Saturday, February 25, 2012

cleansing oil review : Innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil

This is my first try of innisfree cleansing product. I chose apple juicy cleansing oil because first, i need cleansing oil for winter, 2nd, apple juicy sounds yummy. i like yummy scent! 3rd, the packaging is a pump bottle, my favourite packaging. Not just it comes with a pump bottle but it also has this safety clip (or whatever the name is)
so whenever you finish, just put the clip back. You know, for those who have children, this safety clip is really usefull! My daughter is so tempted to squeeze, scoop anything in my drawer (cream, lotion, perfume, liquid soap, etc) with this safety clip, i don't have to worry.

anyway, i'm quite surprise to see there is an english version of information in the back of the bottle. This is what's written there:

Apple juicy cleansing oil
penetrates deep into pores, cleanses skin thoroughly
this deep cleansing oil offers softness and healthy radiance to your skin like a freshly washed apple.

directions : apply an appropriate amount onto dry hands and gently smooth over dry face to dissolve make up. Add water with fingertips and massage to remove make up.rinse off with lukewarm water afterwards

and this is some information i found on the net, from ebay seller.

Now let's try this cleansing oil..
first impression, the scent, oh my... it smells soooo lovely... fresh apple scent, remind me of that air freshener you hang on your car. the one with tree shape.. i forgot what's the name of the brand. oh, this cleansing oil made my cleansing time so enjoyable. i always stop massage on my nose and inhale, enjoying the scent. hehe. and as for the cleansing power, it is good!! i made some test;
some swatch of gel eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, eye brow pencil, eye shadow pencil
apply the cleansing oil, start to make circular massage around, somehow all the colour started to melt,then just rinse off. This time just wipe it off with tissue.
TADA!!!! soo clean!!! i was sooo surprise and happy to see the result. the only thing left there is a little bit of glitter from the lip gloss. but after rinsing off with water, it all gone.

my conclusion, this is a very good product and recommended for everyone!! i am using this during winter and still until now, and this didn't make my face dry. and one bottle could last long too!! like it very much and i will buy more innisfree cleansing product for sure, will try other variant.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

indonesian body scrub review part 2 : sekar jagat

Part 2 of indonesian body scrubs i have in my drawer.. it's sekar jagat and bali ratih, both are balinese product. Sekar jagat is one of the most popular and for me sekar jagat is the first bali body scrub i knew. While Bali ratih came later, and regained popularity quite good, specially on the net. Well, they are from the same company anyway, a fact that i just found out because i just checked the website :). You can easily purchase both from many resellers on the net.

first is.. sekar jagat.
 from the website:
Kegunaan Lulur Sekar Jagat / Benefit :
Membuat kulit terasa lembut, halus serta tampak bersih dan harum. Sebelum digunakan bisa diletakan dalam lemari es untuk mempertahankan keawetan lulur.
Make the skin feeling soft, smooth and looks clean and fragrant. Before being used can be placed in the refrigerator to maintain the durability body scrubs.>
Estimasi Berat / Estimated Weight : 100 gr

Cara Pakai /How To Use :
Ambilal lulur secukupnya, oleskan pada bagian tubuh anda sambil digosok lembut hingga kotoran dan lapisan kulit yang mati terangkat.
Take scrubs sufficiently, then apply on your body parts as she rubbed gently to remove dirt and dead skin layers are lifted.
so many variants for this body scrub, or we call it "lulur". chocolate, strawberry, milk, green tea, avocado, coffee, bengkoang.. and many more. i have tried many of them and for me actually they have this particular basic scent, and only a little hint of scent in any other variant.
This is the kind of body scrub i like, the one that i apply on the dry skin, then start massage and rub the scrub off and all the dirt from the skin. This scrub is really easy to scrubb-of, doesn't give me any rash. and the result is great! extra soft and moisturised skin!

the texture is creamy with a soft scrub.the colour is depend on the variant. this one is strawberry, so it has a milky-light pink colour. while the milk variant has a white colour.

