Saturday, December 31, 2011

favourites of 2001

ok, this is the last day of's time for me to choose my favourites from my drawer this year. a little bit of flashback, 2011 has been an interesting year of trying make up and skin care products. If last year i was just into skinfood and etude house, this year i also tried some innisfree products (like them),baviphat, and the new one holika holika. but anyway, still my favourites list all dominated by skin food and etude house

anyway, this is my fav list :
 all pictures are searched from google because some of products i finished them and no longer in my drawer.

favourite cleansing products :
etude house baking powder pore cleansing foam
nice scent, cleans good, no dry skin, and i am planning to get the baking powder pore BB cleansing foam next.
skinfood cappuccino mousse foam
nise scent, with scrubs but not too harsh on the skin. good for winter or dry skin.

favourite make up remover

skin food milk shake point make up remover
it is all in one- face make up remover and also eye&lip make up remover. it cleans well and no dry skin after that.with this i don't have to buy eye&lip make up remover seperately.

favourite toner

skin food omija white toner
lovely scent, not just freshen up my face but also help moisturised.
skin food peach sake toner
freshen up my face and tighten the pores, specially on my nose. oh, and lovely scen too!

favourite serum
peach sake pore serum
nice scent of course, not just tighten pores but also moisturised even better than its emulsion.

favourite cream/gel
skin food facial water vita-c
this cream is gel-based, so it is easy to absorb, not oily and very good moisturiser. this one saved me when i have sos skin problem (dry skin with flakes, redness and sensitive like a sunburn)

favourite peeling
etude house magic bubble peeling
easy to use, not harsh for the skin, and i got very smoooooth skin after using this.

favourite face pack/mask
etude house sleeping pack pore tightening
not just it helped reduced pores (not all pores gone, of course) it also moisturised, and it saved me when i have sos skin problem.

favourite powder/pact
skinfood letuce cucumber mild pact
match colour with my skin tone, nice finish, suitable for both dry and humid country (i used this powder when i was in jakarta, singapore which humid and yemen which is very dry).

favourite foundation
skinfood black egg pore foundation

my new foundation from skinfood and loved it straightaway.
perfect match, nice flawless and matte finish, help hide and smooth pores.

favourite lip product
etude house miss tangerine follow me tint
not just it gave me natural nice colour but also did a good job as a lip mousturiser.

favourtie blush
nyx mosaic powder in peach
i don't have a time to review this yet, but this is my favourite and to go blush. natural colour.

favourite eye product
this is my first gel eye liner, and i was surprised with how easy to apply this (much much easier than liquid eye liner) and the result is great too, so this is my fav this year!

favourite bb cream
ok, this is the hardest part. i've tried many bb creams this year and it is so hard to pick one for my favourite. i can't pick one! i have 4 favourites bb cream. i have been waiting for the fifth so i can make a post about top 5 bb creams, but until now it is still 4. anyway, i will post a review seperately about my fav&top4 bb creams soon.
for now, this is the list for my favourites bb creams this year.
BRTC jasmine water
good for dry skin, has a healing properties as healing my dry-flaky skin with some acnes/spot at that time
dr.jart black label
nice texture, perfect match, good moisturiser, nice coverage too.
skin79 gold label
nice texture, perfect match, good moisturiser, suitable for winter and dry weather here.
skinfood aloe bb cream
good moisturiser and it has a healing properties too. it saved me when i had sos skin problem. dry flakes, irritatet red skin, sensitive, and this one helped!

ok i think that's it for my last post this year.

happy new year everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

foundation review : skinfood black egg pore foundation

i wrote a post about egg invasion here, and i also post a review about egg soap here, and this one is another egg stuff i have in my drawer;
skinfood black egg pore foundation!!
description from skin food's website
A pore-smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on the skin and turns into a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white.

*To Use
Using the enclosed brush, apply an even layer in upward and outward motions.
i lost the outer packaging because i opened it and start using it when i was still in jakarta, but this is what it looks like 
picture i searched on google. there is also serum and primer for this line. the outer packaging is a plastic, not a carton box like most other foundation packaging.

this one is my first skinfood foundation. i've tried some famous skin food bb creams, but never tried skinfood foundation. since last year i have been looking for skinfood's foundation to try, but none of them stole my heart. and then this year they have this new line, a cute shape egg, with pore minimize target, just what i need. i have a pore problem on my nose, so when i look for foundation i am looking for foundation that can minimize and hide the pores. 
now let's take a look of the product;
there is a foundation brush attach to the lid that seperate the foundation and the brush.
there is a lid to cover the foundation.

