Thursday, January 31, 2013

Face mist review : Innisfree originated lavender Moisture mist

I like using mist before make up and to carry in my bag, to use everytime i feel like i need some refreshment. That's why i always have at least one mist with me (normally i have 2. one to stand by on my dressing table and one inside my bag). For the cheap option of mist, i like local brand, Mustika ratu face mist. But last time when i ordered innisfree lavender range, i saw they also have mist so i thought, why not try the mist too..

This is information from the net (
This is my lavender mist
First, the packaging.. it's a 45ml plastic cpray bottle.. with a purple transparant colour bottle, it looks good, doesn't look cheap.. but.. as you can see on the picture.. i lost the cap. The cap is suck.. it didn't close and stuck well.. it's like a little bit loose. I lost the cap many many times. Everytime i put it inside my bag whenever i checked the bottle always seperated with the cap..until one day i just lost it.
The spray.. with a super iny hole.. so it will produce very fine mist. in fact too fine.. sometimes i need to spray like 7 times spray on my face..!! ..because i just didn't feel it I didn't feel the watery mist and need more and more..
the scent.. yup, there's a hint of lavender smell. it's nice and calming scent, remind me of spa product or aromatherapy. But not too strong or overpowering scent.

The effect of the mist?
well, first it freshen up for sure. I like to apply this before primer or bb cream to add extra moisturizer and dewy effect. I also like to use it when i was out and needed some refreshment.. I tried to spray this when my skin was drying, but didn't really help to fix the dryness. well, maybe only the first 5 minutes and then the effect was gone.

overall, it's just so so product for me.. well it's only a mist anyway.. something that i would like to try many from other different brand.. not something to be loyal to.. lol. Now i really want to try tony moly pocket bunny mist because of the cute bunny packaging!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleansing review : skin food wine bubble cleansing foam

After finishing My baviphat strawberry latte mousse foam, now i'm using this one from skin food, wine bubble cleansing foam!! First time i tried skin care with wine was innisfree wine peeling softener and innisfree wine sleeping pack, and i loved the scent. So when i saw skinfood released this cleansing foam with wine, i thought "i must try that one too!"
 anyway before i get started.. this is some information i googled;
and there is also some english information (thank God) on the back of the packaging. Just peel the sticker off to see some english information
First, the packaging is this nice plastic bottle with pump. I like pump bottle! it's hygienic, easy to use, specially in bathroom or when you clean your face while shower in the morning. The bottle is see through so you can see how many product left.

the pump
Now the scent.. is it as good as innisfree wine product?
yes it is!! well, it's different kind of wine scent. i'm not expert in wine, i don't even drink wine but i like the smell of it. lol. While the innisfree wine smells strong grapy-wine, this one smells sweet and softer, lovely and only a little hint of wine.. but overall it smells sweet and lovely, and the smell stays there for awhile even after i rinse off with water and off to my dressing room to put toner and cream, i could still smell it. So for me this is lovely but for some people who prefer unscented cleansing product, they may not like this one.

The foam..

This is a bubble cleansing type, so the moment you pump out, it came out bubles already, not that type of cleansing foam that the texture start with cream then after you rub on your hand with water it will turn to foam and bubbles. This one is really bubble texture, and the first time i felt it on my hand i could feel how soft it is.
this is what it looks like when i massage and rub it on my hand.
The bubbles really felt soft and light on my face, didn't give any dry or tight feeling. It cleans and freshen my face really good in the morning. as for the night, i don't think it will be able or enough to remove make up or all the dirt from the whole day. for night cleansing, this is only for the second step after cleansing water. It's been a month i'm using this as daily morning cleanser, and i'm loving it so far. i'm a half way bottle already, so maybe it will last for 2 months only.

looove this cleanser, one of skin food's great product that suit me.recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin because it's soooo light and soft fot the face.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

skin care travel set review : Etude house moisturising & peeling skin care kit

Hi all.. back to travel kit skin care.. For this last 2 months i've been trying and using all my skin care travel set before they are this time it's from etude house.. it's their collagen moistfull line plus one peeling
This is what i got :
from left to right : etude house rub me tender fog peeling - collagen moistfull cream - collagen moisture facial freshener - collagen moistfull emulsion