Bali ratih
Lulur Bali Ratih™ Traditional Body Scrubs adalah lulur tradisional yang diolah menggunakan teknologi modern yang bersih dan higienis dimana didalamnya terdapat bahan - bahan tradisional pilihan dan berkulitas dengan kandungan extract dan sari buah / tumbuh-tumbuhan yang berkualitas.

there are so many variants also for bali ratih. avocado, milk ,coffee, banana, grape, green tea, orange strawberry.. and more. i have only coffee and milk. This is my first time to try bali ratih. and... i was surprised that the milk, the one i already finished, has almost same scent with sekar jagat. Like they use same basic ingridients. well, maybe. in fact it's hard for me to find the difference between bali ratih and sekar jagat. both are just the same for me. in scent, texture, and result. Maybe from the scent bali ratih is softer than sekar jagat. The only thinf different is the price.Bali ratih is more expensive than sekar jagat. 
sorry. i finished the product so you can't see the texture. only a little left :)

overall, i like both sekar jagat and bali ratih. in fact i think i like all bali body scrub. because i remember other bali products i've tried, bali home spa, that i also like.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lip plumper review : the face shop lovely me; ex limp plumper 01

Lip plumper? well, this is my first one to try. well, actually i'm not interested with the plumper it offered. This year i just like lip tint/gloss more than lipstick, and i found some review and swatch about this product, and i like the colour. so i bought it.

The look is just like any other lip gloss/tint from the size and plastic packaging. Red colour, but clear red not bold red. Well, this is the swatch;
blend it well, it looks more orange than red. i really like the colour. so pretty.

this is the first time i have this kind applicator for my lip. well, it's easy to use though, but i prefer the 'normal' one, hehe.. sorry i don't know what's the name of both type applicator.

well, now i will share what i thought.
First time i applied this on my lip, i was surprised... with the hot feeling on my lip. yup! it gave me this burning hot sensation like you just applied a mint tooth paste on your lip. I don't like that feeling! and it last for quite long.. more than 3 minutes? i wanted to wash it with water straightaway. i dont' know, is it the effect of plumper? you feel your lip burning? hehehe.
After that first trial i knew i couldn't use it anymore. i don't like the feeling on my lip! it's hot! menthol but not cooling effect, mentholas in hot way! seriously.. is it just me? because from reviews i read they didn't mention about this uncomfortable hot sensation. Anyway, so i just put this one away....
...until one day, months later, i saw this and i thought, let's try again. i tried not to think too much about the hot sensation. i applied this everyday for the whole week,,, until somehow i think i get used to it. to the hot-burning sensation i mean, and i didn't feel it uncomfortable anymore. Besides after some minutes the hot burning sensation just gone.

So, overall, i like the colour, and the scent. ooopppsss forgot to tell, it smells nice too. flowery-mint, something like that. what i don't like is the hot sensation, although after a while i get used to it, still, it's a little bit annoying for me. As for the plumping effect, yes, a little but only if you apply it more than 2 stroke. the colour on the lip looks pretty, clear red, so natural red-orange, not too much and it doesn't stay long. after a meal it would be gone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

indonesian body scrub review part 1 : vivelle & wardah

i am a fan of Indonesian Body scrub!!Specially bali scrub. Not just because of the cheap price but also the good quality. I have tried many Bali body scrub, from the famous sekar jagat, bali ratih, bali home spa, denara, and some other brands i forgot the name. I remember some years ago when i travelled to Bali, i stopped by in a department store in kuta, there was this section for Bali product. scrubs, soap, aromatheraphy, mask, candle, and many more. i was sooo excited and picked up many different products and brands.
Anyway, for now i will review other Indonesian scrubs, not Bali stuff. Vivelle and Wardah, which both you can found in supermarket near you.