the brush is small, flat, soft. actually it is a good brush. i have no problem with this brush, i don't need to use my etuse house fpundation brush to apply this foundation because the brush id good enough and perfect.

the swatch ;
i chose number 2. this is the colour before blend in
 after blend in

now for the product itself.. do i like it? you bet!
this is my favourite foundation this year!!
ok, let's review one by one. sorry, i got excited.hehe

the texture:
mousse-creamy pact type. easy to apply, easy to blend.
the smell :
almost nothing. in fact i tried to smell it very closely and it was only a soft foundation-like smell.
the colour:
number 2 is perfectly match for me, although i don't know how number 1 will look on me, because in my experience skinfood bb cream fit me both number 1 and 2.
very good! it smoothed and covered my pores well. i could feel my nose soft and not oily with this. matte and natural, adn it could last lost. i used this foundation for all special occasion (for everyday i use only bb cream), idul fitri, idul adha, friend's wedding, halal bihalal, you named it, i used this and i got a nice look for all day, no need touch up.
others :
i like the brush too!!!

mask review : VOV daily fresh mini pack 17 cereals

This is my firsy trial for VOV product. I was tempted for the cute packaging and the idea of you don't have to buy big size-full bottle of mask with one variant. this way, you can buy lots of variants and try them all, not using the same mask every week, interesting (at least for me. hehe..) anyway, this one is a wash off pack type, and last night when i was gonna use it i couldn't find any information about how to use;
no english information
so i looked in google, and just like any othe wash off type mask,after cleansing your face, apply on the face with a little massage, wait for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with luke warm water.
from some review on beauty bloggers they said this sachet is for 2-3 times use, so i didn't squeeze all the products out. well, it would be too much anyway. 1/3 to 1/2 would be enough.
the texture. just like a very thick night cream
my thought :
first, i couldn't smell anything. it is like no scent at all. the texture is just like a thick night cream, as you can see above. when i first applied on my face, there was this stingy feeling that i don't like. i thought it will be gone after awhile, but it wasn't. so during my 15-minutes with the mask on, i could feel this sting-y, not burn feeling and it didn't hurt like when your skin irritated or so, but anyway, it wasn't comfortable, and after i rinsed off, i felt nothing!! it was just like i just washed my face with facial soap. no smoother skin, brightening effect or extra moisturised feeling. in conclusion, no "after mask" effect.
so, i was dissapointed actually. although it didn't breakout my skin (i was worried before with the stingy feel, but turned out it was ok, no break out after).  anyway, i still have some more vov daily fresh mini pack in other variants and will try them all, i hope they are better than this.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

powder review : skin food peach sake silky finish powder

from skinfood's singapore website:
Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
Contains ultra-fine micro-silica powder, which immediately tightens the pores and controls excess sebum. This unique loose powder sets your make-up with a matt finish, leaving skin smooth and clean.

Apply to the whole face with a puff or powder brush.

i bought this one with my skinfood peach sake line last year. so while the toner, serum and emulsion were finished, this one is not even a half. i didn't really use it much. anyway, it is a finish powder, just like what the product said, very clearly. so don't use it as a normal loose powder if you don't wanna look like geisha.why? beacuse the colour is white! anyway, this is my thought.
first, the packaging
soo not convinient. it is soo bulky.look at this
way too bulky and too big to carry around.  not just that, the way it is packed just like that, the powder inside with tiny hole for the powder to come out, and then the cap just like that, no seperate glass to cover the powder and the puff, and there is no safety click for the cap, so if you drop it, or you drop your bag while this product inside, it could be a mess.

and it is so hard too to control the amount of product you want. i made a mess when i wanted to take a picture to show the powder. look at this:

i made a mess in my make up table when i tried to take the powder out.
next, the colour
well, you can see from the picture above, the colour is white. and it could make you look like geisha or clown if you don't know how to apply it. it is so tricky. a little bit too much and you will be too white and pale. that's why i told you in the beginning, this is a finish powder, not a loose powder. so don't use it like a powder after your bbcream or foundation.use this as a final touch after you finish with all your make up.
the scent
it smells soooo lovely, just like other line of skinfood peach sake. i think it is the scent that i like the most.

now to the product itself,
at first time trying this product, i put too much. it took me some time to figure out the best way to apply this, and turned out it was best with powder brush.

