Tuesday, August 23, 2011

away for holiday

hi all..

holiday season is coming...
i will travel to jakarta tomorrow, yeeeeyyy..
and i will be away from my laptop for around 1 months..

see you again soon..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

review : etude house sleeping pack pore tightening

I mentioned about this product in my previous post here, and since it is a good product and deserve its own review, so today i decided to write about it before i travel to jakarta. Yup.. Ied is coming.. mudik time! :)

since one or two years ago sleeping pack became famous among beauty blogger, specially those who love korean brands. etude house, skin food, baviphat, the face shop, you name it... they all have sleeping pack, and as for me, i found out about sleeping pack from many beauty bloggers. i like the idea straight away and started searching for the reviews. etude house is one of the most popular for this range of sleeping pack so i decided to choose this one. there is another type for this line, the pink one which is for moisturising, while the green one i bought is pore tightening. this is a very late review actually, since i purchased this last year on my trip to jakarta and i have been using it for 8 months..but anyway, now i have to review this one before i travel again and come back with bunch of new skincare (yeeeyy).

The products..
it wasn't love at the first sight (or first use?). first time i used this product, i applied a little on my face, and i felt dissapointed. it was so light, just like a cream. i thought my cream is even richer than this one. i was wondering at that time, why they call it sleeping mask? mask supposed to give extra moisture, extra effect.. i mean, anything extra than your regular skin care emulsion or cream. but this one i felt just like i was applying a light emulsion. no nice feeling when i woke up. for quite some time i just put this product aside, then one day i decided to try again.
The second time, i applied generously. not just a pea size, but more. it took some time to absorb, so my face was sticky for a while..i waitide for 30 seconds... o owww... will it stay like that? i will make a mess on my pillow! 40 seconds.. (less than 1 minute) TARAAAAA....!!! a nice, soft, moisturised skin..
i felt in love straightaway that time!!
the next 2 days i tried again, Love.. love.. love.. so, the secret is.... apply generously!!!! don't worry, the tube is big, it will last long. after apply the cream, wait.... until it absorbs,,, and that's it!! i got a very soft skin, seriously,,, it made my skin soft with silky effect, and extra moisturised. But when i woke up in the morning i didn't feel the effect anymore. only temporary dyring the night.
I use this product 2-3times a week. i like this product and when i ran out of cream i was thinking to use this as a night cream, everyday use. but i don't know, is it ok to use this everyday?
and if you read my previous post, i mentioned that when i have a dry skin-rash skin problem,i use this everyday day and night, yup, even in the morning!
the packaging..
quite big. 120 ml. it's been 8 months,i use this 2-3 times a week and still not finish.

the effect..
well, this line is pore tightening. after regular use, i can tell that yes, it worked. not by itself. it works together with skinfood peach sake serum. i wrote about the skinfood peach sake line before. i have this pore problem on my nose, white and blackheads, and i used to get rid of them with pore strip (such as biore) once a week. since i used this and skin food peach sake line, sometimes it was every 3weeks i need pore strip, no longer every week. nice, huh..

anyway, i hope that i can still write some more post before my trip, but if i can't, then i will be away for a month or so.
have a nice holiday everyone!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Products for my SOS skin problem

Finally.. my face now is back to normal.. no more dry flakes, no more itchy and burning sensation. Yup. i wrote in my previous post about how i got SOS skin problem that really bothered me. during that week, all my skin care seemed not working and gave me burning sensation that really hurted me so much that there was one day i dodn't apply any cream, any skin care, becauce i couldn't take the pain. But then i found this 2 products that worked on my skin. what are they?
etude house sleeping pack and Vaseline jelly in cocoa butter!
etude house sleeping pack is actually as you can see from the name, is to apply before you sleep at night. but since this is the only product that didn't hurt my skin, only gave minimum burning, almost nothing, so i just applied this product day and night. i use this one as a moisturiser gel.anyway, i will give this product its own review, and for now i will review vaseline jelly in cocoa butter

I am so glad when i found this one in the market. I think i mentioned before somewhere in my previous post about product i bought in Yemen, that here vaseline jelly is a must have item for yemeni women. they use vaseline jelly to prevent their skin getting dry due to very dry weather here. and all this years i live in yemen i always have one stand by, and it was of course the original one, without any scent. i am so glad now they have new variant, aloe vera and cocoa butter. i have both. the aloe vera is a half tube now. i tried the aloe vera first, i applied it on my face, specially the dry spot. and.... itchy...!! all night i couldn't sleep because the itchiness.. so next day i tried this one.
so the cocoa butter is a rich conditioning jelly, while the aloe vera is a light hydrathing jelly. the texture of this one is richer and thicker than the aloe vera and the original one.it also smells lovely! well, smells like cocoa butter, and of course i enjoyed this one more than the original one because of the scent. as it is ramadhan, so when i slept with my daughter around 10pm i applied etude house sleeping pack. then after sahur and subuh, i applied vaseline. after first time i applied this, the morning i woke up my face was better. it is really good moisturizer, but of course, i can't use this whole day as it would give me oily-sticky look.

Thank God that now my face is back to normal, i stoped using vaseline jelly for my face and use it as a lip moisturizer at night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

my first blogger award and skin SOS (please help beauty blogger!)

Hi all, this last one week i have been busy moving to the new house, where the internet was not connected yet. Now as i finally got internet, i checked my mail, and so surprised that stephanie gave me blog award.
and this is the post about the award. thanks to stephanie! this is my first blog award, since i am new blogger gere, so it means a lot to me. thank youu!!

This time i will not review any skin care or cosmetic, but in fact i need your help, beauty blogger! i have this SOS problem with my skin.. my face right now is extra dry with dry flakes and redness like a sunburn. I am in Yemen and always coveres, so where or when i got exposed to sun, i don't know. in fact i have been busy at home cleaning, moving and arranging things (as i just moved to a new house) so i didn't go out for a week.seriously. it really hurting me.. the redness is on my cheek, and allllll my skin care didn't help, in fact thet alll hurting me.. everytime i apply lotion, toner, cream, cleansing,mask,, anything, i have this burning sensation like you apply alcohol to an open scar.it is summer here with some rain, but it is not hot as before (june), it is better now, with some rain, nice wind.
please help me, give some suggestion.. :( and don;t forget, i am in Yemen where here i can't find all products. in my drawer i still have some korean skin care products; skin food and etude house toner, emulsion, wasf off type mask, peeling, mbd sheet mask, bb creams. HELP...