Saturday, April 28, 2012

skin care review : etude house mini size u pore gift set

This is an old line of etude house pore care line, but i just got a chance to try it now. i was waiting until winter end. On winter my skin gets dry so i chose moisturized skin care line. Now that summer is coming my skin started getting oily with large pores on my nose and chin area. so i thought this is the time to use this etude house. As for the cleansing soap i chose baviphat sugar girl egg soap (you can read the review on my previous post).

Anyway, this line i bought the gift set only. mini size u astringent 20 ml and mini size u pore smoother serum 15 ml. the package also comes with a pack of cotton pad.
so, this is some information about this product line i got from internet;

Minisize U is an aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediment to nourish and tighten pores.

Minisize U Pore Refresh Astringent removes embedded residues with moisturizing and cooling properties.

Active Ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Xylitol

I also found out that this line has been replaced with the new line, wonder pore. same target. so, if you are interested, don't look for this line but the new wonder pore or good bye pore ever line.

now let's jump to the review

etude house mini size u astringent
it comes with this small spray bottle. nice packaging. i can use it when it finish. just refill with a facial water or face mist, put in the bag to go.

This is my first time using astringent, so i googled on how to use it. i thought it would be the same like toner, pour on cotton pad first than tap/apply on the face. But since it comes with a spray bottle, i was wondering if i could just spray it directly to my face. turned out i was right, the way to use it just like toner, so even this one comes with spray, i should spray it to the cotton pad first then apply it on my face.

so, how is it? the texture is light and not sticky. it smells ok, nothing special. like a citrus hint but not really strong. the astringent is so refreshing, and i like the tightening effect on my nose after i applied this toner. But if you have sensitive skin i think this could sting you a bit. This astringent is good for oily skin and large pore area.

etude house minisize u pore smoother serum
the serum comes in this small 15ml tube. only serum, no emulsion? no cream? i was wondering why there is no emulsion in the package. or is it because there is no emulsion for this line?
the texture is very light runny lotion. when i first applied it on my face, i felt it a little hard to absorbs in my skin. it took some time to fully absorb i guess. but anyway, it did smooth my face. that's why maybe they named it smoother serum, because it really did smooth my skin after application. and the finish is like a powdery finish. like there is a powder in it.
BUT.. (yeah, a big BUT here), although it really did a great job in smoothen my face, specially nose and chin area with large pores, the oil control is not good. after 2-3 hours i felt my nose and chin oily already. i thought this line, which targeted to minimize pores supposed to be good for oil control too. but it's not!

anyway, it's a good serum and primer if you want smooth silky finish. as for the not so good oil control, you can dab some oil control powder on your face. as for me, after this serum and bb cream, i aplied skin food peach sake silky finish powder on my nose and chin using a foundation brush (yup. a foundation brush. i tried using powder brush, but since it was my nose and chin only, i found the foundation brush did a better job).

additional note :
using this line together eith baviphat sugar girl herb egg soap, the result is even better. i got even smoother-silky-nice finish. when i switched to other cleanser, the result was not as good as when i was using baviphat egg soap. so i think to get maximum result you should pair this to a cleanser with the same target; oily/large pores type cleanser.

i read some good reviews about the new line eyude house wonder pore, i really want to buy it next time :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Face soap review : Baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap in jasmine

Time for another cute stuff!!
it's Baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap! yup, i bought several egg soap from my last year purchase. holika holika egg soap, tony moly egg soap, and this baviphat egg soap. there are 3 variants, if i'm not mistaken, which is lavebder (purple), green tea (green) and jasmine (yellow). I wanted to buy the lavender one but at that time it wasn't available and the seller offered this one instead. as you all might now, egg soap is targeted to oily skin or skin with large pores. so, let's take a look this cute egg..
look at the packaging and the shape, just like an egg! what i like first thing about this soap, even before try it, is that it come with this plastic container egg shape, unlike holika holika and tony moly soap. Holika holika and tony moly soap comes with carton packaging, which you can't put them in your bathroom, so you have to prepare a small container to keep them.
voila! open the plastic container, here comes the egg!
this is the plastic container. when the soap is finish, what can i use this for? hemmmm i could give it to my daughter, as she likes to play pretending cooking, baking, etc. or i could use this to store some small accessories like pin, ring? hemmm.. any idea?

and this is the soap. the size is like a real egg with a pale yellow colour. the moment i opened the plastic container, i could smell the jasmine scent straightaway. yup, the scent is quite strong!

