Monday, January 14, 2013

skin care review : skin food steam milk mask cream

The name and the cute packaging just attracted me straight away! lol yup, it's skin food steam milk mask cream. although there is a word "mask" on the name but it's not a mask, it's a cream. well, this is information i got from ebay :

the information written on the packaging is same like the one above
anyway, i bought this review to replace my tony moly multi play cream, the one that i like very much. I'm hoping this could be a good substitute for tony moly, as a multi purpose cream with good moisturizer and a cream i could reach anytime i feel my face getting dry.

First thing first.. look at the packaging.. the carton looks like a milk packaging.. with ingridients printed in front and the back..the cow pattern.. it's just so cute. while the product comes 100 g, so big for a cream product, and the packaging is just like skin food wash off pack/mask packaging.
the texture is this thick creamy..glides smoothly on the skin. the scent? for me it smells like a baby product.. something like a baby lotion.

my experience using this cream..
so as i told you before that i bought this to replace my tony moly multi play cream. i'm using this when my emulsion felt not rich enough for night use, i'm using this in the middle of the day when i felt my face getting dry and needed extra care.But how is it? is it good?

well, the first time i tried this, i like how the cream glides smoothly on the face. i could really feel the "melting" effect, how the cream melt and absorb into my skin..but.. this process take some time. the cream took a long time to absorb, which i don't like. i tried to use this cream in the morning as a morning cream before bb cream. i didn't apply the bb cream straight away. i waited and waited for the cream to absorb. i was choosing clothes to wear that day, do something else before start applying bb cream on top of this cream and oh my god.. it was messy.... it felt like i was applying bb cream into a greasy surface... not pretty at all!! the cream not perfectly absorbed and mixing up with the bb cream--not in a good way.. it was hard to apply bb cream that day.. the result was my face looked greasy instead of dewy.

as a night cream, this is ok, as in it gave me enough moisturiser, but still, it felt greasy and in the morning my nose got sooo oily. so i guess it's for people with dry skin only. it's a good moisturiser, but could be too rich for some people. when my face got some redness and dry flakes i tried using this cream and it didn't sting the redness, which is good.
but i still keep this on my drawer and use this anytime i feel my face dry, or sometimes at night i applied this at the end of my skin care routine.

In conclusion, this cream doesn't impress me that much, and i prefer tony moly multi play cream than this one.With tony moly multi play cream i could use it in the morning and night, but this one not in the morning. maybe only as a night cream.

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Arya De Guzman said...

the packaging is really cute!!!