This collagen moistfull line is one of the famous line from etude house.. Long time ago i tried sample of etude house moistful line (toner and emulsion) and didn't impress me much. I'm so excited to try this new line with collagen.. This is a little bit information about the colagen moistfull line i got from the net (google search, of course)

etude hous collagen moistfull line
dual care of moisture and collagen which improves decreased flexibility and increase dryness. Flexible, soft texture applies to skin and increases moisture retention and lifts sagging skin. Brings a healthy shine to dry and dull skin. Combination of Baobab tree extracts and collagen increases moisturization and elasticity of skin. Proper moisture and collagen is the most important elements for maintaining youthful looking skin.

  • Moisturizes
  • Increases Collagen Synthesis
  • Increases Elasticity
  • Increases Moisture Retention
At this time it's still winter time here, the weather outside is very dry, my skin is getting dryer than usual, but still a little bit oily on the nose area. Without good moisturizer my skin at this time could get some redness and dry flaky skin.. so let's try this line..

first up,, the facial freshener
information from the net :
Gel textured facial toner removes pore buildup while moisturizing and tightening complexion. Concentrated moisturizer hydrates skin with milky texture for a moist sensation that lasts all day. Baobab Tree + Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention.

so it's actually a toner.. only that they named it "facial freshener". First thing i noticed.. omg it smells gooodd... it smells sweet and fresh.. i'm a fan of sweet and nice scent on my skin care.. so this one i like.. there's a hint of citrus scent i guess, that made it smells so fresh and lovely.. i can't stop smelling this. lol. The scent of this facial freshener is the strongest than the other product on this line (emulsion and the cream).

The texture is a light gel, not that watery type toner. Comparing to that watery type toner (like skin food peach sake toner or innisfree mint toner, for example) this one is the thick type. I applied it with cotton pad, just how i like to apply toner on my face. It gave me the refreshing feeling, it freshen up my face, also gave a boost of moisturizer, which is nice to get it since the first step of skin care routine. i'm enjoying using this toner, i think i loved it straight away since the first use. it smells good, freshen up my face, moisturized and prep my skin for the next step..

collagen moistfull emulsion
information from the net :

Moistfull Collagen Emulsion is a moist and rich textured facial emulsion that supplies penetrating moisture and collagen treatment to improve complexion health and look. Active Ingredient Baobab Tree Extract and Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention.

How to use
After applying the Etude House Moistfull Collgen Essence, dispense an adequate amount and apply along the skin texture. Add vitality over the entire face by lightly tapping on face for better absorption follow by the recommended steps from the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion Line as follow.

so actually i'm missing a step here.. which is the essence.. well anyway i'm not using essence or serum always anyway.. only when i have extra budget i will buy :) 

so this one has the same hint of scent with the freshener, but this one is softer.. not as strong smell as the freshener. the scent is only light
the texture is very light watery runny lotion. You can see at the picture how it started dripping already when i took picture.So yes, it's a light weight emulsion, but it surprised me, how in this dry season it's actually enough moisturized for my skin. I applied this in the morning for a day moisturizer under the bb cream, and that's enough. i didn't get any dry flakes. so yes, it's a good day moisturizer. my nose was also ok during the day, not get oily or extra sebum.

collagen moistfull cream
information from the net ;
 Fight for the dryness!! Firming moisture cream with baobab tree and collagen extract improving your dermal structure leaving tight and moist skin. Baobab Tree + Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention

