Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baviphat make up eraser review

Make up eraser? interesting! specially for me who is not expert in appying eye liner and sometimes still made a mistake. When i saw the pre order list, i was confused to choose between this  or tony moly. Tony moly also got something like this. But i chose baviphat because of the cheaper price anyway.
So what is this? it's a pen eraser to help you correct some mistake. Apply on area that need make up correction to partially remove make up.
from izakkaya.com;
Product Description
You can use it at any point in your makeup application to simply erase those mistakes!
Remove unwanted smudges and smears and even waterproof makeup!

i like the idea.  with this i don't need to panic when the eye liner or mascara smudges, no need for cotton bud and some remover to erase it.

Ok now i'll give you the details
the shape, the look is just like a white board marker. The tip of it, when you apply or rub to your skin you can feel there's a liquid which is a make up remover i think/
product test.. i drew a line with pencil eye liner (left) and gel eye liner (right).
applied the make up eraser pen on top of the line. as you can see the line started to dissapear. just continue rub it a little
and.. done!

what i think about this,
well, it saved me many times! mascara, eye liner, no need to worry anymore because everytime i made mistake or smudge this saved me! i remember last time i was in hurry for wedding and when i applied mascara, i blinked so it was smudge all over. Then i used this pen and voila! only some seconds and i corrected everything. My friend who was with me at that time was surprised and asked what i did. so i think this is a keeper. It's something that i will repurchase when i finish this. It's almost a year since i purchased this and still work fine and not dry out until now.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

skin care sample review : The saem Thalasso beaute Revital collagen toner and emulsion

The saem? This is new to me! how about you? i started noticed this brand from last year when i purchased some korean skin care @iheartkoreanbeauty. and she gave me this sample for free. yeaaayyy.. so the one i got is the saem thalasso beaute revital collagen toner and emulsion. comes in very small tiny bottle, but i'm happy to try.

The thing is, it's hard to find the information about this. i have been google for the last 15 minutes to find any information, but all i can find all in korean, even gmarket or ebay seller who carry this brand have no much information. so i'm clueless, and i'll just tell you my experience with this set.

First, the toner..
the first time i applied the toner on my face.. there's this scent.. it smells like organic stuff.. smells so natural. can't describe more about the scent. The toner is moisturising, not the type that will give you cool feeling or something with alcohol. the texture is thicker than other toner. anyway, i fell in love with the toner straightaway. it moisturized my face straghtaway and smoothen my face too! i'm impressed.

then the emulsion..
although it's an emulsion, it is realllly rich.. same scent like the toner, and the texture is between regular emulsion and cream. thicken than other korean emulsion i have, but not that thick like a cream. it absorb easily, and it's really great moisturiser. i don't even need to apply another cream at night. wait. there's some more. it's also good base for bb cream too!! when i applied this before the bb cream, at first i though it gave a white cast, but after some minutes it turned out to brighten my face. reaaallly love the effect it gave for my skin!!

so.. overall.. i really impressed!! The saem gave me a gooood first impression that made me want to look more about the product. and i did searched, woaaa... they have cute packaging and products too!! is there indonesian seller carry this brand? i would love to try more!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

eye make up review : etude house line nuance duo

This is an eye make up from etude house, line nuance duo. last year i was impressed with etude house code B gel eye liner, so i decided to try more eye make up product from etude house. I chose this one, and i', so glad i did!!
So what is this? It's a duo function of eye liner and eye shadow. the left one is the eye liner and the right one is eye shadow. There are 4 colours to choose :

i chose number 2, which is brown colour for the eye liner and peachy-light brown for the shadow.
To give you more information about this line duo, here are some pictures from etude house;
how to use :
 My experience with etude house line nuance duo

now let's take a look closer of my etude house line nuance duo;
the closer look for the liner. it's the crayon type, not pencil. no need for sharpener. it's soft and easy to apply. i feel in love straightaway! first i was just using it for my eye lid, but then i tried to use it for my under eye too and i looooove it. it gave natural look, not too much like when you use liquid or gel eye liner.
closer look for the shadow. it's like an eye shadow tip but with colour. easy to apply, the colour also nice with a shimmer but not too overpowering. the colour is soft and natural look, not too showing on my eye lid.. i think i gotta try other colours..
the swatch, left : liner and right: shadow. as you can see, the eye shadow colour is pale and not really showing on the skin.

i always use this almost everytime i go out. i really like it specially for natural and everyday look. i'm even thinking to buy another one, different colour if i get a chance to visit etude house on my next visit to Jakarta.

