Wednesday, November 28, 2012

skin care travel kit review : skin food ancient rice

This travel set contain skin food ancient rice toner, emulsion, cream and pack powder. Another cutie value set i got. what is it about ancient rice?
ancient rice story :
The valuable red, green and black rice were served for the royal family of United Silla, an ancient kingdom of korea. Depending on their colour, they provide different nutrients that benefit your skin.
  • red rice : enriched with polyphenols, a potent antioxidant.
  • green rice : chlorophylls, a green plant pigment have superb anti-inflammantory properties
  • black rice : enriched with anthocyanins, a chemical that increases elasticity in skin, results in dark colour.
(information from

Skin food has always been my fav korean brand, so i was hoping this will be great too. well, let's start one by one.

first up is the toner
This is a a liquid water type of toner. what i meant liquid here is that because lately i've been trying toner that has a thicker type like gel, not watery, and this type is the water type.there's no special scent from this toner, well i guess there's no special scent from rice right..
This toner refresh my face, gave a nice feeling after cleaning my face, and it doesn't dry the skin. overall, it's a good toner. just like any other skin food toner i guess.

next is the emulsion
The emulsion has a quite thick texture, not that runny watery emulsion type. this one is thick enough for an emulsion
when i applied it on my face, i knew it straightaway that it would be too thick and too rich for a day use. i was right. my face felt and looked greasy for a while. yup. it took some time for the emulsion to absorb in my skin.i have to do something else to wait until i could appy bb cream. I tried to use it at night, and even for night it's still too greasy.. i woke up with my nose super oily.
well, it's super rich and maybe would be good for people with extra dry skin, but not for me.

the cream

cute little jar of skin food cream.
can you see the texture of the cream? this one is supppperrr thick. for me it's more like balm or balsam than a cream.i need a spatula to scoop the cream out.
i told you about how rich and greasy the emulsion for me, now can you imagine this one that even thicker than emulsion? yuppp.. this one also waaayyy too thick and rich for me. although i just use it for at night, i dont like my face to feel greasy all night and woke up with super oily face. i just used this cream for 2 nights only and then i just stoped using it.

i haven't tried the mask pack yet, but as soon as i try, i'll write a post about it.
As for this set ancient rice set, in my conclusion, this set is not for me. not that i dissapointed on skin food, since this set didn't give me any breakout or anything, but it's just not for my skin type. maybe it's for those with extra dry skin. For me, i can only enjoy the toner.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

innisfree haul from Shanghai, china

2 months ago i travelled to china, not really for travelling actually. i was accompany my husband for his bussiness travel. We didn't get a chance to visit tourist attraction. it was pure bussiness and i spent my day shopping around while my husband went for factory visit.

So one day in Nanjing road, i found innisfree country in one of the mall there. Yeaaayyy i'm so excited. it was my first visit to innisfree store. Innisfree is not open their store yet in Jakarta, so i was so happy to find one in shanghai. well, i was more happy when i found out that they sell many travel/mini size product. I dont have to buy all full size. yeaaayyy..

well then let's take a look, start from the big green box
they are selling this gift package.. what's inside :
eco beauty tool jeju volcanic cleansing sponge
jeju volcanic nose pack 6 sachet
2 green tea pure skin
2 green tea pure lotion
2 green tea seed serum
capsule sleeping pack
jeju volcanic pore clay 100 ml
The lady said that this is a package of their best seller.
next is this jeju volcanic set..
jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam
jeju volcanic pore toner
jeju volcanic pore cover
my husband threw the packaging because that time we have limited space only in our bag, so just put all of this inside the green cartoon.
i also bought this big full size cleansing, it's innisfree green tea pure cleansing water.

and of course, there's a bonus of free gift from my purchase..this is what i got:
it's a men series of innisfree. Forest for men, fresh skin and lotion. There are some other choices for free gift but i chose this one so my husband can try innsifree too.

i forgot how much this cost in china yuan, but i remember at that time i tried to convert it to rupiah and it was around 400.000 something in rupiah.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

cleansing oil review : skin food black sugar cleansing oil

Last time when i was in Jakarta i was looking for this item on skin food store @ senayan city and Gandaria city, but both store didn't have this item. i don't know if it's not available in Indonesia's market or what. I didn't buy it online because i'm affraid my limit time in Jakarta was not enough to wait until the package arrive (pre order item could take up to one month unless you order when the seller is about to close the batch, it will take up to 2 weeks). Anyway.. when i travelled to china, i found this on the skin food store there.. yeaayyy..

