Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hair care review : the body shop Banana shampoo & conditioner

this would be a short review, since it's not my favourite products. i'm so sorry again, the body shop..
i was interested to try this because..
  • it's banana, it smells delicious
  • i like a set of shampoo and conditioner, specially with delicious scent, not cosmetic artificial fragrance smell like most shampoo from the supermarket.
this is the information the body shop banana shampoo & conditioner :
go banana-rama for this gourgeusly fruity shampoo.it leaves hair super sheeny, just like our origina; one. Now with community trade banana puree.
for all hair types.

 my experience with this shampoo & conditioner :
  • they smell similar. not like the real banana or banana pure, but smells more like banana candy or cake. it smells nice though.
  • the texture is really thick. even the shampoo is thick. maybe the thickest shampoo i've ever tried? and the conditioner is even thicker.
  • how is it for my hair? too bad, it doesn't help with my tangled-dry hair. maybe the function of this shampoo is only to clean the hair, that's it. my hair still tangled even i just washed my hair. and the scent doesn't stay long, not even a day.

left : shampoo right : conditioner
so, overall i'm dissapointed with this one.  still have many products left and i can't even be bother to finish it. just put them aside and start to use other shampoo and conditioner.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 days without make up

have you tried to live without make up products for a week? a day? 2 days? 3 days? I challenged myself not to put any make up for 5 days. why? because recently i have this dry skin with fakes here and there, so not pretty and healthy skin. Normally i would try some different masks or cream to heal this problem, but this time i decided to do something different, which is..say good bye to make up products for some days. i've read an article in a magazine long time ago about how you should give your skin a rest from cosmetics, at least one day a week. it's also kind of detoxification for your skin.

So last monday i started not to put any make up. No  bb cream, no foundation, no loose powder or pact powder, no blush on, nothing! after cleansing i only applied toner and cream, that's it.
skin care products i was using during my 5 days without make up. skin food fresh juice toner. Because no pair toner for my latest favourite tony moly ice queen multi play cream, so i reached back my skinfood fresh juice toner that i still have 1/4 bottle left, then etude house sleeping pack (2-3 times a week) and skin food rice mask wash off (once a week)
and of course, cleansing products. currently i'm using innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil and innisfree lemongrass cleaning lotion (review coming soon!). when i put make up on, i used both cleansing (double cleansing), but since i didn't put any make up i just used one of them. sometimes cleansing lotion only, sometimes cleansing oil.

so now i'm going to tell you my experience and result with my 5 days without make up program.
Day 1- first day without make up. i was affraid that my face will look dull without make up, but turned out it was not that bad. in the afternoon when i felt my skin dry i re-applied the cream for extra moisturizer.
Day 2- i started seeing the result since day 2!! dry flakes totally reduced-almost gone. my face looked more glowing. seriously.
Day 3- that's it! no more dry flakes, no more dry skin!!i was tempted to stop here on the 3rd day and started using make up again the next day, but i managed not to reach any make up.
Day 4- the result is even better...
day 5-better, healthier, glowing skin, no dry flakes, no zits, no spot, i even noticed that before i started this no make up days i had some potential upcoming spots on my forehead and now they are all gone. 

today- i started to put again some primer and bb cream :)

in conclusion, i really recommended for all of you to have one or two days a week with no make up. if you are working maybe you can try it on the weekend? and as for me, i will give my skin a break from make up every once or twice a week, and maybe someday in the future i will do this again, 5 days or maybe a week without make up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lip gloss review : NYX Luscious lip gloss palette i 03 'the perfect everyday colors'

This is my second NYX lip products i tried. the first one was the mega shine lip gloss, which i wrote a review about that already. This time is the lip gloss pallet.
from nyx website :
The question on everyone’s lips: What’s on your pout? No need to kiss and tell with one of our dazzling lip gloss palettes stashed in your bag. Each offers five moisturizing and long-lasting lip gloss shades that can be blended to customize your own colors. Available in 10 sets with an applicator.
INGREDIENTS: Bees Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) wax, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) wax, Ceresin, Polyethylene, Octyldodeanol, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Bis-Digylceryl Polyacyladipade-2, Isostearyl Isostearate, Diisostearyl Malate, Polyisobutene, Tocopheryl Acetate, B.H.A, Polyethylene Trephthalate, and Fragrance. MAY CONTAIN: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491), Iron Oxide Yellow (CI 77492), Iron Oxide Black (CI 77499) , D&C Red No.6 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.7 (CI 15850), D&C Red No.27 (CI 45410), FD&C Yellow No.5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19140) , FD&C Blue No.1 Aluminum Lake (CI 42090) , D&C Red No.36 (CI 12085), or Carmine (CI 75470).