if you live in china.. or ever been to china.. please help

dear all..

i'm planning to travel to china next month,, actually we are not going for holiday or travel. it's my husband's bussiness trip and he will take me. We will visit shanghai, xiamen and maybe guang zhou. I have no idea where to go, specially when my husband spend his day working, i would be wondering alone. and that's why i need your help!!!

if you live in china or ever been to china, please suggest recommended place to go, or a nice mall to hang out, nice place to shop (with good bargain price, not designer label/brand with expensive tag).

and as a korean cosmetics fan, i was wondering if i could visit korean stores that not available in indonesia like holika holika, innisfree, and baviphat. i tried to search on the net about the store location in china but i couldn't find it. if you know, please tell me.

many many thanks.,

will wait for your answer girls...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

skin care review : baviphat fruit therapy samples part 2

On my previous post here i wrote about Baviphat strawberry toxifying mask, apple all in one peeling gel and apple ac therapy sleeping pack. I still have some of baviphat fruit therapy samples, so today i will review them!

first..Baviphat mango steam scrub
what is this? (Mango Steam Cleanses pores and exfoliates) Pores are gently warmed with relaxing mango steam and opens for deep cleansing. Natural scrub to remove old skin cells, blackheads and excessive sebum. Regular use for healthy pores and smooth skin. [ Key Ingredients and Benefits ] Mango Extract : elminates dirt for crystal-clear skin tone, increases skin elasticity, brightening effect 
I read some reviews about this on some beauty bloggers, and many of them said that this scrub will turn hot as you rub it on your face, so becareful of that burning sensation. well, how is it for me?

my experience with baviphat mango steam scrub
first, it smells delicious! it smells like a mango jelly.. so sweet and yummy. love it...
the texture :
the texture is this creamy jell with some tiny scrubs.
So the first time i tried, i applied this scrub on my wet face, then rub and massage gently. i was prepared for the surprise of burning or hot feeling on my skin, but turned out i didn't feel that. Then i wash it off with water, and by the time i pat dry with towel, i started to feel the sensation. i felt my face warmed up. woaa,, why i got this effect late? lol but anyway it didn't hurt or burn feeling and didn't last long so it was ok for me.
The second time i tried this, i applied on dry skin. As i massaged gently, it turned warm! not hot, just warm but some might feel discomfort with that specially those with sensitive skin, could feel like burning i think. and then i washed it off with water, and that's it. it's easy and quick step one.
The result?
well, sorry to say that the result is not visible. I didn't feel much effect like brighten, super soft or super moisturised after using this. it felt just like a facial foam with scrubs. or maybe i should use this continuesly to see result, i don't know. for me it's just a nice sample from Baviphat but i will not buy the full size of this.

Next is..Baviphat lemon white sleeping pack
what is this? An overnight mask formulated with Vitamin C rich lemon extract suppresses melanin formation and prevent hyper-pigmentation. Arbutin then hastens skin whitening for a fairer complexion with beautifully even skin tone. Uniformly apply mask on cleansed skin before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Regular use of sleeping mask diminishes the appearance of dark spots and freckles.

my experience with baviphat lemon white sleeping pack
First, it smells sweet with a hint of lemon or citrus. the scent of lemon is not too strong, in fact by the time i applied this on my face the scent dissapeared and turned into just like normal unscent lotion.
the texture..
 it's a creamy gel-like, easy to apply, it felt smooth on my face.
i think this one is similar with the baviphat apple as therapy sleeping pack. Not superb product, but quite nice, it's just like a night cream for me. it kept my face moisturised during the night. and of course i can't comment on whitening effect since i only have samples.

and then,,Baviphat peach all in one waterfull cream
what is this? A multi-functional skin treatment minimizes pore size, brightens complexion and steeps skin with generous moisture, with a single application. Rich and refreshing cream is packed with vitamin C rich extracts that help whiten and brighten skin. Gently massage cream on cleansed and toned skin until fully absorbed. By Baviphat. - With Beta-Glucan which can help to keep the skin moisture & elastic. 

my experience with Baviphat peach all in one waterfull cream
it also smells delicious! it smells like a jelly.. peach jelly maybe? 
the texture..
a transparant creamy gel. easy to apply and feels smooth on the skin.
Overall, this peach cream remind me of skin food vita c cream for the texture, effect and the feeling on my skin, and tony moly multi play cream for the function as all in one or multi purpose cream.
I applied this at night as a night cream, and i really like it. A LOT. it moisturised my skin really well and smoothen my skin too. i like this cream. For this year i have ordered the skin food steam milk cream but maybe next year or in the future when i need an extra cream, i might get this one.

