Sunday, July 29, 2012

skin care sample review : The saem Thalasso beaute Revital collagen toner and emulsion

The saem? This is new to me! how about you? i started noticed this brand from last year when i purchased some korean skin care @iheartkoreanbeauty. and she gave me this sample for free. yeaaayyy.. so the one i got is the saem thalasso beaute revital collagen toner and emulsion. comes in very small tiny bottle, but i'm happy to try.

The thing is, it's hard to find the information about this. i have been google for the last 15 minutes to find any information, but all i can find all in korean, even gmarket or ebay seller who carry this brand have no much information. so i'm clueless, and i'll just tell you my experience with this set.

First, the toner..
the first time i applied the toner on my face.. there's this scent.. it smells like organic stuff.. smells so natural. can't describe more about the scent. The toner is moisturising, not the type that will give you cool feeling or something with alcohol. the texture is thicker than other toner. anyway, i fell in love with the toner straightaway. it moisturized my face straghtaway and smoothen my face too! i'm impressed.

then the emulsion..
although it's an emulsion, it is realllly rich.. same scent like the toner, and the texture is between regular emulsion and cream. thicken than other korean emulsion i have, but not that thick like a cream. it absorb easily, and it's really great moisturiser. i don't even need to apply another cream at night. wait. there's some more. it's also good base for bb cream too!! when i applied this before the bb cream, at first i though it gave a white cast, but after some minutes it turned out to brighten my face. reaaallly love the effect it gave for my skin!!

so.. overall.. i really impressed!! The saem gave me a gooood first impression that made me want to look more about the product. and i did searched, woaaa... they have cute packaging and products too!! is there indonesian seller carry this brand? i would love to try more!

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