Friday, March 16, 2012

Cleansing review : skin food gold kiwi sun cleanser

If you think i'm done with skin food gold kiwi products review, then you are wrong, cause i still have one left. in fact i noticed that i have it lately. Somehow i remember that i saw this sample sachet before, so i checked on my box full of skin care/make up sample sachet, and i found this! it's Skin food Gold kiwi sun cleanser!
This is how it looks;
and this is the sample i have;
the sample sachet is the big one, not the small sachet. one sachet can be used around 4-6 times i guess.

when i first saw this i decided to try it out right away while i'm still using the gold kiwi skin care set. but i wasn't sure how to use this. i didn't even know, is it cleansing oil, cleansing foam, cleansing milk? because it only said "gold kiwi sun cleanser", no more words about what kind of type this is. and why there is a word "sun" over there. sun screen? what is that supposed to mean? so before i started using it i have to look for more information on the net.  I couldn't find any reviews from blogger, so i looked on the skin food's website.

from skin food's website :
GoldKiwi Sun Cleanser is an exclusive sunscreen cleanser that removes all traces of sunscreen with microfine oxygen bubbles while brightening sun-damaged skin. Plus a substance found in gold kiwis restores your skin from inside, which might have become dull and dry from exposure to ultra sunlight.

* To Use
Dispense 5 to 6 pumps into dry palms and smooth over the entire face. Massage until oxygen bubbles are visible. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

i was quite surprise when i read that. oh, so it's a kind of oxygen cleansing that will form an oxygen bubbles. i've never tried that type, so i'm excited. The information from the website also explained my question before about the word "sun cleanser". so it's good to remove sunscreen or any products with SPF i guess.

so let's try this product then.
this is how it looks at first. the texture is a light gel, smell sweet like other line of gold kiwi, but this one smells stronger. i started to massage gently,

look how it looks now!! i'm impressed! i thought, how could that light gel transform into oxygen bubbles? so after massage the cleanser my face all covered with this white foamy oxygen fact i don't thin you will need 5to6 pumps like the information on the website. i think 1 or 2 pump would be enough. i applied too much at first, and my face looked like covered with whipped cream.
and look how it looks after you give more time.
it's interesting product!
Now, the result is.. i felt my face realllllly clean and fresh. i like how my face looks after cleaning with this. but the clean result is a type with squeky- i don't know how do you call this, but maybe for people will feel that tight feeling after cleansing, but as for me it was only that squeky effect. at first i thought i have to put cream straightaway or it will get dry, so i did. but the second time i tried this i waited to see what will happen, and i was surprised that somehow my skin turned out to be smooth, not dry. But of course, you still need to apply lotion or cream to keep your skin moisturised.

in my opinion, this is another good product from skin food. i don't know if i will but the full bottle of this one, because sooo many new interesting products from skin food i want to try!


Xiao Vee said...

wow ^^ i think this is worth to try!

Rini Cesillia said...

wow I also thought that this is some kind of cleansing oil or cream but it actually is some kind of oxygen mask :3

thanx for the review ^^

Phong said...

Thanks for the review :)
I have just gotten a sample but dont known how to use :")