and the last but not least..baviphat peach all in one peeling gel
what is this? A multi-functional skin treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, minimizes pore size and brightens complexion with a single application. Peeling gel is packed with vitamin C rich peach extracts to whiten and brighten skin.

my experience with baviphat peach all in one peeling gel
first, it smells fresh, sweet,, a hint of peach? not too peachy in my opinion. well, i think all baviphat products in this line they all smells sweet and delicious.. just what i like.
so this is another peeling gel from baviphat. for me it's just same like the apple peeling gel, what makes it different is only the scent. as for the effect  i don't feel the difference.

so... that's it for my baviphat samples. From this post my favourite is the peach all in one waterfull cream.
But overall, all this baviphat fruit line are cute products, from packaging and the scent. the effect some are just so so, but some are good, like the peach all in one waterfull cream and strawberry toxifying mask. so, if you are interested to try, just try it. or just ask for samples.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

hair care review : Putri hair mask spa

Putri hair mask spa? i know... it might be not a famous product for you all.. well, in fact it's new for me too! i have no idea what kind of product this is.. (yup.. another random product i bought). Well, a little bit story behind this, it was on 2011 when i went to Pasar mayestik to buy makarizo shampoo and l'oreal hair spa. When i bought L'oreal hair spa, the seller offered me this. He said that this one smells just like l'oreal. and this one is cheap. only rp.30.000, while l'oreal  Rp.90.000. Tempted, so i bought both l'oreal and this.

So what is this product anyway?
it's a hair mask with shea butter, grape seed, and colour protection agents to help protect the hair and make the hair shine, healthy and strong.
how to use : after shampoo and towel dried, apply on the hair and wait for 15 minute, wash off with water.

so i think the difference between this and hair creambath cream, this one is a mask, no need to massage, just apply evenly on your hair and wait. just like a face mask.

The packaging is this plastic big tube contain 240ml.
there is another plastic cap inside..
the product inside.. isn't it look like body scrub?

my experience with putri hair mask spa

So, when i first opened the packaging, first thing to do is of course to smell it, and woaa.. the seller was right. it smells very similar like l'oreal hair spa. smells nice!!!
I'm a lazy type to wash my hair first, apply, wait, and back to shower. so what i did was just applied it on my dry hair before shower. What happened was my hair getting harden like i was using a hair spray on my hair. and the big thing is that it seems like it somehow stimulated my hair to fall. i saw lots of hair fall as i applied this on my hair. as i reached the end of my hair, there was lots of hair fall stuck on my hand. oh noooooooo
But it's a little bit different when i did it on my wet hair after shampoo. it didn't cause hair fall that much.

anyway, the result after i washed it off with water is that my hair became smooth and easy to comb and also smells good. But i don't think i will repurchase this one as my hair fell a lot during the process. so i think i will just stick to l'oreal or makarizo.

Monday, July 16, 2012

my latest haul from local shop

Last week i went to a new mall in the city. I was looking for a nose pore pack and yeaaayyy i found it! why i said yeaaaayy? because in this city it's hard to find it. there's no biore brand nose pore pack, and beauty shop or cosmetic shops her are local with some inported stuff randomly from all around the world. So i found the nose pore pack, and i'm also glad that i found sheet masks.
Ok this id for the details and some short review :

Ok, this one is the nose pore pack. the name of the brand is.... Touch me please nose pore cleansing strips green tea. There are 2 variants, green tea and aloe vera. This one made in korea. But i think this one is special customized to distributr in arab countries, since there's some information written in arabic too.

Last night i tried the green tea one, and woaaaa,,, it superbs! the result, it took out all my white heads including those stuborn, fat big one. i'm totally happy with the result.
Next is.. mask sheets! I bought all variants available in the market... it's a random buy i know.. but it's hard to find mask sheets here so i just bought them. The name of this product is miss beauty and it's made in china. the variants are snail,cucumber, apricot, cactus, wheat protein, grape yogurt, strawberry and pomegranate. So yup, there is snail mask! snail is booming lately in korean cosmetic industry so i want to try it too!! anyway, this mask sheet cost 200 YR each or around 12.000 rupiah
the first one i tried is.. the snail one of course.
When i first taking out the mask from the packaging, i noticed that the mask is not too wet and there's no liquid left inside the packaging. I put it on my face, and it dry out very quickly. and after awhile i felt my face itchy so i just took it off. i don't know was it the snail or the mask itself that wasn't good for me. because just after i took it off, i saw some zits right away.. woooaaa,, i was freakin out! but then the next morning my face turned out ok, no zits or any other effect. fiuuuuuuhhh.. thank God.. i still have many variants... i will try to see is it the snail extract or all the masks not good for me.
last but not least... the dove shampoo and conditioner. i felt my hair became more rough and tangled these days,, and after i used this dove shampoo and conditioner, my hair improved right away. it feels softer and less tangled. yeaaayyy