Vivelle virgin coconut oil olive oil white tea
 why the name is so long? hehe. well, the variant is actually the white tea. the product is body scrub with olive oil anf virgin coconut oil. I also bought another variant, papaya.
from the packaging :
Lulur mandi
mencerahkan, melembabkan & melembutkan kulit.
virgin coconut oil berbeda dengan minyak kelapa biasa dari proses penyulingan. Tidak seperti minyak kelapa atau minyak mineral biasa. Virgin coconut oil terbukto dapat meresap ke dalam kulit untuk melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit. Rasakan bedanya setelah dipakai,kulit tampak menjadi lebih cerah, lembab, halus dan tidak berminyak. Butiran scrub mengangkat sel kulit mati penyebab kulit kusam. Olive oil mengandung anti-oksidan dan moisturiser alami yang melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit. white tea extract untuk peremajaan kulit yang membuat kulit tampak lebih cerah dan halus.
cara pakai : gosokkan  pada seluruh tubuh saat mandi lalu bilas dengan air hangat bersih
the texture is like a lotion with small scrubs particle. it smells like a nice soap with a nice fragrant. cosmetic-soap fragrant, not smells something natural, or tea maybe? 
anyway, it was my bad that when i bought this i didn't read it said "lulur mandi", because i don't like lulur mandi. i like scrub type that you scrub on the dry skin then scrub it off all that dirt away then rinse with water. But this one is a type that you use it when you take a shower, just like you use your soap. I tried to apply this on my dry skin and scrub it off, just like bali blody scrub, but it didn't work! So this is just like a liquid soap with tiny scrubs. the result is also just like every after shower. overall, i am dissapointed. or maybe because this is not a product i am looking for. this is lulur mandi, for those who is reall busy and have no time to scrub part of your body one by one. Anyway, this is a cheap treat though. i forgot exactly the price, but it's under rp.10.000

Wardah Olive soft scrub
I first read about this wardah body scrub review on fashionesedaily Then not long after that, i read more reviews on some beauty bloggers. All the reviews are good, so i also picked one when i was in Jakarta.
from the packaging :
 olive soft scrub, lulur dengan butiran halus, efektif untuk mengangkat kotoran dan sel-sel kulit mati. Mengandung minyak zaitun yang melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit. Kulit menjadi bersih, kesat, halus, dan lembut. Dapat digunakan untuk kulit wajah.

cara pemakaian : Dalam keadaan kering sebelum mandi, oleskan wardah olive soft scrub ke seluruh tubuh dan wajah, lalu gosok merata. Diamkan 1-2 menit sampai scrub dan kotoran mengering dan meluruh. Bilas dengan air sampai bersih. Untuk perawatan, gunakan secara teratur setiap dua hari sekali.
there is another plastic cap inside
the texture is very thick and creamy, with tiny soft scrub, it's more like salt for me. it's lika a salt scrub.It smells soft fragrant. nice, not too much.

Anyway, this is the type of body scrub i like, the one that you apply on the dry skin, scrub it off, then jump to the shower to rinse it off. So i tried to apply on my body. well, the direction said wait 1-2 minutes until the scrubs get dry. So i waited, then started scrubbing. ouccchhh.. it hurted. Although it said soft scrub, but somehow i felt it was to harsh for my skin. i felt uncomfortable scrubbing it off. And by the time i finished scrubbing it off, my skin (specially arms) became red - like you just rub it with something hard like stone. I just continue and rinse off with water. well, the redness is of course gone, and the result is.. super soft skin, extra moisturized. I could feel my skin became very soft even before i finished shower. After towel dry, super soft, super moisturised. Nice and superb result actually, i just don't like how it was too hard for my skin.

In conclusion, wardah is better than vivelle, but i think bali scrub is stil my favourite! i will not repurchase both. I will just buy more bali scrubs, or try other brands.