i always use my etude house brush to apply this
the powder puff is nice and soft, but it is hard to apply and even out the powder with the puff.
ok, back to the product, once i applied it well, i got this very soft silky finish. i can't stop touching my face, seriously. no wonder why they put the word "silky" as the name of the product. because it really gave me silky finish powder! i tried to dab the product on my hand, and blend it, wow! my hand felt sooo soft!!
it also gave a nice glowy-fresh finish. the peach sake line is skinfood's line for pore care and control sebum. as for this product, it helps a little bit to add matte effect, specially my nose that has a problem with sebum and pores. with this powder, my nose feels smoother, but not totally smooth. i need a good primer to make it smooth before applying any make up. this powder only help a little.

final thought,

too bad that the packaging is not convinient. i think as a finish powder i think the packaging should be more convinient to carry around, plus i think they should change the puff powder with a brush, like a small kabuki brush attached on the packaging. i will not repurchase this product because i don't find it very usefull for me.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lip tint review : etude house miss tangerine follow me tint

picture borrowed from ebay.
After reading a review about this product here, i decided to buy it. the colour looks so natural and i liked it from the picture. when i got this lip tint, i was right! i fell in love straight away. this is what i need!
the packaging is just so so. simple, standard, slim.
 this is the colour of the lip tint. nice and fresh orange colour..
and this is the swatch, on my hand and tissue, so you can see the difference;
see? on the tissue it was orange colour, not change. but when i applied to my hand, the colour changed to more warm orange colour. it was only 2-3times, if you apply more, the colour will be more into red.

anyway, my thought about the product:
the colour : you can adjust it the way you like, if you want just light orange colour, just apply once. if you want more colour, apply more and the colour will change. on my lips, it is more natural-orange-pinky colour. anyway, i like the colour. full stop. it is perfect for natural look.

moisturizer : oh yes, the moisturizer is good too. i don't have to put lip balm before this, and it kept my lips moisturized all day. that's why they called it 2 in 1 product. as moisturzer and lipstick.

other plus : contain spf 13.

overall, for a house wive mother, this one is one is must have item for me for everyday natural look. i will look for other similar product like this to try, and if i can't find other interesting product like this i will repurchase this one.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

skin care sample review : holika holika black caviar

new korean products that i am interested to try this year is holika holika. i ordered as many samples i could get from holika holika (some i got it free). After i finished with my holika holika aqua splash travel set skin care, now it is time to try the next sample skin care, which is black caviar line. the size of this one is smaller than holike holika aqua splash sample. maybe this one is really just sample while aqua splash i could say that set as travel set (i could use the set for around 2weeks!) but look at this black caviar set. i think it will last less than a week.
i got 2 black caviar wrinkle recovery skin (toner), 1 emulsion and cream an a sachet.

i looked for information on the net but most of them are in korean. anyway, this is what's written on the cream sachet:

holika holika black caviar line is a premium regeneration and mutrition line, which is made by a secret highly enriched essence extracting method only passed on my the emperor and the nobles, containing the whole nutrition of black caviar itself.

there is no other description about the product (all in korean), so what i know is that only it is for wrinkle care. and since i only got very small bottle of the products, i can't say much about it. 

first, this set has no scent! well, i don't really know what caviar suppose to smell in a scin care, but i've tried skinfood gold caviar before and skinfood has a light sweet scent. this holika holika, although i sniffed very close to my nose, i couldn't smell any scent, both perfumed cosmetic scent, herbal or natural sweet scent.

for the toner, it has a yellow-brown colour. it was quite unusual i guess. normally toner/skin, no matter what colour in a bottle, blue/pink/any other colour, it will turn no colour in a cotton pad. this one, in a cotton pad the colour still stand out. a little bit reminded me of a betadine though. but overall, it is a nice toner, doesn't sting and doesn't dry my face.

next is the emulsion, as i expected from caviar line, the emulsion is rich. just like a cream. i was wondering if the emulsion this rich how about the cream? i remember that skin food gold caviar emulsion also rich and very moisturised, so i guess this one is quite similar to skinfood. overall, it is a good moisturiser. it kept my face moisturized all day. 
texture of holika holika emulsion
last is of course, the cream. when i first squeezed out thr cream from the sachet, i was quite surprice with the texture. it is lika a gel but sooo thick with something like glitter in it. look at this
sooo thick that it will not drop even i move my hand upside down, it will just stay there.
can you see the glitter? but of course, once i applied to my face i can't see any glitter or shiny stuff on my face. the cream itself is super rich. i think if you have oily skin you can't use this for a daylight. maybe at night yes. for me i just use it at night because i think the emulsion is rich enough for all day.  so this is for a night cream for me.

overall, from 3 days using only, i can't say about the effect. but the product set is good for me, i got no bad reaction. but i don't think i will purchase the full size bottle for this set. it is just not my favourite.

