Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleansing review : skin food wine bubble cleansing foam

After finishing My baviphat strawberry latte mousse foam, now i'm using this one from skin food, wine bubble cleansing foam!! First time i tried skin care with wine was innisfree wine peeling softener and innisfree wine sleeping pack, and i loved the scent. So when i saw skinfood released this cleansing foam with wine, i thought "i must try that one too!"
 anyway before i get started.. this is some information i googled;
and there is also some english information (thank God) on the back of the packaging. Just peel the sticker off to see some english information
First, the packaging is this nice plastic bottle with pump. I like pump bottle! it's hygienic, easy to use, specially in bathroom or when you clean your face while shower in the morning. The bottle is see through so you can see how many product left.

the pump
Now the scent.. is it as good as innisfree wine product?
yes it is!! well, it's different kind of wine scent. i'm not expert in wine, i don't even drink wine but i like the smell of it. lol. While the innisfree wine smells strong grapy-wine, this one smells sweet and softer, lovely and only a little hint of wine.. but overall it smells sweet and lovely, and the smell stays there for awhile even after i rinse off with water and off to my dressing room to put toner and cream, i could still smell it. So for me this is lovely but for some people who prefer unscented cleansing product, they may not like this one.

The foam..

This is a bubble cleansing type, so the moment you pump out, it came out bubles already, not that type of cleansing foam that the texture start with cream then after you rub on your hand with water it will turn to foam and bubbles. This one is really bubble texture, and the first time i felt it on my hand i could feel how soft it is.
this is what it looks like when i massage and rub it on my hand.
The bubbles really felt soft and light on my face, didn't give any dry or tight feeling. It cleans and freshen my face really good in the morning. as for the night, i don't think it will be able or enough to remove make up or all the dirt from the whole day. for night cleansing, this is only for the second step after cleansing water. It's been a month i'm using this as daily morning cleanser, and i'm loving it so far. i'm a half way bottle already, so maybe it will last for 2 months only.

looove this cleanser, one of skin food's great product that suit me.recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin because it's soooo light and soft fot the face.

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Arya De Guzman said...

it bubbles real good, might order this next time since it's for dry skin