Friday, February 17, 2012

hair care review : L'oreal elvive re-nutrition nourishing mask

I have mentioned several times before here about how i need extra care for my hair. Fist, i need conditioner after shampoo, and i also need extra weekly care like creambath or hair mask. The weather here is very dry that makes my hair also dry and tangled.  I also mentioned some products i bought in the local supermarket here, and some of them were not good. But this one is definetely a keeper!! so glad that i found this here in Yemen.
so, what is this? well, this is a hair mask for extra nutrition for your hair.
from the packaging:
dicsover the re-nutrition nourishing mask with an "active serum inside" with royal jelly: it intensely nourishes even the driest hair. Results : replenished, your hair regains elasticity, bounce and silkiness. Direction for use : leave in on a washed and towel-dried hair for 1-2 minutes, then rinse.

So, although from the direction i suppose to wash my hair first and towel dry before applying this, sometimes i'm just so lazy to do that. I mean, after washing your hair you have to get out of shower, towel dry, apply the product, wait then back to the shower to rinse off--while your body already dry.. oh, i just hate that. So i just aplly it on my dry hair before shower, then shampoo like usual. And it worked just the same! when i first tried this mask, i followed the direction. shampoo, conditioner, then out of shower, towel dry, waiting and getting cold (specially when it is a winter) then back to shower.. and i found that the result is just the same than when i do it my way. So since then i just applied it on my dry hair, before shampoo. And sometimes i just let it stay on my hair for more than 2 minutes. sometimes 10 minutes.
This is how the mask look like. The texture is creamy, and it smells just like other l'oreal hair product but stronger scent.
i use this once a week before, but since now i have makarizo creambath, i use this once in every 2 weeks. So, saturday is like my hair care day. either with this hair mask or makarizo one.

the result :

Soft hair, smells nice all day. extra nourished, and all other nice benefits you could feel from a hair mask. For me, it really helps nourish my dry hair. so yes, it is recommended!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

BB cream swatch&review : skinfood best BB collection gift set

I bought this set from The set contains 3 small tubes skinfood bb cream; mushroom, aloe and red bean. I guess they are best seller bb cream so they named the set as "Best BB collection". well, i have tried skin food mushroom and aloe before, and i liked them so when i saw this set i just bought them. it's always nice to have it in small tube so you can carry them everywhere, plus i got a chance to try the red bean one! yeaayyy.. Anyway, let's start with the swatch and review of them.

This mushroom line, from what i read before is for the wrinkle care and whitening. For me it is just so so. it is good bb cream, but not the special one. it smells nice fragrant (don't worry, it doesn't smell mushroom). i think it is suitable for normal skin. when my skin is normal i'm good with this bb cream. but when my skin getting dry or sensitivie, this won't do anything more to protect my skin.
i got this in shade 1. it suits me fine, but i think shade 2 would match my skin better. the texture is nice, light creamy and easy to apply. coverage is light to medium, can't cover blemish or any dark spot well.


This aloe i think suitable for sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry skin, summer, winter.. well. i'm sure i have mentioned about this bb cream many times in my previous post, how this bb cream is one of my favourite. well, for me this bb cream suits for summer, winter, and even when my skin was irritated and sensitive, this one is like my secret weapon. hehe.
it smell similar like mushroom bb cream, those nice skinfood fragrant type.the texture is light-creamy, easy to apply. i also got this one in shade 1. well, i think both shade of skinfood is ok for me.this one also provide onli light to medium coverage.

red bean
this red bean, from what i read is for dry skin. and i think it is really good for dry skin. i tried this one during this winter (well, it is still winter here) when i need extra moisturiser. and i'm happy that this bb cream can protect my skin during the day from getting dry. it smells similar like both mushroom and aloe. i don't know but for me they all have similar scent. this one also has a light-creamy texture. and as for coverage, i found it better than mushroom and aloe. some weeks ago i had this new blemish spot and for a while it left me a spot on my cheek, and i could cover it with this red bean bb cream. i didn't need extra concealer. i just applied a dot more on the spot, and that's it.
i also got this in shade 1, which is ok but again, i think shade 2 would be better in me, and i think if it was shade 2 this could be on my top 5 bb cream list. i don't know. i think so.

swatch all 3 bb cream
from left to right : mushromm-aloe-red bean. can you see the difference? i can barely see it. only that he aloe looks a little bit with pink tone i think.
let's see again with the flash;
with the swatch now i can see the red been is the lightest from all 3 and the mushroom is the darkest, although all are shade 1.

in conclusion, i like all 3 bb creams. no wonder why they call this set as the best collection. i don't even mind to buy another set of this, if it comes in shade 2.