Monday, December 12, 2011

cleansing foam review : etude house baking powder pore cleansing foam

i got this one for the travel size, only 30 ml to try out. the full size tube is 170ml.
and because it is not full size tube, there is no english description on the packaging. but i could see written there 3 in 1. 3 in 1? i don't know why they call this 3 in 1 type cleanser. so i searched on the net, and here some information i found about this products :

information from google, ebay, gmarket :

Formulated with baking powder to gently exfoliate skin and penetrate pores to absorb oil and residues for a thorough cleanse.

How to Use:
Wet face and dispense small amount onto hands. Lather and apply foam to face, gently massaging entire area. Wash and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Product Features:
1: Gentle and Refreshing Facial Cleanser
2: Completely removes make-up and other Skin Impurities
3: Thoroughly cleanses skin down to the pores
4: Effectively exfoliates skin

so what's the 3 in 1? as a scrub, make up remover, and cleanser? or as a cleansing, exfoliate and make up remover? i even read on one of the seller from ebay said the 3 in 1 is scrub cleanser, make up remover and toner..? really? no, i'm not sure. if you have the full size tube and there is an explanation there please tell me.

anyway, this is my review.
first, the scent. i love it. it is sweet, and it bring back memory of something, like i knew this smell, but until now i don't remember what kind of smell it is and where did i smell it before. but it is like something from my school year, the sweet smell, it is like a sweet soda or something. everytime i washed my face with this i always think about it and try to remember but i couldn't. but anyway, it is a sweet scent, not too much. just nice.

the scrubs, it is very soft. even softer than the real baking soda from your kitchen. have you tried baking soda on your face? u did. and it is good. some months ago i ran out of scrub and i felt my face need it. so i mix 1/4 teaspoon baking soda with my cleansing oil and wash my face with that mixture, and it was nice. this etude house, the scrub is very soft, it is not like using scrub. maybe because it is for everyday use so they made it soft.

and the performance to clean my face is good. on a day when i didn't go out and just put a moisturizer and a light bb cream (no powder and any other make up), this cleanser is more than enough, i don't have to do double cleansing. but with make up i still clean my face with cleansing lotion first than this cleansing foam. although the product saying that it is also make up remover, but i guess i still prefer cleansing lotion or make up remover first.

as a cleansing foam it cleans well and doesn't dry my skin, which is good! i felt fresh and clean after using this. in fact i am interested to buy the full size bottle, but i wanted to buy the bb one. there is another type of this etude house baking powder cleansing foam that formulated special to remove bb cream. and as a bb cream user, i wanted that one!so when i was in jakarta i went to etude house counter in gandaria city, and too bad they don't have that one. they only have this original one, the one i have. so i didn't buy it :(
maybe next time.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anna sui perfume

i am a fan of anna sui perfume since.. hummm.. 7-8 years ago? i don't know exactly, but now i realized ever since i fell in love with the perfume at the first sight (yup, first sight, because of the cute packaging), and then of course also,  fell in love at the first smell, since then i never cheated to other perfumes.. well, unless if i got another perfume as a gift then i will use it too as alternative of my fav anna sui.

