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primer review : nature republic ice jelly primer cherry

I wanted to write more reviews since last week but.. my daughter spilled bubble water to my phone, which is also my camera, so i couldn't take any pictures. hikss.. well, the phone is completely off right now. Well, the good thing is my husband is keeping his old phone, so i can use it. The camera quality is not as good as mine, so i'm so sorry if some pictures are not clear.

anyway, let's jump to the product review today, which is nature republic ice jelly primer in cherry. there is also in green melon and the purple one i think is blueberry (correct me if i'm wrong). I bought this out of my curiosity. i just wanted to try nature republic product. All this time i have been buying and trying skin food, etude house, innisfree, baviphat, even the new holika holika. So i was looking for nature republic's review, and i found good reviews about this primer, and since i have been looking for primer and haven't found my favourite primer yet, so i gave it a try!

what's this product?
well, it's a jelly texture primer with spf 28 PA++. i tried to look for information or description about this product from the net, but it's hard to find information in english. these are some description from ebay and gmarket seller
  • give moisture to dry skin before applying make up
  • help to cover enlarged pores and uneven textures
  • enhances natural beauty of skin tone
  • perfectly glides onto skin
  • highly protects skin from damage of UV rays
 heemmm... good enough for me. oke then, let's try it.
first, the packaging comes with this very simple tube. even the name is written in white, not spot on. not to attractive comparing to other korean products
the texture is really like a jelly. and look at that surface.. it keeps flat like that. although you did your finger in it to scoop some product out, it will get back like that. nice..
applied on my hand, the texture is jelly-creamy, easy to apply and absorb as long as your face moisturised. when your face is dry, it's a little bit hard to apply and blend.
the texture after i scooped out some product. after awihile it will be back to flat. i was surprised at first!

my experience with nature republic ice jelly primer in cherry
First time i tried this primer was when i was in jakarta. I remember it was my friend's wedding, in the afternoon, outside, no ac, with Jakarta humid weather and bright sun, and heavy make up.. it turned out that this primer helped to kepp my make up stay good. It was very hot that day and i was sweating, but when i checked on the mirror, my make up still good. i need to blot my nose area with oil paper, but it was fine. Until i got back home, my make up still stay good, not giving me a dull look although i was outside under the sun (well, there was some tents but not really helping) for some hours.

I also tried to use this primer indoor, like to the mall or some family gathering, and happy with the result that somehow it brighten my skin. it also made my face looks fresh and better skin.

but then when i was in Yemen, and my skin gets more dry, one day i tried this primer again before going out. i spray my skin food mist before this primer, and when i started to apply this on my face.. oh my God..  i saw dry flakes! in fact this primer show the dry flakes very clearly! so unpretty, dry flakes everywhere.. i tried to calm myself down, ok, let's apply bb cream maybe it will add some moisture and cover the dry flakes.. and it's even worse!! dry flakes on my forehead like my skin is peeling.. i remember how i was kind of fruetated that day.. should i repeat from the beginning? remove all this and wash my face, and start again with moisturiser? well, seems like i have no choice right..

So, it worked good for me when i was in Jakarta but not here in Yemen. so my conclusion is, it's not really that good in moisturise the skin. if you have dry skin or in winter, you really need to apply good moisturiser before this, because this primer is not really helping to moisturize your skin. But for oily skin, or if you are in humid country, this could be good.

and as for me, no it's not my favourite primer. because i would like my primer to also moisturize my skin and give me smooth and silky finish. This primer didn't give me that. what i like about this primer is the brightening effect and how it helps to keep make up stay longer, and how it makes your  bb cream looks better on your face when you apply this on.

if you have any recommendation primer, please tell me.

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Nona Paula said...

You can try Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base, it has pale green colour, its texture is moist and it's making my make up keep good all day long and no sebum in my T area