The cream come in this cute little tube, which is better so i don't have to dip my finger in a jar (most of cream comes in a jar). The scent of this cream is light, and although i could smell the same hint of scent like the facial freshner but i can't really smell it unless i really sniff on it. In fact the cream smells more like soap or basic cream without scent.
The texture is a thick creamy gel, for me the texture is perfect, not too light and not to thick. i don't like it too thick or too rich. When i applied this, i like how it moisturized my face in instant, but not too much that made my face look greasy.
I applied this at night, and it's a good moisturizer for a night. it kept my face moisturized and free from dryness during the night. When i woke up in the morning, i felt my nose oily, but it's ok, i don't mind.
So, i like this cream a lot that i'm thinking to buy the full size, so i tried to apply this in the morning to see if it's good as a day moisturizer too. well, it's good actually. as long as i set it wtih bb cream and loose powder on the nose area it didn't make my face oily like during the night. but it may take awhile to wait before applying bb cream, and for people with oily skin this cream could be too rich. As for me too, although it's ok, but i think the emulsion one is better for a day use.

Rub me tender fog peeling
actually i was excited to get this on the set. peeling is my once a week routine, and to get this peeling product i was excited, specially after i tried the other type of this tub me tender and i didn't like it, so i hope this one would work for me.
it didn't.
Not that it didn't work for me.. the product just didn't work as a peeling at all. it didn't peel!!
it's just like a water.. or mist. it doesn't smell bad like the rub me tender bubble peeling. But seriously.. i can't make it work!! i sprayed on my dry-cleaned face, then start giving a massage like other peeling.. it did nothing!!! no peel.. nothing. just like rubbing my face with water..
i've been searching on the net on how to use this, maybe i did it wrong or something..

The direction is just to spray on the face then massage it. i tried it again and again.. on my face, on my hand.. still.. nothing!!!! no peeling or scrubbing effect. just like water... what the...
i really want to know if somebody onw this fog peeling or somebody ever tried?is it only me? did i get an expired product or what...?
seriously, this fog peeling is useless for me.. i can't use it.. :(

I like all except the fog peeling. I like all the collagen moistfull line. In fact i might buy the full size bottle of the facial freshner and the cream.. i just realised that i never but etude house skin care in full size bottle.. so far from the tester i've tried they didn't impress me that much, and this line is the first that convince me to buy the full size. i've checked the price on riebutik, chic princessa, and they are not bad..specially the cream,, it comes with a set.. so it's a good deal. Now i just need to try the other travel set for moistfull which is moistfull aloe (that i already have) and moistfull white (planning to get the travel set), which one is the best, i will buy the full size :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Peeling wash review : Etude house rub me tender bubble peeling

Some months ago i was running out of peeling after i finished my previous favourite peeling product, etude house magic bubble peeling and innisfree wine peeling. That time i had no time to search and browse reviews for peeling as the seller almost close the pre order batch.. So i was just looking for the list, and i saw this one, and since i liked etude house magic bubble peeling, i thought this one would be good to..well.. is it? let's see...

First, i like the packaging.. it's a plastic bottle with a pump.. yeayy.. i like pump packaging.. so hygienic, and at the end when the product almost finish you can just twist to open and finish the product.
and there's a safety clip too.
From the packaging :
Gel texture foams to supply gentle and moist exfoliation.
directions : after facial cleansing, apply onto facial surface and allow foam layer to form on skin surface. Gently massage for 30-60 seconds and rinse with warm water

100 ml

This is what the gel looks like.. it's thick and creamy.. now let's start to massage it
Taraaaaa.....!!!this is how it form after i massage it for some seconds... Just continue to massage your face until all that particle dried out and scrubed off of your face.. it looks good right,, but... i have to tell you something.
The scent... OMG it smells awfull. Seriously. As a fan of lovely/sweet/delicious/ scent on my skin care product, this one smells reaaallllly bad for me. I don't know what it smells like. But for me it smells bad, smells like something expired, something that turn me off right away. A scent that i have to hold my breath when i was using this.. yup.. it's that bad..
I received this in good condition, still sealed, and the manufacturing date is 2011-08 and i didn't keep it long in my drawer.. i used it after i received it, around sept 2012. so it could be the product itself, or there's ingridients that smell like that. But seriously.. the smell not just bad but strong.. i really want to hear comment from others who tried this one if they think the same way.

