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travel set review : skin food platinum grape cell set

Finished with skin food royal honey travel set, now i', trying this platinum grape cell line. I really like the appearance and the packaging of the line. it looks classy and expensive. anyway, this is a little bit information about this line from skin food website;

[Grape Cell Story]
Bourgogne is one of the three best wine producers in France& Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Cotes du Rohone & known for the Gamay grapes. Extracted from the Gamay grapes, our grape cells help regenerate skin cells, firming skin from the inside out.

[Platinum Story]
Platinum is one of the purest and rarest metals in the world. With excellent antioxidant effects, Platinum is used for Food, Medical, Cosmetics and etc.

and this is the travel set i got;
from left to right : toner, emulsion, eye cream and cream

But.. before i start with the review, i have to say.. sadly.. i got this set like a year ago..and i didn't use it because i was still using some other products, and now i regret it. I think i should just use it straight away when i got it. why? because i think the products are not "fresh" anymore, specially the cream and eye cream. I do think that the texture has changed. i don't know if it was not sealed properly when i got it (well it's a travel set not the full bottle that always sealed safely) or is it expired??? but i personally think it wasn't sealed properly when i got it. So what happen is i think the texture of the cream changed. take a look at this;
the cream texture "transformed" into balm, the hard one, like when a water transform into ice.. You know what i mean? i can't scoop the cream out, it's like sticking together into a ball of balm. so forgive me i can't review these 2 creams. well, it's a lesson for me that i learned, i should use all my travel set first before the full bottle packaging set. Because the full bottle skin care are sealed properly and normally it could last 2 years as long as you don't open them (or depend on the manufacturing date or other information printed on the packaging about the expiry date) but the travel set or small sample bottle like this, you never know.so next time i'll use them first. in fact after this i will just use all the travel set i have before they turn into like this.

anyway.. so this time i will just review the toner and emulsion!
the size of the bottle is too small comapring to other skin food toner and emulsion travel set.
the toner..

the texture is not that watery toner type. it's a little bit thicker than that, but not thick enough to called it like a gel. when i first tried this i applied it with a cotton pad like i used to apply my toner, but turned out this one didn't work well with cotton pad. somehow the cotton pad absorb almost all the product and i have a little left to apply on my face. So next time i tried this i just used my hand, without cotton pad, and it worked better. The scent is ok, sweet, i could smell the same hint of scent like skin food royal honey. This one doesn't smell grape at all, in my opinion, but still sweet and ok though.
The toner itself is good, not giving me the refreshment feeling like other skin food toner i've tried (peach sake, fresh apple, royal honey, tomato) but this one is giving me extra moisturiser that work together with the emulsion. using both toner and emulsion giving me the moisturizer i need.

the emulsion
The emulsion is this light lotion, not too light and not too thick, for me it's a perfect texture for emulsion. enough to keep my face moisturized during the day. it has the similar scent with the toner. This emulsion didn't give me any rash, or any other discomfort. i'm good using this. and not just it's good as moisturizer, i found that this one is good for my normal-combination skin. the oily-big pores area, specially my nose, was good using this. not oily and produced more sebum.

in conclusion..
too bad, i can't say more or much about this set since the cream and eye cream are not in good form, and the toner and emulsion come in very small size. i really really wish to try more. i also want to try the bb cream of this line. But since it's the premium line of skin food (the price for the line higher than other line), i may have to think twice before buying the full set.

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