Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baviphat make up eraser review

Make up eraser? interesting! specially for me who is not expert in appying eye liner and sometimes still made a mistake. When i saw the pre order list, i was confused to choose between this  or tony moly. Tony moly also got something like this. But i chose baviphat because of the cheaper price anyway.
So what is this? it's a pen eraser to help you correct some mistake. Apply on area that need make up correction to partially remove make up.
from izakkaya.com;
Product Description
You can use it at any point in your makeup application to simply erase those mistakes!
Remove unwanted smudges and smears and even waterproof makeup!

i like the idea.  with this i don't need to panic when the eye liner or mascara smudges, no need for cotton bud and some remover to erase it.

Ok now i'll give you the details
the shape, the look is just like a white board marker. The tip of it, when you apply or rub to your skin you can feel there's a liquid which is a make up remover i think/
product test.. i drew a line with pencil eye liner (left) and gel eye liner (right).
applied the make up eraser pen on top of the line. as you can see the line started to dissapear. just continue rub it a little
and.. done!

what i think about this,
well, it saved me many times! mascara, eye liner, no need to worry anymore because everytime i made mistake or smudge this saved me! i remember last time i was in hurry for wedding and when i applied mascara, i blinked so it was smudge all over. Then i used this pen and voila! only some seconds and i corrected everything. My friend who was with me at that time was surprised and asked what i did. so i think this is a keeper. It's something that i will repurchase when i finish this. It's almost a year since i purchased this and still work fine and not dry out until now.

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Penulis Amatir said...

Wow, seems like it's a beauty wagic wand :) can really save us in time. Guess I need this too :)
thanx for sharing