Tuesday, July 24, 2012

eye make up review : etude house line nuance duo

This is an eye make up from etude house, line nuance duo. last year i was impressed with etude house code B gel eye liner, so i decided to try more eye make up product from etude house. I chose this one, and i', so glad i did!!
So what is this? It's a duo function of eye liner and eye shadow. the left one is the eye liner and the right one is eye shadow. There are 4 colours to choose :

i chose number 2, which is brown colour for the eye liner and peachy-light brown for the shadow.
To give you more information about this line duo, here are some pictures from etude house;
how to use :
 My experience with etude house line nuance duo

now let's take a look closer of my etude house line nuance duo;
the closer look for the liner. it's the crayon type, not pencil. no need for sharpener. it's soft and easy to apply. i feel in love straightaway! first i was just using it for my eye lid, but then i tried to use it for my under eye too and i looooove it. it gave natural look, not too much like when you use liquid or gel eye liner.
closer look for the shadow. it's like an eye shadow tip but with colour. easy to apply, the colour also nice with a shimmer but not too overpowering. the colour is soft and natural look, not too showing on my eye lid.. i think i gotta try other colours..
the swatch, left : liner and right: shadow. as you can see, the eye shadow colour is pale and not really showing on the skin.

i always use this almost everytime i go out. i really like it specially for natural and everyday look. i'm even thinking to buy another one, different colour if i get a chance to visit etude house on my next visit to Jakarta.

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