i have LGP 03 the perfect everyday colors. Actually it's so hard to choose one. they have 10 of this cute palette!! let's take a look of all the collection;
pictures below are from ebay seller joy's cosmetics
who's not tempted with all nyx products? they are affordable,or i can even say cheap, and have lots of colors and range. The famous round lipsticks for example, is sooo cheap..  it's only Rp.33.000 if you buy from riebutik and for this palette it's Rp.85.000. not bad!
I wanted to buy the round lipstick, but when i saw this, for rp.85.000 you get 5 colors, i chose this. well how is it?

first of all, let me take you to take a look of the product and packaging.
there is a mirror on top of inside packagimg.
it also comes with a small lip brush.

the lip brush, to be honest, the lip brush is sucks. it's hard, not soft, it doesn't pick up the colour well, doesn't apply the gloss on the lip very well. i don't like it, so i always use another lip brush to apply this product.

the colours :
without flash
with flash
swatch on my hand :
(from left to right same like the picture aboce)
without flash
with flash

my experience, likes and dislikes  of  NYX luscious lip gloss palette :
  • i don't like the lip brush. it's hard, not soft, not good to apply the gloss.
  • the packaging itself is good, compact, good and practical to carry around. too bad that i must bring seperate lip brush.
  • the lip gloss itself, well, sadly to say this but i know the colors look good on my hand. but on my lip, only one colour is good, which is the left one. the rest somehow the colors didn't show on my lip, lall looks pale, the colors show different than on my hand.
  • the formula itself also not good for me, like there is no moisturizin properties at all. you need to apply lip balm before this. My lip is not dry or chapy when i applied this, but somehow when i put the gloss on my lip looked dry, dull, pale, not fresh. and yes, it makes my lip dry too!!
  • the finish is super matte, no gloss at all. or at least that's how it is on my lip. maybe i shoud scrub my lip first to make it smooth?
i'm so sorry for the bad review nyx... don't worry, i'm not giving up on you. i still want to try the round lipsticks and the lip tinted spa.

This is only review based on my experience. Before i decided to buy this, i looked for reviews on some other beauty bloggers, and some of them have good review and this lip gloss look good on their lips! so it could be different to other people. if you are still confused either to buy or not, just type "nyx luscious lip gloss palette" on google, you will see many reviews and swatches out there to help you decide.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Skin care review : tony moly ice queen multi play cream SPF 30 PA++

I fell in love with this product at the first sight! i mean, look at this
how could you not fall for it?
i fell in love with the packaging. i would even buy it straughtaway without knowing what it is. hehe.. but of course, to get reason to buy, i looked for the reviews of this product. well, all the reviews i read were good, nothing bad, so there is no reason for me not to buy it. I put this on the list to buy on one of trusted seller. Before i made a purchase, lucky me, one of my truseted seller, iheartkoreanbeauty emailed me and offered me this as a free gift. as a new vip member, i could choose my free gift, and this is one of the list i could choose!!! wow... so yes, i got it for free!!! lucky me.

what is this product anyway? well, in the packaging it's all korean. But i got this information from the net;

Product information:
This multi-functional cream absorbs into the skin as it melts away like ice cream with the topping of firm and soft marshmallow. You can have moisturizing, sun protection, and makeup base effects all at the same time, with additional skin soothing and firming effects.

How to use:
Apply this cream before foundation with finger from center to edge of the face lightly.

and this is another information from www.tonymoly.com.sg
  Multi-functional sun block in an uber cute container. Containing Marshmallow extract and Houttuynia Cordata extract that works to keep the skin constantly hydrated and nourished as it effectively protects the skin against harmful UV rays. 