ok, that's all for this haul. can't wait to travel to jakarta for more shopping!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

perfume review : Anna sui forbidden affair

Alhough my previous anna sui perfumes are not finish yet, i already got the new one (thanks to my hubby). Yup, Anna sui perfumes are my favourite. You can check my post here about anna sui perfumes i've tried. This one i bought at SOGO plaza senayan, and i was happy that i bought it there. The nice SA gave me some anna sui freebies!!!! look,, this is what i got for free;

i got a disco metalic pink cosmetic bag, a miniature of anna sui secret wish (OMG this is my fav prefume ever!) and 2 samples perfume of forbidden affair
this is the miniature of anna sui secret wish.. yeaaaayyy now i have the mini size of my favourite perfume.. now i can take it anywhere..
and this is the sample of forbidden affair..

ok now back to... Forbidden affair..
The packaging is cute, nice, uniqe and sooo girly, just like other Anna sui perfumes packaging. i loove all anna sui packaging.
 This one the theme is purple and princess.. with a cap lool like a crown.

i'm not an expert of perfume scent so it's hard to describe what's nehind the scent. anyway.. i googled it and i got this long,nice  and clear information from www.fragrantica.com.

Forbidden Affair is the new fragrance from the imaginative designer Anna Sui inspired by the land of dreams, fairy tales and fantasy. In this world, every girl can feel like a princess; she can be adorned and privileged, allowing herself a dangerous and forbidden romance with the prince of her dreams. Forbidden Affair fragrance reflects the forbidden love and a wild longing, fantasies and some long-past times, revealing the hidden passions that you did not know existed.
The fragrant composition incorporates, for the first time, Cyclodextrin technology. This technology allows the top notes to re-emerge over and over again, invigorating for an ongoing sparkling fresh fragrance experience.
Anna Sui Forbidden Affair begins with a romantic fairy tale told by fresh lemon and red and black currants, which are slowly developing into the heart of raspberry, rose petals and pomegranate. Tempting and somewhat mysterious aromas make this perfume not as innocent as it may seem. Intriguing accords of violets, cedar and musk form a seductive base of long-term affection.
Top notes: lemon, black currant, red currant.
Heart: raspberry, rose, pomegranate.
Base: violet, musk, cedar.
The whole design concept is dedicated to a secret rendez vous between a prince and a princess with the taken from traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. It was inspired by Baroque and Rococo gardens, Baroque palaces, boudoirs, royal fashion and the lavish lifestyle. This style brings us back to the mid-18th century.
A secret garden and a gate where lovers meet in the dusk, in order to remain unnoticed by king and queen, is portrayed on the perfume box. The bottle itself is shaped like oval mirrors of baroque boudoirs. The stopper is shaped like a rose bud that is about to blossom, symbolizing the Anna Sui brand.
The well-known British model Lily Donaldson is the face of the campaign, shown standing near the gates of the palace dressed in a princess lavender dress, with tiara on her head and crown jewelry making her dreamy and stylish. 

What i think about this perfume..
 it has a sweet and nice scent, and it's soft.. not that strong. i like it, it's just like secret wish, but this one smells more mature & grown up than secret wish. This forbidden affair is like for when you are spending some romantic time with your husband or have a date.. because it smells romantic. i love it. not as much as i love secret wish, but you know what, this one is number two on my fav list! Now i can't wait to try the new one from anna sui, Rock me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cleansing review : Biore 2in1 cleansing wash

This Biore 2in1 cleansing wash was so popular among Indonesian beauty blogger last year. I remember around last year before i travelled to Jakarta I read many posts about this product. I think around 4 or even more indonesian beauty bloggers i followed wrote a post about this. So of course, i was interested. By the time i was in Jakarta i bought this from Supermarket (It's available in almost big markets). But then since i also purchased korean cleansing products, so i kept this one aside. I tried it a few times when i was in jakarta, and since i finished my innisfree apple cleansing oil, now i decided to back to this one.

