Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Multi colour blush/bronzer/powder blush

For me, regular one colour blush on is boring. hehe, at least for now. For many years i was using shu uemura blush on. Love it! but it's expensive :(  i've tried some other blush on from oriflame, revlon, etude house, then ever since i have nyx mozaic blush, i started looking for more similar product like that. Multi colour powder blush/ blush on/bronze or whatever they named it, not just they are cute from the look, but also you can create some different tone. you can mix them all, or you can use some colours only.
anyway, this is my collection at this time;
nyx tango with bronze powder - NYX mosaic powder - innisfree herb pastel blusher
look at them! so lovely, right. sorry, i didn't get a chance to review them all yet, only nyx mosaic powder.
anyway, i'm not happy with innisfree pastel herb blusher. i wanted the orange-peach colour, and innisfree pastel herb blusher colour looks slightly different than in the picture.the real colour is softer than in the picture, and it's not really pigmented. so i'm looking for new blush like this, in pastel colour, orange and pink.
i looked on the net, o..ow.. so many choices out there! so i need your help to decide which one to buy. hehe.. or myabe iy you have one of products like this, please share!

look at all this pretty blush/bronzer i found:
 From Missha :

 Missha M signature blossom. nice pretty orange and pink. you can read a review about them in lotus palace blog here

Missha M prism multi blusher. look at the packaging. so girly with bling bling

from etude house

etude house luci darling over the rain blusher

etude house my wish cheek

from skin food

skin food apple can multi blusher

and of course the cute one from holika holika
merry holika with a cute cat in it
midnight owl, with an owl in it

holika holika love fantasy, the new one from holika holika
From the face shop
the face shop precious collection all over face color
From tony moly
tony moly shimmer lover cube
From milani

milani powder mosaic multi color blush
 milani illuminating face powder
they are cute right. wait. there's more!
Vov aura shimmer blusher
smashbox. but i don't think i will buy this one. it's too expensive (comparing to other blush/bronzer above). well, i put it here because i just loooove the colour.
from local brand, there is one from sari ayu, and it's cheap. i'll go check their store when i travel to jakarta.

so.. what do you think girls? which one is worth to buy? i'm looking for something looks fresh and natural, pink or orange tone with a hint of brown is ok. no shimmer or a little shimmer (not too much like disco ball). Have you tried one of them? please share and drop some comment.


Rini Cesillia said...

that cat blush on from Holika Holika has been on my waiting list for so long >.<
wish i could buy it soon :D


Shang J. said...

I am drooling right now. All of them are just so so pretty. *_*

Frozen Blossoms said...

Waaaa i want them all

vanillablue said...

even though they all look so pretty, I don't understand how to use a multi-colour blusher. Do you use the colour separately or mix it?