After the last stage of your skin care regime, apply an appropriate amount and spread gently and evenly on areas of sun exposure.
For external use only. Do not apply to areas of the skin where sores, Eczema or dermatitis occur. Do not swallow and avoid contact with eyes or on skin which is sensitive to bandages or pad cloth. Discontinue usage and consult a dermatologist if signs of skin irritation and/or rash appear. Keep out of reach to children and store product away from direct sun exposure.

so basically they called it multi play cream is because this cream could be your moisturiser, primer, sun protection (SPF 30), not to mention how cute this packaging to sit on your make up table. hehe. well, this is attract my little daughter soo much, she kept asking for it to play, so i thought when i finish this product i will give the packaging for her to play with.

i decided to try this for an extra moisturizer because lately my skin getting soo dry with some patches or dry flakes on my fore head and upper cheek area. it's bothering me, as it's hard now to put any bb cream or face powder without making it cakey and flaky..

so when i first opened this.. oh my... it smells soooo yummy delicious!!!! it smells just like a good vanilla ice cream.. seriously!!!
  there is another cap inside.
look at that! even the texture looks yummy. hehe.. yup, the testure is just like whipped cream.
on my hand:
 look how thick it is. yup, the texture is very thick cream.

my experience with tony moly ice queen multi play cream :
As i told you before, my skin is getting dry recently. there was this one day i came home with my face all dry and flaky. so i told my self, ok let's fix this. let's not clean my face with face soap or water, instead just clean it with cleansing milk/lotion type then moisturised with this tony molu cream. So i cleaned my face with my innisfree cleansing lotion, then followed with this tony moly cream, it worked!!! i'm impressed!!

the next day, i used this one in the morning, as a primed before i put bb cream. again, i'm impressed! it kept my face moisturised all day, and not just that. it gave me this glowing skin. and it's not the bb cream because everyday i use bb cream without this, and once i put this on as primer, somehow there was this extra glow on my face. i kept checking on the mirror to see my face. lol. it gave me this fresh looks, a little bit whiter but not the fake-white-look, but natural brighter look. i didn't put any powder that day because i felt good enough.

and then today, i just put this cream in the morning, without bb cream or powder, just this one after toner, because i'm staying home today. and what happened is that my nose area is oily after some hours. so i think if you have oily skin you should put a good bbcream/ powder/compact with matte effect or good sebum control. 

so, for me, this is what i think about this product :
  • cute packaging, but it comes in jar without spatula. 
  • nice, yummy and delicious scent. for me, it's a point plus and i love it. but for those who don't like that kind of scent on their skin care,  it's not for them.
  • it's a good moisturiser and primer for dry skin, but no for oily skin i think.
  • it works good on me as a primer, it gave me this glowing and bright skin. but i don't know for summer, it could be to heavy.

And now, i really think this cream is really good moisturiser and this is what i need at this time. so i have a question for all beauty blogger out there. can i use this at night as a night cream? because there is SPF 30 there, so i think it's not for night cream. but it's a moisturiser cream, and i think i will keep my face moisturised all night. but i'm not sure. i really want to use it at night too. so what do you think? can i use this as a night cream or no?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hair care review : Makarizo hair energy with royal jelly creambath

Ok, the name is actually longer than what i wrote in the title. the full name is... Makarizo hair energy with royal jelly for damaged hair ain-aging creambath. hehe. too long right, so i just make it short..

Anyway, i think most of the women, if they have time and money, they would loce to go to salon or spa to pamper themselves, either to have a facial, creambath, hair spa, manicure, pedicure, full body massage, or anything else. When i was Jakarta i used to go to salon or spa regularly. but here in Yemen, i have to do it by myself, at home. Here salon is not so popular for all those treatment, it's likely only to cut your hair, dye your hair,  or make up for special occasion.

So since my hair started getting dry and tangled after 3years living here, last time i travelled to Jakarta i bought some hair care products. This makarizo is one of them. i've tried the sachet before and i liked it, so i bought the big 500g jar. i bought this one in Pasar Mayestik.
look how big and bulky it is. the packaging is plastic container.

what is this product anyway? where here's some information on the packaging
information in english
information in bahasa
can you read that? hehe.. don't worry i will re-write here;
information from the packaging:
Enriched with royal jelly to nourish hair shaft and hair roots. Maintains hair moisture balance to avoid hair split ends, hair elasticity, and scalp condition. Royal jelly is an excellent conditioner and prevents frizzy hair. Hair looks healthier, smoother and better shinny.it’s not only your skin is able to be aged but also your hair. Most people think that aging will be only emerged for old people but in fact, hair aging also appears in young people. Hair aging can be emerged due to external reason, for example polution, hair dryer applications and hair chemical usages. Sign of aging on hair such as thinner hair, dull or feeble hair, not volume, coarse and un-manageability.
Directions : Applied a sufficient amount of makarizo hair energy anti aging creambath with royal jelly using your palms and massage it lightly only to the part where is needed. 15 minutes steamed. rinse hait throughly only using lukewarm water.

