Saturday, December 29, 2012

Face primer review : Baviphat Sugar girl all skin collagen primer

Sooooo.... it's almost the end of 2012.. This could be my last review post this year.. Next day i'm just gonna write about my favourite products of 2012, so this could be the last review this year. Did i save the best for last? lol yeah indeed.. maybe not the best but one of my favourite.

I've been searching for a primer that gave me smooth surface before putting my make up, and normally that type of primer comes in gel texture, not cream. I wanted something like revlon beyond solution primer. i liked it a lot, the revlon one at the end it tend to dry my face. But i liked it and finished it anyway. Then my previouse primer products since i was into korean cosmetics was Missha M BB boomer and Nature republic ice jelly primer. Both was a good primer base but didn't satisfied me since i wanted the silky smooth effect from a primer.

On my blogger comment box, one of my beauty blogger, frozen blossoms suggested me this primer, Baviphat sugar girl all skin collagen primer. You can read her review here. So on my next pre order, i ordered this one.
I like the tube packaging. This one looks like a color paint isn't it.. specially the cap.

I didn't know that there's english description on Baviphat packaging now. Last time (last year i think) i ordered baviphat product it was still all in korean.
from the packaging :
Baviphat sugar girl all skin collagen primer
silky primer covers pores and wrinkles smoothly with collagen.
how to use :
Appy proper amount evenly onface after skin care.
colume 30 ml

Color and texture :
it's a transparent gel. Once i applied it on my face, it gave me this smooth surface i wanted. Yeaayyy!!!
it smoothen my pores, my skin, and prepared my face for the next step.
Together with bb cream on top, it gave me smooth flawless face, and even though i went out under the sun, sweat, in and out stores, when i came back home my face still looked good, not dull.
and it also didn't dry out my skin. another yeayyy!!!oh, and it's cheap toooo!!! compare to other primer that's rp.100.000 or above, this one below that price.
did i say sound to excited? in conclusion, i love this primer and will continue using it till the last drop. In fact because of this primer i'm sooo tempted to try the bb cream from this sugar girl line.

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Diah Fara Dilla said...

You must try Monistat Chaving Relief Gel as a primer because it was made from a silicone thus smoothen out you skin & has gel type texture ;)
It so famous among beauty junkie..