so i need at least to have one cleansing oil in my house,, i chose this because i've tried skin food black sugar mask and i liked it, so i should just try this one.
i like the packaging.. the pump, and how there's a safety clip on the pump.
Have you tried the famous skin food black sugar mask? if you like it you may like this one too, because i do.
First, the scent.. it's similar like the black sugar mask. it smells sweeeeeettt.. smells something like sugar? or burned brown sugar? whatever it is, i like it and enjoy the scent.
i used it at night only. if i have make up on i would use cleansing water or make up remover first then this one. if no make up that time, just straight using this.
so, just like cleansing oil, it is oily, just rub it with circular movement on your dry face. You know what impressed me from this? i always thought that cleansing oil is for dry skin and for me i only use cleansing oil on winter when the weather is so dry and effected my skin to get dry too. But surprise surprise for me, it's also good for my large pores nose and chin! my nose and chin are the oily part of my face with large pores. when i rubed this cleansing oil on my nose, i felt i scrubed off my pores on my nose!! seriously!! so after cleansing, not just my face is clean but also reduce pores on my nose!! my nose felt smooth too!! yeaaayy...
and also it didn't dry my skin, so many extra point for this one!

yup.. i said all good things about this. by now you will know that i like this cleansing oil. i may try other cleansing oil but if at the end i couldn't find any more good cleansing oil i'd go back to this one for sure!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

mask pack review : Baviphat mangos teen yogurt park & vov daily fresh mini pack appla AHA peeling gel

woaa.. what a long title. lol. well, i have this to mini pack that only available for 2-3 times use, so i guess i'll make it short and review both in one post.

First, it's Baviphat Mango steen yogurt pack
what a cute packaging, as usual. The packaging is like butter or jam, cute and easy to carry around if you want to take some mask pack while you are travelling.
open the cap, you can see those light milky purple gel/cream like.
the texture is creamy-gel, similar like etude house yogurt pack or innisfree apple pack. Those 3 products are similar in packaging, texture and function actually.

This one, my first impression, it smells yummyyy.. smells like creamy yogurt, the yummy one.. made me want to sniff more and more.
So i applied this one night after cleansing my face, then waited for around 10 minutes then washed it off. i didn't experience any itchy or discomfort during waiting time. and when i washed it off, it felt sticky and i found it easier to wash it off with warm water.
The result? my face looked brighter instantly. yup, instantly and doesn't last long till the next day though. but it's quite good, i felt moisturised and brighter even for awhile.

Next is.. VOV daily fresh mini pack Apple AHA peeling gel
This one is actually a peeling gel. for a peeling gel this sachet is quite a lot, i can use it more than 3 times. Because you don't need that much to use on your face. a little amount is enough.
The texture is a very thick gel. it smells a little scent of apple, but not too strong and not too sweet and delicious scent.
How to use it, after cleansing your face, apply this peeling on dry face, rub it around gently, until it scrubed off like in the picture above. those gel will turn into small tiny scrubs particel, scrub it off from your face then wash off.

the result? well it's quite good peeling. i felt my face so soft when i touched it after. Not the best peeling anyway, i've tried better peeling than this. But for alternative, it's ok and i will continue using it until it finish.

Local brand body care : Mustika ratu coffee shower gel & body butter

I was excited when i found out that Mustika ratu expand their products to body care line; shower gel,soap, body butter and body scrub, and now also easily available in most supermarket. Around 5 years ago it was still hard to find Mustika Ratu body care products. I remember i had to go to their store in Pasaraya blok M or their spa to get their body spa products.

Anyway, beside this coffee line they also have papaya, olive.. and...what else? i can't remember. But since this is my first trial i just picked one and of course.. i picked coffee, since i'm coffee lover, plus coffee sounds delicious.

For the shower gel, this is some information on the packaging;

enjoy the sensational scent of coffee while showering with Mustika ratu coffee shower gel. The coffee extract contains caffeine and antioxidant which are good for your skin, and its unique scent helps to eliminate body odor.

pour the shower gel into your palm hand or shower puff, then apply it to all over body. Rinse well. for best results, use the complete series of mustika ratu coffee body care.

What i think about it, well, first, the scent,, it smells coffee.. smells yummy! enjoy the scent of coffee while showering, yeah right i did enjoy it!! The gel itself also made a great soap to clean and keep the body moisturised. it's easy to foam bubble, and it felt soft on the skin, didn't dry my skin at all. well, overall i reallylike this shower gel and i would like to try the papaya and olive too!