ok now to the result..
after finish massage the gel and scrub off everything, the result is my face became softer and smooth to touch.. but not as smooth as etude house magic bubble peeling, so etude house magic bubble peeling still definetely won over this. it's just like any other facial scrub i guess, not too special..

my conclusion..
it could be quite good alternative for me but i can't stand the scent. i even decided to just toss it aside and not using it but turn out i don't really have other peeling products :( so no option for me.. i should just use this while holding my breath during application :). and no, i will not repurchase this because of the scent..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Powder pact review : skin79 skinny mirror pact

Actually i have this pact since like more than a year ago.. i know i knowww... a very late review.. hohoho.. That time i was looking for a new powder pact to replace my skin food lettuce cucumber pact.. i was browsing and found you can guess why i chose this right? hehehe yup... one of the reason was the cute packaging! look at that picture above.. and this picture below..
When other pact are conventional, just flip to open and close, this one you can rotate the mirror as you like... and it's skinny size and model, it looks like a phone..And what i like more about this is that when i have this i don't have to bring another small mirror. i used this as a mirror to go. i don't have to flip open the pact because the mirror is actually on the outside side, not inside like other pact. so when i needed to apply lipstick, for example, or just checking my face, i just used this.
ok well, let's see more...
what's this pact offer?
well, you can see the information on the first picture.. just click to view larger..
to make it short, this pact powder offer spf 22 sun protection, smooth and natural result, and sebum control

so this is what it looks like.. simple, skinny, with a mirror on the outside packaging.. not inside.. well, there is a mirror inside too but not as clear as the one outside

look how it rotate... to open the pact you can rotate it, or flip it open like regular pact
this is how it looks like when it's open.. i used to apply the powder like this..

 the shade i have is #21, the lighter shade..
i tried to make swatch on my hand but as i took a picture it didn't show so i just swipe with my powder brush and this is what i got..
Normally i chose no #23 from korean brand, but at that time it wa sonly this shade available and i'm glad that it's good for me too, not too light. in fact it's kind of perfect shade!
now to the product..
first, the scent.. it claims to have a hint of floral scent. i was curious so i sniffed the powder.. well, i douldn't smell any floral at all.. it just smells like normal talk.. no floral or any other sweet scent.
it comes with a small squere sponge powder applicator which is smooth and nice to use. But for more natural finish sometimes i use my powder brush..

the performance of the powder..
it claims to create a smooth natural looking.. indeed, it is.. i like how it gave me natural finish.. not like wearing a mask or heavy make up on my face.. it's just like my skin but better look. as for the sebum control it's quite good, although not superb.. in the time when my nose became more oily i prefer to dab extra on the nose area with skinfood peach sake silky finish powder.. but in normal time or condition this pact was enough for me.
The only down side from this pact for me is that it's not good when my skin was in dryer condition.. i have to be careful using this because it tend to be chalky and the result was not smooth. i needed extra moisturiser or very good moisturizing base/bb cream before applying this pact or else it would be chalky and show my dry skin (sometimes dry flakes) even more.. But when i applied this with powder brush it was better and not chalky..

i like this pact.. in fact this is my pact to go that i always have it inside my bag. it's like for my touch up pact.. it's been more than a year but still not finish because i didn't use it everyday.. i only use this powder to touch up when i'm not home.. but when i'm home i prefer loose powder.
As long as my face normal or normal combination, not dry, this pact is good for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

hair care : L'oreal hair mask sachet

I found this at the supermarket on my last visit to Jakarta. i just took it. First because it's l'oreal, a known brand, and second because it's in sachet, so convinience to try.. you don't have to buy the big tube to try the product.and as i remember the price is cheap
I've tried l'oreal hair mask before, i bought in the big tube, the yellow one, but i bought it from here and it was made in somewhere.. (this one made in indonesia). so let's see how good this 2 hair mask, and i will start with the yellow one on the right

L'oreal re-nutrition 1 minute nourishing mask 
with royal jelly, deep nourishing for replenished&silky hair
The sachet contains 15 ml of product. For me i can use it twice (my hair is up to shoulder, thin and straight hair)

 from the sachet ;
The new formula, with royal jelly, bathes even very dry hair in nourishing ingridients to replenish the fiber with moisture. Your hair regains elasticity, bounce and suppleness. It instantly feels replenishes and revitalised.
directions for use : leave for 1 or 2 minutes on washed or towel-dried hair. Rinse out easily.

