Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 days without make up

have you tried to live without make up products for a week? a day? 2 days? 3 days? I challenged myself not to put any make up for 5 days. why? because recently i have this dry skin with fakes here and there, so not pretty and healthy skin. Normally i would try some different masks or cream to heal this problem, but this time i decided to do something different, which is..say good bye to make up products for some days. i've read an article in a magazine long time ago about how you should give your skin a rest from cosmetics, at least one day a week. it's also kind of detoxification for your skin.

So last monday i started not to put any make up. No  bb cream, no foundation, no loose powder or pact powder, no blush on, nothing! after cleansing i only applied toner and cream, that's it.
skin care products i was using during my 5 days without make up. skin food fresh juice toner. Because no pair toner for my latest favourite tony moly ice queen multi play cream, so i reached back my skinfood fresh juice toner that i still have 1/4 bottle left, then etude house sleeping pack (2-3 times a week) and skin food rice mask wash off (once a week)
and of course, cleansing products. currently i'm using innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil and innisfree lemongrass cleaning lotion (review coming soon!). when i put make up on, i used both cleansing (double cleansing), but since i didn't put any make up i just used one of them. sometimes cleansing lotion only, sometimes cleansing oil.

so now i'm going to tell you my experience and result with my 5 days without make up program.
Day 1- first day without make up. i was affraid that my face will look dull without make up, but turned out it was not that bad. in the afternoon when i felt my skin dry i re-applied the cream for extra moisturizer.
Day 2- i started seeing the result since day 2!! dry flakes totally reduced-almost gone. my face looked more glowing. seriously.
Day 3- that's it! no more dry flakes, no more dry skin!!i was tempted to stop here on the 3rd day and started using make up again the next day, but i managed not to reach any make up.
Day 4- the result is even better...
day 5-better, healthier, glowing skin, no dry flakes, no zits, no spot, i even noticed that before i started this no make up days i had some potential upcoming spots on my forehead and now they are all gone. 

today- i started to put again some primer and bb cream :)

in conclusion, i really recommended for all of you to have one or two days a week with no make up. if you are working maybe you can try it on the weekend? and as for me, i will give my skin a break from make up every once or twice a week, and maybe someday in the future i will do this again, 5 days or maybe a week without make up.


Pata-chan said...

WOW! 5 days without make up! :D I would probably gonna die! haha

I´ve once tried it (half. i wasnt outside xD). but it didnt worked for me at all.
I´ve got a better idea for you: try to eat only fruits and vegetables for three days (vegan+no sweets+ lot of water), it really helps!! :))
just an idea. ^__^ cause it worked for me very well! :) and my skin became much better, although i was wearing make up. :)

Pata-chan said...

Oh ok, but that no make up thingy worked for you.. :) ok then my comment was useless for you, im sorry! XD

galleryibu said...

hi pata-chan..
thanks for the idea. actually i eat fruits for dinner, but i can't live without sweets..chocolate, cakes, cappuccino, biscuits are my treats every afternoon.hehe.. i think i prefer no make up than no sweet treat :)
agree for lots water :)

Melly's Preference said...

It's already two weeks, me without make up but not because I want to give a rest for my skin but I'm on Dermatology treatment now. Dunno why but 1 month ago so many pimples grow up and I have to back to the doctor, sigh...