well, not so helpful information. first, in the direction it's not clean when do you supposed to use this. before washing your hair with shampoo, or after washing your hair first and towel dry. anyway, since the procedure of creambath in salon is that you wash your haie first then start to apply the cream, so i thought it shoud be that way. but anyway i tried both ways.
inside jar. ooopppssss... almost finish... realllllyy?? i have used all of them? well, for information, it's been 6months since i opened this. it last long!! oh, and if course, i used this only twice a month.
the cream.. the texture is thick creamy. the smell is actually reminded me of l'oreal with royal jelly. i've tried l'oreal products line with royal jelly, and this one smells similar. maybe that's how the scent of royal jelly? it smells good, although for me it's too artificial fragrance.

my experience with this product..
well, i tried both ways. First, i washed my hair and towel dry, then started applying this cream with some massage until my hand got tired. hehe. then just wrapped it with warm towel, wait, then rinse off with water.
second, i tried to apply this on my dry hair before shower, then rinse off and shamppo. 
the result? Same!! hehe.. so i think you can do it both way, anyway you prefer. the result is my hair is soft, not tangled, easy to comb, smells good, but... too bad, the effect doesn't last long. the next day my hair back to tangled, and the smell is gone the next day.
But overall, i still like it and continue to use it until it finish. i don't know if i will buy more of this. I will check on Pasar mayestik to see what other creambat products they have, if nothing attract me then i will buy this again, in different variant.

anyway, i also bought l'oreal hair spa cream, so after this makarizo i will try the l'oreal.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cleansing review : skin food gold kiwi sun cleanser

If you think i'm done with skin food gold kiwi products review, then you are wrong, cause i still have one left. in fact i noticed that i have it lately. Somehow i remember that i saw this sample sachet before, so i checked on my box full of skin care/make up sample sachet, and i found this! it's Skin food Gold kiwi sun cleanser!
This is how it looks;
and this is the sample i have;
the sample sachet is the big one, not the small sachet. one sachet can be used around 4-6 times i guess.

when i first saw this i decided to try it out right away while i'm still using the gold kiwi skin care set. but i wasn't sure how to use this. i didn't even know, is it cleansing oil, cleansing foam, cleansing milk? because it only said "gold kiwi sun cleanser", no more words about what kind of type this is. and why there is a word "sun" over there. sun screen? what is that supposed to mean? so before i started using it i have to look for more information on the net.  I couldn't find any reviews from blogger, so i looked on the skin food's website.

from skin food's website :
GoldKiwi Sun Cleanser is an exclusive sunscreen cleanser that removes all traces of sunscreen with microfine oxygen bubbles while brightening sun-damaged skin. Plus a substance found in gold kiwis restores your skin from inside, which might have become dull and dry from exposure to ultra sunlight.

* To Use
Dispense 5 to 6 pumps into dry palms and smooth over the entire face. Massage until oxygen bubbles are visible. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

i was quite surprise when i read that. oh, so it's a kind of oxygen cleansing that will form an oxygen bubbles. i've never tried that type, so i'm excited. The information from the website also explained my question before about the word "sun cleanser". so it's good to remove sunscreen or any products with SPF i guess.

so let's try this product then.
this is how it looks at first. the texture is a light gel, smell sweet like other line of gold kiwi, but this one smells stronger. i started to massage gently,

look how it looks now!! i'm impressed! i thought, how could that light gel transform into oxygen bubbles? so after massage the cleanser my face all covered with this white foamy oxygen bubbles.in fact i don't thin you will need 5to6 pumps like the information on the website. i think 1 or 2 pump would be enough. i applied too much at first, and my face looked like covered with whipped cream.
and look how it looks after you give more time.
it's interesting product!
Now, the result is.. i felt my face realllllly clean and fresh. i like how my face looks after cleaning with this. but the clean result is a type with squeky- i don't know how do you call this, but maybe for people will feel that tight feeling after cleansing, but as for me it was only that squeky effect. at first i thought i have to put cream straightaway or it will get dry, so i did. but the second time i tried this i waited to see what will happen, and i was surprised that somehow my skin turned out to be smooth, not dry. But of course, you still need to apply lotion or cream to keep your skin moisturised.

