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skin care travel set review : skin food royal honey

yeaaayyy another travel set skin care from one of my fav brand!! who doesn't love this kind of cute travel set? well this one is royal honey, i think it's one of their new product in the beginning of 2012? or maybe end of 2011? i'm not sure. hehe. anyway, to brief you a little bit about this line, this is information from skinfood website :

Royal black honey :
Royal black honey is natural raw black honey from south asian forest, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Royal black honey enriched with a myriad of nutrients that are amazingly good for the skin.

This range consist lot more of products, not just that 4 i got. Well, the one i got is the toner, essense, emulsion and cream. there are still more, which are the eye cream, mask, mist, massage gel, ampoule, and more... yup. even they have a make up line from this royal honey.. interesting right.

well, let's just get started to my review of this line.
first is the toner,
The toner is clear, and the texture is not watery liquid like skin food fresh apple toner that i just tried. it's more like a very very light gel. From skin food toner, i could say that the texture is between fresh apple toner and gold caviar toner. there is no overwhelming scent from this toner. i couldn't smell any honey scent or other sweet scent, just a soft cosmetic scent i can't describe. The toner itself freshen up my skin without that burning feeling or sting, which i like, and it also didn't dry my skin. double like. so yup, i like this toner.

the essence

Now the essence, when i first squeezed out from the tube, i was surprised by its watery runny gel texture. i thought it would be something like a thick cream. oooppps thank God i didn't squeezed too much. The texture, colour and scent of this really reminded me of skin food honey lip treatment, only this one is not sticky when i applied it to the skin. it absorbed nicely, and smell a little bit like honey, well only a hint, and the artificial one. not real honey. Actually i like this essence, how it absorb nicely and prepared my skin for the next step, and it added more moisturiser when i used it before emulsion and cream.


For the emulsion, the colour is white and the texture is quite thick for an emulsion. comparing to other skin food emulsion i've tried, it's thicker than fresh apple and peach sake emulsion, but not as thick as ancient rice emulsion. There is this soft scent with a hint of honey, the scent is not strong. The emulsion itself did a great job in term or moisturizing. it moisturized my skin during the day. even when the royal honey cream finished first, i used this emulsion for a night too and it's also good. But if you have oily skin you might find it a little bit too rich for a day light, you might find this not giving your skin matte. in some days that not very dry here, i found my nose area really oily when using this emulsion.well, if you have oily skin i think you should gor for peach sake or fresh apple range anyway. But since it's winter here and my skin tend to be drier, this one is good for me.

Las but not least is the cream..
it comes in this cute small plastic jar.

it's hard to take a photo of the cream. it's transparent thick gel.'s way thicker to be called as a gel. in fact i think it's more like a light balm. the texture remind me of vaseline gel only this one is thinner. once applied to my skin, i could feel straight away how rich it was. in fact it may need few minutes to fully absorbed. definetely not recommended for a day used, only for night. so yup, i used it as a night cream.
the cream gave me more than enough moisturiser for these winter nights, so it's recommended for those with dry skin or winter time. i do think it could be too rich for a hot summer night.

Overall, i like this royal honey line, and i'm interested to try the honey glow starter from this range. anyone tried the glow starter? pls tell me.
as you can see from my review, i do like this line and so far no break out, no negative effect, using this for more than a week, it maintain my face moisturised, no bumps or redness, dry flakes.. i just wish that i could try more to see how the result for long term use.
This line is the line that i'm considered to buy the full bottle if one day i need a full set of skin care. but for now i need to try the sampe of skin food platinum grape first, and then the new skin food watery berry line.

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