Saturday, July 21, 2012

hair care review : Putri hair mask spa

Putri hair mask spa? i know... it might be not a famous product for you all.. well, in fact it's new for me too! i have no idea what kind of product this is.. (yup.. another random product i bought). Well, a little bit story behind this, it was on 2011 when i went to Pasar mayestik to buy makarizo shampoo and l'oreal hair spa. When i bought L'oreal hair spa, the seller offered me this. He said that this one smells just like l'oreal. and this one is cheap. only rp.30.000, while l'oreal  Rp.90.000. Tempted, so i bought both l'oreal and this.

So what is this product anyway?
it's a hair mask with shea butter, grape seed, and colour protection agents to help protect the hair and make the hair shine, healthy and strong.
how to use : after shampoo and towel dried, apply on the hair and wait for 15 minute, wash off with water.

so i think the difference between this and hair creambath cream, this one is a mask, no need to massage, just apply evenly on your hair and wait. just like a face mask.

The packaging is this plastic big tube contain 240ml.
there is another plastic cap inside..
the product inside.. isn't it look like body scrub?

my experience with putri hair mask spa

So, when i first opened the packaging, first thing to do is of course to smell it, and woaa.. the seller was right. it smells very similar like l'oreal hair spa. smells nice!!!
I'm a lazy type to wash my hair first, apply, wait, and back to shower. so what i did was just applied it on my dry hair before shower. What happened was my hair getting harden like i was using a hair spray on my hair. and the big thing is that it seems like it somehow stimulated my hair to fall. i saw lots of hair fall as i applied this on my hair. as i reached the end of my hair, there was lots of hair fall stuck on my hand. oh noooooooo
But it's a little bit different when i did it on my wet hair after shampoo. it didn't cause hair fall that much.

anyway, the result after i washed it off with water is that my hair became smooth and easy to comb and also smells good. But i don't think i will repurchase this one as my hair fell a lot during the process. so i think i will just stick to l'oreal or makarizo.

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Frozen Blossoms said...

I wanted to get a hair treatment badly at the convenience of my home... a lot are saying my hair is dull and frizzy hihihih... I guess because of frequently dyeing. Nice review as always sis =)