my experience with baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap 

Based on my experience with holika holika and tony moly egg soap, this kind of soap will give me that squeeky clean feel and could dry my skin sometimes. so i thought this would be similar like that.
well, first i tried to make a foam with it buy rubbing it between my hand with water, and it's easy to make foam or bubble with this soap. then i massage gently on my face, it felt smooth and moisturised during that step. then when i wash it off with water, the squeeky began. i could feel and even hear my skin make that squeky sound. it cleans well, although i'm not sure if it's good to remove make up too. but i think this soap is good as your second step cleansing after your cleansing lotion/milk/cream/oil.

next, after finish washing my face, i'm glad that i didn't feel my skin getting dry or tight. But i have to put toner and moisturizer straight away. if i didn't, my face will get dry. anyway, the good thing is,after using this soap i felt my nose area tighten, not bumpy with pores. and then after some days, i started using etude house mini size u pore astringent and serum. and somehow they are good together! like this soap and etude house skin care complete each other and maximize the result for each other! after cleansing my face with this soap, continue with etude house mini size u pore astringent and serum, voila!!! my face very smoooooth, can't feel those large pores, specially during the night. when i tried to pair etude house with cleansing oil, the result is different!! but this egg soap with etude house mini size u pore, i got great result!

what i don't like about this soap is that the jasmine strong is too strong, and the scent changed during foaming and massaging on my face. from jasmine changed to weird soapy smell. Other than that, everything else are good. it could last long i guess, it's cheap, great result, specially if you continue with skin care for oily or pore care.

my conclusion, so happy to anounce this, this is the best egg soap comparing to holika holika and tony moly egg soap!! yeaaaaayyy! not a perfect soap for everybody though. i think this is good for oily skin only. for dry skin, i think this will make your skin feel dry and tight.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mask review : VOV daily fresh multi vita egg peel off pack

Two days ago i tried this cute peel off mask from VOV. I tried it before sleeping, and i just put the packaging on the side of my table, the next morning, it was gone!my maid threw it away! she thought it's a garbage. well, actually there is some product left there i was planning to use for my nose area. hehe..well, that's why i will just make this a short post, and i can't show you the picture of the max texture. Even the picture above i just searched on google.

anyway, this is a peel off type mask, and it's an egg, which is good for your pores or oily skin. Lately i noticed more white heads and bigger pores on my nose. So i switched my skin care to etude house mini size u pore (review coming on next week or after i finish it), and this would be a good time to try this mask!
First, the packaging is cute, looks like a sheet mask packaging. the texture is very very thick with transparant colour. My note is, make sure you use a headband and tie back your hair, because it could be messy if your hair stick to your face.

so, i applied evenly on my face, wait 15-20minutes until dry or you think it's ready to peel off. Result? Great! i could see some white heads from my nose stick to the mask. i was surprised with that. it's better than the face shop and baviphat mud nose pack, both have same type and purpose-for pores, peel off type (review coming up, still want to see more result from those 2 products). and this vov mask is better in taking off those whiteheads on my nose. so i'm happy!! if only they have this in a tube or big bottle, i would buy it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

skin care review :Pond's white beauty naurals skin care

Finally i'm back to Pond's!! hehehe..Pond's was one of my favourite when i was in high school until college (always switch from one brand to another, and pond's was my cheap yet great alternative product). I remember the first Pond's product was that white-pink on the tube, at that time it was only a single cream to use day and night, before they launch the day and night version.
First time i read a post and review about this new Pond's was in fashionese daily, and not long after that i read more reviews about this Pond's new line on many beauty bloggers. So yes, i wanted to try too! first, it's Pond's, i'm familiar with the brand, and second, it's a cheap buy. I couldn't buy it straightaway because the line is not available in Yemen, so when i travelled to Jakarta i bought this set, and i tried it there and took it here to try it again. so, let's see.
this line comes with green colour, gentle exfoliating foam, day cream and night cream. yup. that's it, no toner. too bad. and the fact that the line doesn't comes with toner is a down side for me. i hate to pick a toner from different line or brand. i like everything in set! hehehe. but anyway, i picked pond's white beauty (the one in pink). Both are white beauty line. i was confused at first, i thought Pond's already had white beauty line, the pink one, the first line from Pond's, why they created this? well, the different it on the word "natural" for the green one. ah. so you mean the pink one is not as natural as green? hehe.seriously, i don't know and i'm lazy to look why. so if you have any idea about the difference from the green white beauty and pink white beauty, please let me know. For now, all i can think is that the difference beetween those two is in the ingridients. the green one use camellia leaf extract. maybe because of that it's natural?

anyway, enough of guessing, i will just write the review and tell you my experience using this.

