morning and evening wash.

So first of all, i like the packaging. i like to see this cute bottle standing on my table, i wish i have a set of it. But i just wanted to try first so i only bought the toner.
However, when i opened the bottle and tried it for the first time, i had a hard time trying to scoop the toner out. there is this plastic cap with a very tiny hole, and the hole didn't help so i just opened it and now it's much better.
The cap without the plastic cover.
Now to the product,
the texture is a light gel type, not that water type. If i shake the bottle first, it gave me a little bit cooling sensation, but not too much, just a little. I don't know about the scent, what it smells like, i can't figure out. but it's just smell sweet and ok, not over powering.
This toner didn't dry my face, in fact it gave me this fresh feeling plus moisturized. it tightens my pores specially on my nose, and get my face ready for the next step. it sounds good isn't it? in fact it is good. i like it. A LOT. yup, this is officially my fav toner for this year!