in my opinion, this is another good product from skin food. i don't know if i will but the full bottle of this one, because sooo many new interesting products from skin food i want to try!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

mask review : skin food gold kiwi hydrating mask

As you can read on my previous post about skin food gold kiwi skin care set, this is another stuff from the same line, which is gold kiwi hydrating mask. i bought only one for tester (it comes in small small plastic container like butter or jam for breakfast). Well, the full size is actually comes with 10 of them. Anyway, better show you with pictures;
The full set, you will get 10 of 8gram each.
the packaging is cute, just like a butter packaging right.
from skin food's website :
Highly moisturizing GoldKiwi Mask Moisturizer pack restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
[A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits] Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwis's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

* To Use
- After washing your face, apply the mask in a little bit thick layer to your face, avoiding the eye area.
- Leave on skin for 10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.
- For more intensive care for hydration, apply an adequate amount of the mask, avoiding the eye area, and rub gently into your skin, at the end of the basic cosmetic touches before going to bed.
- Apart from your face, other body parts such as the neck, arms and legs can keep hydrated and smooth when they are exposed to too much of ultra sunlight.

heeemmm, so i guess it's 2in1 product. first, you can use it as a regular wash off mask, and second you can use it as a sleeping pack. or even 3in1 if you count how you can use this also for any part of your body. as for me, i wont use it for body. let's stick with the face with this.

what i think about it..
  • first, the scent is sweet fragrance, not something i expected from skin food's product. I always expected skin food's product to smell yummy and delicious. hehe. this one is not even smell like kiwi or at least fruity? it is just regular sweet scent, like the other set of this line, only a little bit stronger.
  • the texture is very thick gel, pale yellow-ish colour
now i will tell you my experience using this as a wash off mask. Yesterday, i felt my skin started to have the same usual problem. i got this problem once in awhile since i lived here in Yemen, especially when the weather gets very dry and windy, my skin will be very sensitive and dry. dry-flaky patch here and there, burning or hot sensation when i apply toner and lotion, some redness, even sometimes some red spots. arrrrggghhhh. so i thought, this would be a good time to try this mask which is claimed for "hydrating". so i applied it al over my face. i didn't apply all because i wanted to try the rest for sleeping mask. Even before one minute after this mask applied on my face, it started to give me this burning and hot sensation, plus itchy all over my face. i felt like i wanted to wash it off straightaway. but i waited. after 5 minutes or so, that feeling was gone and it was ok. So, i think it's not suitable for sensitive skin. i shoud try again when my skin back to normal condition. 
After 10 minutes, i washed it off with water. there was this warm feeling during that proccess. it was easy to wash off, not sticky like some other wash off mask. The result is.... nothing, really. seriously. it was just after i wash my face with cleansing product.

overall, i'm dissapointed. this mask did nothing to me. in fact it feels just any regular lotion, not a mask. so if you are still interested, try one as a tester first to see if it works for you. Because maybe it's just my skin is in a bad conditon and needs something else contain aloe vera. if your skin is normal, maybe it will work for you.

update on march 14th, 
i just tried it again last night as a sleeping mask, i applied this as the last step of my night skin care. applied just like lotion, not too much because i'm affraid it would be sticky. the result is actually not bad. it kept my skin moisturised during the night. i guess this one is better as a sleeping mask than a wash off mask.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

skin care review : skin food Gold kiwi gift set (toner, serum, emulsion, cream)

Yeaaayyy!! a gift set of skin food! i looove a gift set, specially a full set like this, so i can try all in small size. On my last korean haul, i didn't buy full bottle set of skin food (i chose innisfree and holika holika instead), but i'm happy enough because i also ordered 3 gift set of skin food skincare; this gold kiwi, ancient rice and platinum grape cell.

This gold kiwi set comes with this plastic sealed packaging like this;
This set is a line of whitening but with a rich moisturizer too. The description from the website about gold kiwi line :
A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits] Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwis's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under

well, let's check my experience with this set.
from skin food's website
 Highly moisturizing skin-whitening GoldKiwi Toner restores your sun damaged skin back to a healthy and clearer tone.
 * To Use
Wash your face, put a portion of the toner on your palm and then rub it gently into your face, or put a small amount on a cosmetic cotton pad and smoothly apply outward along facial textures. 

what i think about this toner :
  •  it comes with this small plastic bottle, my guess is 20ml?
  • my first impression would be based on the scent. well, it smells ok i guess. it has this same tone scent with skin food omija toner, but omija tones is way way more lovely and sweet. i was hoping this would smell sweet fruity as it's kiwi. But there is no fruity or kiwi smell. only this sweet scent like omija, but softer.
  • then the toner itself, it's refreshing, doesn't dry my skin, doesn't give any irritation or sting my skin, BUT.. too bad, i felt this toner a little bit sticky during application and take some time to absorb. if i apply the serum straight away after toner, it would be more sticky. i have to wait a little longer than regular toner.
from skin food's website:
Moisture-rich skin-whitening GoldKiwi Serum restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
 * To Use
After using the toner, pump a portion of the serum onto your palm and rub it around gently into your face.