Pond's white beauty naturals gentle exfoliating foam
Information from the packaging :
containing the extraordinary Camelia leaf extract, this foaming cleanser deeply cleanses the skin to wash away dirts, oil and imputities that cause dullnes,and gently exfoliates your skin to reveal your bright, sparkling clean skin underneath. the first step for a fair beauty that lasts. Dermatology tested.

how to enjoy bright, sparkling clean, beautiful skin : use every morning and evening as the first step in your skin care routine. Apply foam with circular movement over moistened face, rinse with water.
use with Pond's white beauty natural day cream and night cream for long lasting clear, healthy whiter skin.

texture :
it's creamy, with tiny green scrubs. i almost can't feel the scrubs as they are so tiny and soft.
my experience with pond's white beauty natural gentle exfoliating foam.
first, i like the texture and how easy to make a foam with it. But when i wash it off with water, i could feel and hear that squeeky. oh no.. this will make my skin dry. well, it cleans well, but with that squeeky thing. and maybe for some person they will feel tight after that. as for me, the moment i rinse off with water, i could feel my skin getting dry, and i knew i have to put moisturiser straightaway or my face will reallly get dry and flaky.
so, to be honest, i'm dissapointed with this. sorry. next!

Pond's white beauty natural day cream

the tube is same shape and packaging like the foam, but this one is smaller.
texture :
the testure is like a light creamy lotion. thicker than some korean brand's emulsion i've tried, but thinner than a cream.
my experience with pond's white beauty natural day cream.
actually the texture is nice. it is rich enough as a moisturiser. when i was in jakarta i didn't feel like i need a night cream, i could just use this as anight cream too because it is rich enough and keep my face moisturised.
BUT..... yes, theres is a big BUT in here. as i applied this cream on my face, i felt some burning although my face was not in sensitive mode. That burning is really uncomfortable, sometimes with a little itchy. Actually, i remember when i was in school and first time using Pond's white beauty the pink one, i felt the same sensation, a little burning feeling, but i also remember it was only for the first 3-5 days, it was like my skin was trying to adapted with the product, and after that the feeling was gone and i continued using that product. so with this one, i just continue using this although i felt uncomfortable during application, with a hope that after  3-5 days it would gone. well, after a week, it still gave me that burning sensation. arrrrgggghh..ok, so i stoped using this and packed it in my bag when i went back to Yemen. Just a week ago, i thought, ok let's give it a try once again. and... sadly, still didn't work for me. still get that burning feel on my face.although no break out, no zits, no redness, i don't want to risk my skin, so i stopped using this. hikkkkssss..

Pond's white beauty natural night cream.

the packaging is quite nice. it comes in this transparant glass jar. there is another plastic cap inside.
texture :
the texture is a little bit thicker than the day cream. too bad, i can't say much about this night cream. all i can say, it's just same like the day cream. it gave me those burning feeling, so i stopped using this. sigh.

conclusion :
too bad, really. maybe this product is just not for me. did you see that cream on the photo above? still lots of it in a jar!!! like new! and i just can't use it! if i were in Jakarta i would just give this to my friend or anybody or my reader who wants to try this. Just because it's not good for me doesn't mean it's not good for you, right. i think for me the original white beauty (the pink one) is better than this, or at least suit me better than this.
so so sorry, Pond's but it doesn't make stop buying Pond's products. in fact i am planning to buy the set of Pond's gold radiance on my next trip to Jakarta!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multi colour blush/bronzer/powder blush

For me, regular one colour blush on is boring. hehe, at least for now. For many years i was using shu uemura blush on. Love it! but it's expensive :(  i've tried some other blush on from oriflame, revlon, etude house, then ever since i have nyx mozaic blush, i started looking for more similar product like that. Multi colour powder blush/ blush on/bronze or whatever they named it, not just they are cute from the look, but also you can create some different tone. you can mix them all, or you can use some colours only.
anyway, this is my collection at this time;
nyx tango with bronze powder - NYX mosaic powder - innisfree herb pastel blusher
look at them! so lovely, right. sorry, i didn't get a chance to review them all yet, only nyx mosaic powder.
anyway, i'm not happy with innisfree pastel herb blusher. i wanted the orange-peach colour, and innisfree pastel herb blusher colour looks slightly different than in the picture.the real colour is softer than in the picture, and it's not really pigmented. so i'm looking for new blush like this, in pastel colour, orange and pink.
i looked on the net, o..ow.. so many choices out there! so i need your help to decide which one to buy. hehe.. or myabe iy you have one of products like this, please share!