Monday, February 6, 2012

mask sheet review : my beauty diary bird's nest mask

This would be a short review, because overall, there is no much difference with other my beauty diary mask i've tried.
Anyway, this one is bird's nest. Bird's nest? as a mask? for your face? hemmmmm...i don't really know what is this bird's nest suppose to do to our skin. no information in english about that on the packaging.
first, the scent, it smells like jelly-- those supermarket jelly.. what's the name of it? "swallow"? with that bird logo. it was very popular in Indonesia. well, it smells like that.
so i put it on my face lasti night, wait for 20minutes... well, it was a nice 20 minutes as i didn't feel any itchy or uncomfortable feeling. it felt cold on my skin, and after 20 minutes it was still very wet and moisturised, not drying. i waited for more.. then i took it off, and it was still soo wet and watery. my face was still wet with the liquid from the mask, i massaged a bit for the liquid to absorb in my skin, still wet. i have to wipe it gently with cotton pad before applying night cream.
and the result?
voila! nice fresh skin, brighter and moisturized. not bad at all. another recomendation mask from my beauty diary!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

skin care review : holika holika Bulgarian rose pearly blossom cream

As i wrote in my previouse post before, there is one item left from my holika holika bulgarian rose set, which is the cream. Lucky me, with the same price, i got the special set ;
This special set contains the fulls size jar of holika holika bulgarian rose cream and small bottle-20 ml of toner (skin) and emulsion.
oh. the one in the middle is a plastic spatula for the cream
it is always nice to get travel-size products as free gift. for now i will just keep them, and will take them with me next time i go travel somewhere

well, now.. it is time for the cream..
it comes in this heavy glass jar. nice and pretty jar, but still, i wish it comes in a pump bottle.
ok, this is how the cream looks like. cute pinky-girly colour.
the plastic spatula to get the cream out for more hygienic purpose i guess, so you don't have to dip your finger in and out. but still, how to keep the spatula free from germs? hehe.. wash it and sterilize everyday? oh come on.. just put it in the pump bottle!
scoop the product out.. opppss... this one is too much for the entire face actually..
anyway.. this is what i thought..

the scent :
it smells like the emulsion.. sweet creamy rose water  and rose syrup.. the scent of the cream is a little bit stronger than the emulsion
the texture :
creamy.. but not too thick. just right texture for me. and there is this sparkling glitter in the cream.. i didn't notice at first, but when i look closer, oh.. what is this shiny stuff? well, when i read the packaging again, it's written there : "pearly blossom" oh.. of course... it is pearly...
this is the cream :
can you see the glitter-pearly shine? it is hard to see.
how about this? i spread the cream not to finally absorb and took a picture with flash.. can you see those tiny shiny glitter?
anyway, once it's applied on my face, it didn't really show unless i stand up in front of mirror really close.

the performance :
it is very riiiiccchhhhh!!! the emulsion is rich enough for me and this one is even richer. it is only for night use only i guess, because i think if you use this for a day your face would be oily. so for me it is a night cream. the good thing about this of course, the extra moisturizer i got. it kept my face hydrated all night. once i applied this at night, but then i didn't sleep straightaway and sat with my husband watching football game. After the game finished, like 2 hours later, i noticed that my face (specially nose and chin area) soo oily. not oily kin when you are in humid wheater, but kind of oily like it was from the product. it was late at night, winter, how could my face be oily? but for me, it is a good thing i guess, because normally in winter i got thid dry flaky-skin, so not nice, and somehow maybe the cream protected my skin from beeing dry. so my conclusion is, recommended only for night, winter, and dry skin. not for humid weather, summer, oily skin.