The mask is creamy and thick, it smells like..hummm.. hair product? lol yeah of course.. well it smells cosmetic scent, lovely, nice smell.. i don't know what to compare. The instruction is to leave it on towel-dried hair for 1-2 minutes, but i prefer to apply it before shower, on my dry hair, and leave it for more than 1 or 2 minutes. maybe 5-10 minutes. When i applied it to my hair, it wasn't sticky.. my hair didn't stick all together like a glue. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, rinse it off with water and shampoo, another conditioner.. the result is....
soft, moisturised, not tangled hair.. easy to comb.. just the result i expected and i like. Although of course it didn't last long..both the scent and the effect.. only last for a day.. But still, i like this hair mask and i will repurchase. if you have dry hair, or need extra care or moisturizer for your hair, you can try this!

L'oreal total repair deep repairing mask
with cement-ceramide, deep repairing for strong & healthy hair
from the sachet :
Combat the 5 signs of damaged hair with cement-ceramide ! It keeps your hair strong and healthy by filling in cracks for strengthened and resilient hair as well as sealing hair scales for replenished moisture and ultra-smooth touch with ultra-shiny hair surface. Yor hair will become 1.stronger 2.nourished 3.shinier 4.smoother 5.less split-ends.
directions for use : leave for 1 or 2 minutes on washed or towel-dried hair. Rinse out easily.
The texture also creamy and thick, but the yellow one with royal jelly is thicker. it has the similar kint of scent, but this one in my opinion smells more perfume.
So, how to use this mask is same like before, just apply it evenly on my hair before shower, wait for 5-10 minutes then rinse off.

The result..
i found that the yellow one with royal jelly gave more moisturizer and instant effect for me. While this one maybe just slightly better and richer than conditioner, but comparing to the yellow one, this one didn't give the moisturizing,softer hair effect as good as the yellow one. But anyway this one promised lots more that can't be seen in only 1 time use right, i think you have to use it regularly to see if it deliver that 5 promise written on the packaging. I was just using it once so i can only comment for instant result and not more than that

overall, i will choose the yellow one with royal honey comparing the red one, but i don't mind buying more of these hair mask for both variants since it comes in sachet so you switch for altenatives.

Monday, January 14, 2013

skin care review : skin food steam milk mask cream

The name and the cute packaging just attracted me straight away! lol yup, it's skin food steam milk mask cream. although there is a word "mask" on the name but it's not a mask, it's a cream. well, this is information i got from ebay :

the information written on the packaging is same like the one above
anyway, i bought this review to replace my tony moly multi play cream, the one that i like very much. I'm hoping this could be a good substitute for tony moly, as a multi purpose cream with good moisturizer and a cream i could reach anytime i feel my face getting dry.

First thing first.. look at the packaging.. the carton looks like a milk packaging.. with ingridients printed in front and the back..the cow pattern.. it's just so cute. while the product comes 100 g, so big for a cream product, and the packaging is just like skin food wash off pack/mask packaging.
the texture is this thick creamy..glides smoothly on the skin. the scent? for me it smells like a baby product.. something like a baby lotion.

my experience using this cream..
so as i told you before that i bought this to replace my tony moly multi play cream. i'm using this when my emulsion felt not rich enough for night use, i'm using this in the middle of the day when i felt my face getting dry and needed extra care.But how is it? is it good?

well, the first time i tried this, i like how the cream glides smoothly on the face. i could really feel the "melting" effect, how the cream melt and absorb into my skin..but.. this process take some time. the cream took a long time to absorb, which i don't like. i tried to use this cream in the morning as a morning cream before bb cream. i didn't apply the bb cream straight away. i waited and waited for the cream to absorb. i was choosing clothes to wear that day, do something else before start applying bb cream on top of this cream and oh my god.. it was messy.... it felt like i was applying bb cream into a greasy surface... not pretty at all!! the cream not perfectly absorbed and mixing up with the bb cream--not in a good way.. it was hard to apply bb cream that day.. the result was my face looked greasy instead of dewy.