At this moment i realized that i have 4 anna sui perfumes on my make up table, so i decided to write about it. and as i started, i remember that before these 4 perfumes i used to have lots of anna sui perfumes before, and it was always anna sui, only different variant. anyway, let's start with review..
my Anna sui collection :
from left to right : anna sui secret wish (this is my second bottle of anna sui secret wish) - anna sui dolly girl - anna sui dreams - anna sui forbidden affair
anyway, i am not expert in reviewing perfumes. i don't know what kind of scent, what kind of flowery or spices scent in the perfume, so i will just share my thought about each perfume, and i will start from the first anna sui perfume i've tried until the current ones.
anna sui dolly girl on the beach
this is my first ever anna sui perfume. i was still in college (but forgot which semester), i saw this on the magazine and i fell in love with the cute and girly packaging, but then i just forgot it. no money (college girl remember?) one day, my father was in singapore in business trip, and as always, when he was in singapore airport before leaving singapore, he called us, telling us that he was in airport duty free and asked us what we wanted. my mom started to mention some brand lipstick, my sister i forgot what she asked, but as for me, somehow i just remember anna sui perfume that i saw on the magazine, just like that. so i said it. anna sui dolly girl on the beach! my father was like.. "what?" then he gave the phone to the Sales assistant there, and i said, anna sui dolly girl on the beach! and she said, got it. just like that.. then when my father arrived at Jakarta, i got my first dolly girl on the beach yeaaayyy.. and i fell in love wuth the scent straightaway. it was fresh, sweet, not too much that makes you sneeze, just perfect for a college girl or active girl. i finished this perfume until its last drop! overall, this perfume says, " hi, i am an active fresh sporty girl and i love nature"
anna sui secret wish
since i loved my first anna sui perfume i started browsing for anna sui perfume. the price, other variant, where to buy, etc. i even went to the dept store to anna sui counter and spray some tester on my hand, and i fell in love with secret wish and decided to buy secret wish for my next perfume.. but sadly, buying from counter is so expensice.. :( and then i got that chance. my family travelled to singapore for holiday. and perfume there somehow cheaper, so i bought it there. it smells very sweet and fresh too, just like dolly girl on the beach, but this one is more adult i think (dolly beahc on the girl represent young, active college girl). anyway, this one is my favourite from all anna sui, as i told you, the one in the picture is my second bottle that i bought 2 years ago. still my favourite till now, and guess what.. even this one is my husband's favourite. everytime i sprayed this and walked around him, he always said, you smell sooo good. one day he even told me "make sure you always have this perfume" haha.. oh, and this perfume says, " hi, i am a sweet lovely feminine  girl and i have a date tonight"
anna sui flight of fancy
I bought this when it was the era of online shop on the net, and so many sellers offer cheap perfume, well of course, not original. and i am interested! i love anna sui and why not to try this cheap one? so i started looking for anna sui KW 1 perfume, not really that cheap but much much cheaper than from the counter.around rp.150.000 (while from counter around Rp.600.000). so ok, i confess, i bought this anna sui flight of fancy kw 1. it smells ok, similar with the original one, but you know what... after a year, it changed colour and it changed smell! in all anna sui perfumes there is this logo with number 36, which means can be used for 36 months after it opened. and yes, my original anna sui perfume, even after two and half years it doesn't change colour and smells still the same. but the KW 1 one, it changed colour and smells. it smells weird after a year.. hahaha.. well, it's a lesson for me though. when i told this to my mom, she said, that's why with kw 1 you use it lots and generously, i even spray my bed room with it!
anyway, back to perfume, the scent is more adult, still soft and not too much, but more elegant and more "night use" perfume. overall, this perfume says "hi, i am a sweet lovely girl and i am going for a date"
anna sui love
this one i bought together with flight of fancy, so it is also not original. i just like the packaging. i like butterfly. my old room in my parent's house was full of butterfly. butterfly bed sheet, butterfly pillow, butterfly sticking on the wall, butterfly photo frame.. etc. and when i got it, i don't really like it. well, it smells good, but not me. not my character or type of perfume. my perfume type is like secret wish. fresh and sweet, not too much. and this one is a little bit too much. something that will make me sneeze. it is more for working or businesswomen, or going to party. anyway, this perfume says, "hi, i am a chic modern woman and i am going for a party tonight"
anna sui dolly girl
after trying other anna sui pefumes, one day i missed anna sui dolly girl on the beach. i looked everywhere, not available. some counter said, discontinued, some said not available for temporarily.. and then my aunt who sells perfume offered me this. so i just took it without try the tester first. i thought it would be as lovely as dolly girl on the beach. well, it turned out i like the blue one (on the beach) than this pink one. it smells girly too much.. and i sneezed everytime i spray it on me. i don't really like it. it smells sweet but too much, like an old lady. oh, i don't even know what this perfume will say. sorry.
anna sui dreams
i bought this on my birthday as my birthday gift. yup. i bought myself a birthday gift! i think this is form 2 years ago. i was looking for a small size cute perfume to put in my bag, to carry everyday just in case if i need it. so i went to sogo  anna sui counter and i found this. the packaging, as usual, very cute, just like a bag or clutch, and it is blue! and well, it smells nice. flower smell, a little bit like secret wish but secret wish is lighter. this perfume says, "hi, i am smart, classic and elegant"
anna sui forbidden affair
my latest anna sui collection. it is a gift from my husband. not open yet because i still have my other anna sui. so i will review this later once it is opened.

ok, that's all for my anna sui collection. what's your fav perfume?