Tuesday, December 27, 2011

foundation review : skinfood black egg pore foundation

i wrote a post about egg invasion here, and i also post a review about egg soap here, and this one is another egg stuff i have in my drawer;
skinfood black egg pore foundation!!
description from skin food's website
A pore-smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on the skin and turns into a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white.

*To Use
Using the enclosed brush, apply an even layer in upward and outward motions.
i lost the outer packaging because i opened it and start using it when i was still in jakarta, but this is what it looks like 
picture i searched on google. there is also serum and primer for this line. the outer packaging is a plastic, not a carton box like most other foundation packaging.

this one is my first skinfood foundation. i've tried some famous skin food bb creams, but never tried skinfood foundation. since last year i have been looking for skinfood's foundation to try, but none of them stole my heart. and then this year they have this new line, a cute shape egg, with pore minimize target, just what i need. i have a pore problem on my nose, so when i look for foundation i am looking for foundation that can minimize and hide the pores. 
now let's take a look of the product;
there is a foundation brush attach to the lid that seperate the foundation and the brush.
there is a lid to cover the foundation.

the brush is small, flat, soft. actually it is a good brush. i have no problem with this brush, i don't need to use my etuse house fpundation brush to apply this foundation because the brush id good enough and perfect.

the swatch ;
i chose number 2. this is the colour before blend in
 after blend in

now for the product itself.. do i like it? you bet!
this is my favourite foundation this year!!
ok, let's review one by one. sorry, i got excited.hehe

the texture:
mousse-creamy pact type. easy to apply, easy to blend.
the smell :
almost nothing. in fact i tried to smell it very closely and it was only a soft foundation-like smell.
the colour:
number 2 is perfectly match for me, although i don't know how number 1 will look on me, because in my experience skinfood bb cream fit me both number 1 and 2.
very good! it smoothed and covered my pores well. i could feel my nose soft and not oily with this. matte and natural, adn it could last lost. i used this foundation for all special occasion (for everyday i use only bb cream), idul fitri, idul adha, friend's wedding, halal bihalal, you named it, i used this and i got a nice look for all day, no need touch up.
others :
i like the brush too!!!


Stephanie said...

What a cute packaging!! I didn't know it has a small brush inside, thanks for the review! I'll definitely give this a try..

Melly's Preference said...

Wanna try, but is it ok for oily skin?? 0___o

galleryibu said...

melly: how oily? hehe.. my skin type is combination. oily with pores on nose and chin area only and this foundie is great to cover, smoothe that area, less oily.

Ahya Emerald said...

This is a very helpful review i must say! Thanks a million. I'm getting obsessed trying the Skinfood skincare lines myself too nowadays! Been trying on their bb creams too. :)

May i know if the brush is assured to be halal too? I'm a lil pessimist about the brush though. It might be made from the pig fur. But if it's not, i might be getting this for myself too!! Heee~ :)