as a night cream, this is ok, as in it gave me enough moisturiser, but still, it felt greasy and in the morning my nose got sooo oily. so i guess it's for people with dry skin only. it's a good moisturiser, but could be too rich for some people. when my face got some redness and dry flakes i tried using this cream and it didn't sting the redness, which is good.
but i still keep this on my drawer and use this anytime i feel my face dry, or sometimes at night i applied this at the end of my skin care routine.

In conclusion, this cream doesn't impress me that much, and i prefer tony moly multi play cream than this one.With tony moly multi play cream i could use it in the morning and night, but this one not in the morning. maybe only as a night cream.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

mask sheet review : Baviphat juicy mask sheet grape & my beauty diary aloe mask

So these are 2 mask sheet products i use this last 2 weeks. Normally i only used mask sheet every 3 weeks and using wash off pack/mask in the other 2 weeks, but lately my skin has been drying with some dry flakes (euuuggghhh) and some redness so i was using mask sheet 2 weeks in a row (once a week).Well, there's no other better time to test out a mask sheet than when you have some trouble on your face right.. so here we go..

First i'll start with Baviphat juicy mask sheet in grape
I bought this from chic-princessa, my fav online seller who sell variety of ready stock cosmetic and skin care products, for Rp.14.000. This grape variant is for lifting and bright purpose, as written on the packaging. And this is some extra information from the net (from ebay, after googling)

My experience with baviphat juicy mask sheet grape :
First, it smells lovely and sweet. i couldn't smell grape in it, but i could smell a little hint of candy smell? The size of the mask sheet is fit to my face, not too big (some mask sheets are too big too my face that it could end up with many folds of the mask on my face), this one ended up good on my face. It is so watery, and there's some more liquid left in the packaging that you can apply or massage on your face after you are done with the mask.
When i used this mask, my face felt dryer than usual, maybe because of the dry weather too here, and i started to spot some dry flakes on my cheek, forehead and upper nose.. uh ohh... my face is getting dry.. So at night i applied this mask. During the waiting time, there's no uncomfortable, itchy or something i felt, so it was good. i left it for 15 minutes and checked, the mask still not drying and still good so i continued until 20 minutes or so, then removed it.
The result...?
i felt my face hydrated, thanks for this dry flakes..but too bad the effect didn't last long. until the next day my face still good and hydrated but the next other day my face started tp get dry again. well i guess in this case when my face need extra care i should apply the mask twice a week. There is also refreshing effect and the skin felt firm to touch, which i like. As the brightening effect, i didn't see much. But it's ok and overall i like this mask. With the affordable price like that, i would definetely buy more variants of this mask.

next is.. my beauty diary aloe mask
I bought this also from chic-princessa for Rp.14.000. my stock is almost finish so maybe next march or april i will have to nuy more of my beauty diary mask sheet. As you might know, my beauty diary mask sheet is one of my fav mask sheet and i've been trying many variants before. This time is aloe! This is the information i got from google;
a week after using baviphat juicy mask sheet, my face get dry again, this one even worse, i got some redness on my cheek, and near mouth area, that sting a little bit when i put emulsion or lotion. it's like a sun burn but not that worse.and some dry flakes to that looks like the skin peeling... ouuuuccchhh. Around 2 or 3 years ago, i found the "magical" of aloe. Ever since i lived in Yemen, there are some time like this (normally during winter) that my face gets so dry, dryflakes and redness, and i found out that the cure is products containing aloe vera. Years ago i found the cure in skin food bb cream aloe and another year before i remember i also used something with aloe vera to cure this problem. So this time, it's a good time to test the magic of aloe again.
When i put the mask on my face, at first there was this sting sensation, which is normal at this time since i got some redness on my face, but thank God it was only the first minute and after that it was gone. i waited for 20 minutes and checked, still good, not drying. still sooo hydrating. so i even continue waiting until 30 minutes Then i removed it and checked on the mirror. voila!!! OMG, the redness was gone!! the dry flakes also gone.. My face looked "normal" !! i was so happy that it cured the redness burn-like on my face. and i could still feel the effect until the next 2or 3 days.. i think the 3rd days the dryness was back. the redness a little but not as bad as before using this mask. oh i wish i have more stock of this...The other effect is also refreshing, fully hydrated and moisturised.
so overall, i like this mask. it worked good as a cure for my dry-sensitive-need extra care skin. i should stock up this mask for SOS time like this.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