So what is it?
This is claims as 2 in 1, as a face cleanser and make up remover. Really..?it sounds too good to be true right, a make up remover in cleansing wash?
The information on the packaging is quite good an clear, so if you have no clue about what it is, you can read the information there.
So from the information written there, it claims to remove make up, sun screen/sun block, make up base, foundation and dirt. it also give moisturizer and will not make your face dull. Woaaaa,,, what a magic cleansing! well, let's try it out first.

the texture :
 it's like light liguid soap, not thick. it smells ok.. well, actually it smells similar like biore body wash, but this one smells lighter and softer.
add a little water, and it will foam like this. it's easy to foam and feels light.

how to use :
squeeze the product out to your hand, add a little water to make foam, then massage gently on your face, rinse with water.
To see if it really remove make up, i made this test;

various make up; lip gloss,lipstick , gel eye liner, pencil eye liner, bb cream, pencil eye shadow.
then i started to rub the cleanser gently. some make up started to melted with the cleanser.

yup.. that's the result!! i couldn't remove the gel eyeliner with this soap although i tried to rub it many times and even added more soap. So it turned out that it can't remove waterproof make up, and in fact as you can see from the picture, other make up also not removed compeletely. You can see there is a trace of colour make up there.

what i think about this..
Well, since it coudn't remove all make up, i will not use use it as a make up remover. I will use this as a second step of cleanser only. So i still use cleansing oil or cleansing lotion, then use this one to remove all the residue.
Maybe it is good as a face cleanser to remove dirt, but not make up. I actually like this cleanser because it doesn't make my face dry or feel tight.it's a good cleanser for the morning, and sometimes i also used it at night but when i din't put make up or if i did, i used this after other cleanser.
Overall, for a product that you can find in supermarket with very affordable price, this is quite good.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

mask review : My beauty diary mask Mixed berry

Another my beauty diary mask! i just love their mask variants. cheap affordable price, nice and sweet scent, and of course good mask! This one is mixed berry mask.

information about this mask from sasa.com :
My Beauty Dairy Mixed Berry Mask delivers the following benefits:
  • Brightening and firming

    Mixed Berry Extract drawn out from blue berry, raspberry, cowberry and mulberry in an exceptional beauty agent that dresses skin up with vitality and charm. It protects skin from environmental aggression, correcting problems like uneven complexion, dullness and sagging. After use, skin becomes firm, bright and translucent.
  • Purifying and refining

    Extracts of Comfrey and Green Tea enable synergy benefit to soften cuticles. After use, skin is refined, radiant and velvety smooth.
    For all skin types, especially skin suffers from uneven complexion, sagging or roughness.

    how to use it

    Put the mask on cleansed and toned face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and peel off. Gently massage the remaining serum for better absorption. No rinsing is necessary. Follow with usual skin care products.

    suitable for

    all skin type 

    My experience with My beauty diary mask mixed berry

    When i first take it out from the packaging, i teared it a bit! i don't know why, but i never teared a mask sheet before.. This one i teared the chin area.. woooopppsss.. but Thank God i can still use it.
    So, my first impression would be the scent. well, it smells sweeet... and delicious. the kind i like. it smells like a berry bubble gum.
    I applied it on my face, so watery. easy to fit on my face. Then lay down and wait. No itchy or uncomfotable feel. After 20 minutes i checked, still not drying. in fact still wet. I checked again after 25 minutes, only the forehead area started to dry, but the cheek and other area still wet. So i wait again a little while before i took it off.
    Once the mask was off of my face, i gave a little massage aroung my face with the liquid left. I could smell the nice berry scent once again, and it was sooo nice feeling all the moisturizer absorbed. The result? Brightening effect? checked! yup.. it brightens my face instantly. i looked sooo fresh and glowing after the mask. Firming? checked. not just firm but also extra moisturised. And there is also other effect i got, which is i felt it tighten my pores on the nose area too! woaaa.. love it. it seems like it's good for combination skin since i felt my nose area smooth and tighten (the pores) while it moisturized other areas like cheek and forehead.
    Two thumbs up! another favourite from my diary mask..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Skin care review : Baviphat fruit therapy samples part 1

Yeeaaaayyyy! samples!  one thing that got me excited when i received my korean pre order purchase. i always wondering,, what samples i got this time?  well, last time i got this baviphat fruit therapy line;
I got Apple AC therapy sleeping pack, Appla all-in-one peeling gel, Lemon white sleeping pack, strawberry toxifying mask, Peach all in one peeling gel and mango steam scrub.