Now move to body butter.. well, this is the rest of it. i finished it.
information on the packaging :

coffee extract's key skin-care benefits lie in its caffeine and anti-oxidant concentration. Mustika ratu kopi body butter with its gentle-for-the-skin formula protects the skin's natural moisture, leaving you with moist skin safe from any dryness and helps maintain your skin's firmness. Also enjoy its sensational coffee fragrance.

Apply butter all over the body after bathing or as often as needed. For best results, use the complete mustika ratu kopi body care series.

The texture is creamy and thick, but it's not sticky when you apply to your skin. it absorbs easily.
The scent is also coffee,, but this one is a little bit like mocca coffee smell.. reminds me of one of the indonesian instant coffee mochachino brand. it smells ok, but for some people it could be to strong. For the scent i like the shower gel version scent better than this.

Now the butter itself, it's a good moisturiser, specially when you need extra care or for some dry part. i used this often in winter when it's so dry here. overall, it's a good choice and good alternative for body butter, since the price is way cheaper than those import body butter.

Overall, i like this Mustika ratu body care line and i will definetely buy and try the olive and papaya line once i get back to Jakarta!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

lip care review : Tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub

Tony moly now open their store in Jakarta! yeaaaayyy
i was so excited when i went to pondok indah mall and found tony moly store there. yeayyyy... and the good thing is their price is reasonable. in my opinion, tony moly set the price slightly under etude house and skin food store in jakarta.
anyway, one of the cute tony moly stuff i bought from the store is this kiss kiss lip scrub.
cute stuff, isn't it? so girly with a lip shape small jar.
anyway, the name says it all. it's a lip scrub. so if you have dry lip or cracked lip or want to have smooth lip, you can add this extra care in your skin care routine.

The price for this one is rp.99.000, i bet it would be cheaper if you buy it online.
the inside of the jar. to open it, simply just rotate the cap.
now the scrub itself. The texture is thick, with tiny-tiny and soft scrubs.
how to use it, just take a little amount of the scrub and start scrubbing your lip gently with circular motion.
my first impression was that hmmm,,it smells sweet. smells something like berry.
so i scrubed my lip with this for a moment, then wash it off. very quick and simple way to give your lip extra care. my lip felt smooth after.
sometimes i have cracked on my lip, which is not pretty when i apply lipstick, and this lip scrub helped to reduce that and made my lip softer.
Actually before i have this, i used to scrub my lip with homemade scrub which is a mix of honey, sugar and a little bit of vaseline jelly. the homemade one also worked good as a lipscrub, but this one is just more convinient and easy way, specially if you are a lazy type like me :)

so overall, i like this scrub and i will use it once a week or anytime i feel like i need it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

cleansing review : etude house cleansing dream fresh cleansing water

This year i bought some etude house products in the counter, not from internet. it is more expensive, of course.. but to look around the cute etude house shop, try out some products, way more fun than online shopping. Plus, the free gift is more tempting. when i bought online normally i only got some sachet samples, but buying offline, last time i got the travel set of their new skincare! anyway, i think i'll have to make seperate review about my etude house purchase.

This time let me just write about this cleansing product. So i was looking a cleansing product to remove make up, to use with cotton bud. Normally i'd go with cleansing lotion or cream. when i saw this, i thought ok, let's give it a try of cleansing water. i did some test on my skin, and bought this.

First, the packaging is simple but still cute and girly. i like the pump. packaging with a pump is my favourite. it's hygienic and when the product almost finish you could just open it manually to dig in the leftover product.
How to use it, you pump the water to cotton pad, then wipe clean your face.
the texture is.. of course, water. yup,just like water. i used to clean my make up with cleansing lotion because i thought cleansing water contain more alcohol that will make my face dry. I don't know if there's alcohol in it or how many alcohol in it since i lost the box. I kept it, but i think my maid threw it away.
But what surprised me.. it doesn't make my face dry!! yeayy i'm happy with that. it cleans well, and since it's not cleansing lotion type, so there's no oily or sticky feel after cleansing.
as in the power to erase make up, i will show you with pictures
various make up : eye brow pencil, gel eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick and cream cheek blush
voila!!! it's clean.. well, there's a thin black shadow from the gel eyeliner. it's waterproof gel eye liner and normally i cleaned it with eye make up remover so it still ok for me.

my overall conclusion?
i think from now on i will convert to cleansing water. seriously.. bye bye cleansing lotion.. lol, well, i'd try cleansing lotion if there's cute cleansing lotion product, but mostly i will just buy cleansing water like this but different variant or brand.