travel set review : skin food platinum grape cell set

Finished with skin food royal honey travel set, now i', trying this platinum grape cell line. I really like the appearance and the packaging of the line. it looks classy and expensive. anyway, this is a little bit information about this line from skin food website;

[Grape Cell Story]
Bourgogne is one of the three best wine producers in France& Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Cotes du Rohone & known for the Gamay grapes. Extracted from the Gamay grapes, our grape cells help regenerate skin cells, firming skin from the inside out.

[Platinum Story]
Platinum is one of the purest and rarest metals in the world. With excellent antioxidant effects, Platinum is used for Food, Medical, Cosmetics and etc.

and this is the travel set i got;
from left to right : toner, emulsion, eye cream and cream

But.. before i start with the review, i have to say.. sadly.. i got this set like a year ago..and i didn't use it because i was still using some other products, and now i regret it. I think i should just use it straight away when i got it. why? because i think the products are not "fresh" anymore, specially the cream and eye cream. I do think that the texture has changed. i don't know if it was not sealed properly when i got it (well it's a travel set not the full bottle that always sealed safely) or is it expired??? but i personally think it wasn't sealed properly when i got it. So what happen is i think the texture of the cream changed. take a look at this;
the cream texture "transformed" into balm, the hard one, like when a water transform into ice.. You know what i mean? i can't scoop the cream out, it's like sticking together into a ball of balm. so forgive me i can't review these 2 creams. well, it's a lesson for me that i learned, i should use all my travel set first before the full bottle packaging set. Because the full bottle skin care are sealed properly and normally it could last 2 years as long as you don't open them (or depend on the manufacturing date or other information printed on the packaging about the expiry date) but the travel set or small sample bottle like this, you never next time i'll use them first. in fact after this i will just use all the travel set i have before they turn into like this.

anyway.. so this time i will just review the toner and emulsion!
the size of the bottle is too small comapring to other skin food toner and emulsion travel set.
the toner..

the texture is not that watery toner type. it's a little bit thicker than that, but not thick enough to called it like a gel. when i first tried this i applied it with a cotton pad like i used to apply my toner, but turned out this one didn't work well with cotton pad. somehow the cotton pad absorb almost all the product and i have a little left to apply on my face. So next time i tried this i just used my hand, without cotton pad, and it worked better. The scent is ok, sweet, i could smell the same hint of scent like skin food royal honey. This one doesn't smell grape at all, in my opinion, but still sweet and ok though.
The toner itself is good, not giving me the refreshment feeling like other skin food toner i've tried (peach sake, fresh apple, royal honey, tomato) but this one is giving me extra moisturiser that work together with the emulsion. using both toner and emulsion giving me the moisturizer i need.

the emulsion
The emulsion is this light lotion, not too light and not too thick, for me it's a perfect texture for emulsion. enough to keep my face moisturized during the day. it has the similar scent with the toner. This emulsion didn't give me any rash, or any other discomfort. i'm good using this. and not just it's good as moisturizer, i found that this one is good for my normal-combination skin. the oily-big pores area, specially my nose, was good using this. not oily and produced more sebum.

in conclusion..
too bad, i can't say more or much about this set since the cream and eye cream are not in good form, and the toner and emulsion come in very small size. i really really wish to try more. i also want to try the bb cream of this line. But since it's the premium line of skin food (the price for the line higher than other line), i may have to think twice before buying the full set.