Some of this fruity baviphat variant are not new for me, i've tried some of the samples before, and maybe i wrote or mentioned about them in some of my post already, but since i never made a review about them (only mango whitening mask that i have the full size packaging), this time i'll review some of them.

First..Baviphat strawberry Toxifying mask
I read some review about this on beauty bloggers i followed.. and some of them wondered abiut the name corrected the name them self into detoxifying mask, not toxifying mask. lol
anyway, this is some information i got from the net :

all in one mask with trouble care and pore care
(pore tightening effect + sebum control + soothing effect)
Pink clay ingridient makes a fresh and tight skin condition by controlling pores .
how to use :
evenly apply suitable amount onto the face except for eyes and lips and wash off after 20-25 minutes.

My experience with Baviphat strawberry toxifying mask
First impression,,, nice smelll! it's one of the lovely scent i like and i would like to have on my skin care. it smells this sweet strawberry yoghurt. the scent reminds me of london dairy strawberry yoghurt ice cream. yummmmyyy...
The texture,
first time i tried this, i was surprised... i thought it would be like other face wash off mask, that is creamy or gel based, but this one turned out it's like clay mask. when i checked on the net, well, it is a clay mask.
I applied it evenly on my fave, and wait for 20 minutes. No itchy or uncomfortable feeling during that 20 minutes. After awhile the mask will get dry and tighten the face, like when u use a mask sheet ot peel off mask.
After 20 minutes, i washed it off with warm water. The result?
a little bit fresh looking face, but not too brightening effect. only so so, and fresh look- like. But one thing i like is the tightening effect on my nose area. i could feel my big pores tighten a little bit, and it also smoothen those area with big pores. yeeeeaaayyy..But the effect didn't last long though.. only that day on my application. And as in soothing effect, i didn't feel any, maybe because my face was in normal condition, not it "sensitive need soothing" mode, so i can't comment on that. Overall, i like this mask.

Next is.. Baviphat apple all-in-one peeling gel
peeling gel with fruity scent ! yeaaaayyy i knew i would love it even before i tried it. lol

information about this product :
gentle skin exfoliator buffs away dull and rough surface skin to uncover the soft, youthful and vibrant skin underneath. When massaged on skin in circular motion, the refreshing gel formula lifts dead cells and surface dirt, revitalizing and cleansing skin with every use. continued use helps skin absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently.
how to use :
apply to the face, avoiding the mouth and eye areas. massage gently into the skin to exfoliate and rinse off with warm water.

my experience with baviphat apple all in one peeling gel
first impression.. also nice smell!!! it smells just like apple!!! not fresh apple or apple juice smell, but more creamy apple.. like when you mix apple and cream or milk.
the texture,
it's very thick creamy scrub gel, once you apply and rub it gently on your face, it will turn into scrub particles that will scrub your dirt off. it will look like this;
i think the formula of this feeling is soft, not the hard one. i didn't feel it hard or rough on my skin. and it's easy to scrub and rub it off, easy to rinse. the result? nice soft and moisturized skin. the soft effect is not superb extra smooth, but quite good. there is also moisturized and lifting effect after using this. so i quite like it, but not my best peeling product.

Last for today.. Baviphat apple AC therapy sleeping pack

This is not my first time using this. i tried a sample of this sleeping pack before, maybe aroung 2 years ago.. but i'll write again what i think this time..

information about this product..
An overnight mask formulated with fruit acids gently peel off dead skin cells and banish a dull and lackluster complexion. A known skin moisturizer, pectin provides superior hydration to give skin a soft and silky feel. Apply evenly on cleansed skin before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Recommended for oily and blemish prone skin

my experience with Baviphat apple AC therapy sleeping pack
 the smell is actually similar with the apple peeling gel. it smells apple with cream or milk. 
the texture,
it's creamy gel sleeping pack. easy to apply and absorb, not sticky. i like the texture.
so i appied this as the last step of my skin care at night before sleeping, then i just slept. the next morning.. hemmm? nothing change.. well, it kept my face moisturized during the night sleeping in air conditioned room, so it's good enough for me. Not superb or something special that i will repurchase, but if i got more of this samples (which i have 3 this time) i would like to use it again.


all this baviphat fruit line are cute. specially when you see the full size packaging, shape like the name of the fruits, so irresistible, and the price is affordable too. So far from this 3 fruits i tried, my favourite is the strawberry toxifying mask. I still have more baviphat fruit therapy line.. so just wait for more review of them!