look at all this pretty blush/bronzer i found:
 From Missha :

 Missha M signature blossom. nice pretty orange and pink. you can read a review about them in lotus palace blog here

Missha M prism multi blusher. look at the packaging. so girly with bling bling

from etude house

etude house luci darling over the rain blusher

etude house my wish cheek

from skin food

skin food apple can multi blusher

and of course the cute one from holika holika
merry holika with a cute cat in it
midnight owl, with an owl in it

holika holika love fantasy, the new one from holika holika
From the face shop
the face shop precious collection all over face color
From tony moly
tony moly shimmer lover cube
From milani

milani powder mosaic multi color blush
 milani illuminating face powder
they are cute right. wait. there's more!
Vov aura shimmer blusher
smashbox. but i don't think i will buy this one. it's too expensive (comparing to other blush/bronzer above). well, i put it here because i just loooove the colour.
from local brand, there is one from sari ayu, and it's cheap. i'll go check their store when i travel to jakarta.

so.. what do you think girls? which one is worth to buy? i'm looking for something looks fresh and natural, pink or orange tone with a hint of brown is ok. no shimmer or a little shimmer (not too much like disco ball). Have you tried one of them? please share and drop some comment.

Monday, April 16, 2012

hair care review : makarizo texture experience black chocolate shampoo and conditoner

I started using Makarizo texture experience shampoo and conditioner since almost 2 years ago. I have tried 4 variants so far ; cinnamon coffee,strawberry yogurt, vanilla milk, and then lately this one, black chocolate. there are still 2 other variants; green tea butter and mint sorbet, i have both too, but still in my drawer, not open yet. So, from the variants i mentioned above, you can see why i like this shampoo and conditioner. Yes, of course it's because the yummy name, which means also yummy, sweet, delicious scent. All variants i've tried, they really smell just like the name. i enjoy my time in shower more because of the nice scent!

so, what is this black chocolate shampoo and conditioner?
From makarizo indonesia website, this is the description of black chocolate:

MAKARIZO Texture Experience "Black Chocolate" diperkaya ekstrak Cocoa yang diformulasi untuk mencegah kerusakan rambut dengan mengontrol tingkat kelembaban kulit kepala.
Prevent hair damaged & control scalp moisture level.

My experience with makarizo black chocolate shampoo and conditioner:
first, it smells chocolate. yeaaayy.. but not too chocolate or real yummy chocolate to eat, it's just a chocolate artificial scent :( and it reminds me of my childhood, i tried to remember i couldn't.. i knew when i was a kid i have something smell similar like this. was it a soap, toys, cookies? i tried to think back to remember... wait. i remember a little just now as i'm writing this!! it smells like a sticker with a scent..if you were born around 1980-1990 maybe, you will now it. when i was a little, maybe in elementry school, there was this sticker (it was the era of sticker collection) that when you rub it, you wil get the aroma just like the picture in the sticker. and i love the chocolate one. yup, this shampoo smells just like that chocolate sticker. the conditioner smells similar with the shampoo.

next, the texture. the shampoo is clear with light brown colour, quite thick and easy to form bubble, while the conditioner.. oh my God.. the colour... it's like a blood or betadine! yukkksss.... i will show you the picture of shampoo and conditioner
left : shampoo right: conditioner
you see the conditioner on the right? sooo spooky! and the worst is when it's on the bathroom floor, it looks like blood!! and every after shower i have to look around to make sure there is no stain from this conditioner that will make my bathroom look like there's blood in it. rrrrrrggggghhhhhhh...... sorry if i make you gross with this conditioner.
anyway, the texture of conditioner is light creamy, like lotion. i need lots of the product to cover all my hair, plus it's not rich enough for conditioner.


conditioner :

next, the result.
heemmm... it was ok. nothing too special. the shampoo cleans my hair well, but the conditioner didn't help much for my dry hair. still at the end of the day my hair get tangled and dry at the end.both products give a nice scent, but the scent doesn't stay long in my hair. less than a day. just so so, i guess. what i don't like and make me won't buy this again is the colour of the conditioner...with a chocolate name it should be brown-yummy chocolate colour, not bloody red! anyway, comparing to other makarizo texture experience shampoo and conditioner, i must say that this one is the worst. i think my favourite from makarizo is the vanilla milk. or cinnamon coffee..hehe.. can't choose one.