what i think about this :
  • it comes with a pump! it's so cute that this little bottle comes with a pump, which i like, of course.
  • it has the same scent with the toner
  • the texture is light cream based
  • TOO BAD, just like the toner, it also felt a little sticky after application, like it didn't absorb completely. at first i wasn't sure, was it the toner or the serum that felt sticky? so i made a test, first i applied toner then skipped serum, applied emulsion. sticky. then i tried to skipped toner and applied serum then emulsion, still sticky. then i skipped both and just apply emulsion, not sticky. But of course that way the effect wont be max right?

from skin food's website:
Moisture-rich skin-whitening GoldKiwi Emulsion restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
 * To Use
After using the toner or the serum, put a portion of the emulsion onto your palm and rub it around gently into your face.

what i think about this :
  • it comes with the same small plastic bottle like the toner.
  • it has the same scent with the toner and serum.
  • the texture is a light but rich lotion, richer and thicker than the serum
  • it gives a good moisturizer to my face, not sticky, also a good base for my bb cream. doesn't give me any problems or irritation, so overall this is good for me.
 from skin food's website:
Moisture-rich skin-whitening GoldKiwi Cream restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.
 * To Use
After using the serum or the emulsion, put a portion of the crem onto your palm and rub it around gently into your face.

what i think about this :
  • it comes with this small plastic tube that you have to dip your finger in it. grrrr..
  • it has the same scent with toner, serum and emulsion.
  • the texture is thick and rich cream , the thickest and richest from all the 3 (serum, emulsion, cream) of course. it is really rich so i only use it at night. it is a good night cream in my opinion. it gave me higg moisturizer i need during my night sleep, and not sticky.
My overall comment :
it is another nice line from skin food skin care, but too bad, for me the toner and serum are a little bit sticky. Or maybe i just need to wait longer before applying serum after toner and emulsion after serum. But sometimes i can't wait that long, specially in the morning.so for me, it's really too bad, because the emulsion and cream are good. anyway, this is the comparison of serum-emulsion-cream.

 the left one is serum, the middle one is the emulsion and the right one is the cream.
i can't tell anything about whitening effect because i only have the gift set which will finish less than a month (sometimes 2-3 weeks, but toner normally will finish first, around 1 week), but as for the high moisturising effect, it's quite good. will i buy the full bottle set? sorry, no. the toner and serum are not my fav.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

eye liner review : skin food choco eyeline jam

Last year i tried etude house code b gel eyeliner, and fell in love with it, not just the product but the eye liner with gel type. Before gel eye liner normally i just used pencil eye liner, and sometimes for special ocasion liquid eye liner. But i'm not really good with liquid eye liner (it was really hard to draw with it!). and now i think i'm converted to gel eye liner, at least for awhile. let's see in the future maybe they come up with another type of eye liner.

My etude house code b gel eye liner is dry now. once i forgot to close the lid, and that's  it. when i came back it was already dried. :( Well, i'm not really sad. for me it's an excuse to try other product. i chose skin food because well, skin food is my fav brand, and i read some good reviews abut this, so i chose number 2, which is brown.
The eye liner comes with this cute little glass jar. yup, it's a glass little jar, not plastic. so cute, just like a jam. maybe that's why skin food named it eyeline jam, not gel.
so, how is it?

  • the texture is creamy and thick, easy to apply. there is no eye liner brush comes with it, so make sure you have one before you buy this.
  • the colour is pretty. dark brown, natural on the eyes. sometimes when i wear black eye liner i felt too much, but with this colour it looks natural and perfect for me who is a housewife and mother who went out only for shopping for grocery and meet some friends or family, not meeting with client or hang out in a hip-happening cafe.
  • just need a second or two to dry, so you don't have to wait long to set on your eye lid.
  • it's waterproof. i drew a line on my hand, and then i tried to remove it with water and i couldn't. i needed  my cleansing oil to remove it
this is the swatch
for me it is really good product. even better than etude house code b gel eye liner, in my opinion. too bad it doesn't comes with extra eye liner brush, so it would be not to practical for travelling.But still, it's very recommended!