Thursday, January 24, 2013

skin care travel set review : Etude house moisturising & peeling skin care kit

Hi all.. back to travel kit skin care.. For this last 2 months i've been trying and using all my skin care travel set before they are this time it's from etude house.. it's their collagen moistfull line plus one peeling
This is what i got :
from left to right : etude house rub me tender fog peeling - collagen moistfull cream - collagen moisture facial freshener - collagen moistfull emulsion

This collagen moistfull line is one of the famous line from etude house.. Long time ago i tried sample of etude house moistful line (toner and emulsion) and didn't impress me much. I'm so excited to try this new line with collagen.. This is a little bit information about the colagen moistfull line i got from the net (google search, of course)

etude hous collagen moistfull line
dual care of moisture and collagen which improves decreased flexibility and increase dryness. Flexible, soft texture applies to skin and increases moisture retention and lifts sagging skin. Brings a healthy shine to dry and dull skin. Combination of Baobab tree extracts and collagen increases moisturization and elasticity of skin. Proper moisture and collagen is the most important elements for maintaining youthful looking skin.

  • Moisturizes
  • Increases Collagen Synthesis
  • Increases Elasticity
  • Increases Moisture Retention
At this time it's still winter time here, the weather outside is very dry, my skin is getting dryer than usual, but still a little bit oily on the nose area. Without good moisturizer my skin at this time could get some redness and dry flaky skin.. so let's try this line..

first up,, the facial freshener
information from the net :
Gel textured facial toner removes pore buildup while moisturizing and tightening complexion. Concentrated moisturizer hydrates skin with milky texture for a moist sensation that lasts all day. Baobab Tree + Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention.

so it's actually a toner.. only that they named it "facial freshener". First thing i noticed.. omg it smells gooodd... it smells sweet and fresh.. i'm a fan of sweet and nice scent on my skin care.. so this one i like.. there's a hint of citrus scent i guess, that made it smells so fresh and lovely.. i can't stop smelling this. lol. The scent of this facial freshener is the strongest than the other product on this line (emulsion and the cream).

The texture is a light gel, not that watery type toner. Comparing to that watery type toner (like skin food peach sake toner or innisfree mint toner, for example) this one is the thick type. I applied it with cotton pad, just how i like to apply toner on my face. It gave me the refreshing feeling, it freshen up my face, also gave a boost of moisturizer, which is nice to get it since the first step of skin care routine. i'm enjoying using this toner, i think i loved it straight away since the first use. it smells good, freshen up my face, moisturized and prep my skin for the next step..

collagen moistfull emulsion
information from the net :

Moistfull Collagen Emulsion is a moist and rich textured facial emulsion that supplies penetrating moisture and collagen treatment to improve complexion health and look. Active Ingredient Baobab Tree Extract and Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention.

How to use
After applying the Etude House Moistfull Collgen Essence, dispense an adequate amount and apply along the skin texture. Add vitality over the entire face by lightly tapping on face for better absorption follow by the recommended steps from the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Emulsion Line as follow.

so actually i'm missing a step here.. which is the essence.. well anyway i'm not using essence or serum always anyway.. only when i have extra budget i will buy :) 

so this one has the same hint of scent with the freshener, but this one is softer.. not as strong smell as the freshener. the scent is only light
the texture is very light watery runny lotion. You can see at the picture how it started dripping already when i took picture.So yes, it's a light weight emulsion, but it surprised me, how in this dry season it's actually enough moisturized for my skin. I applied this in the morning for a day moisturizer under the bb cream, and that's enough. i didn't get any dry flakes. so yes, it's a good day moisturizer. my nose was also ok during the day, not get oily or extra sebum.

collagen moistfull cream
information from the net ;
 Fight for the dryness!! Firming moisture cream with baobab tree and collagen extract improving your dermal structure leaving tight and moist skin. Baobab Tree + Collagen combination improves dermal structure and moisture retention

The cream come in this cute little tube, which is better so i don't have to dip my finger in a jar (most of cream comes in a jar). The scent of this cream is light, and although i could smell the same hint of scent like the facial freshner but i can't really smell it unless i really sniff on it. In fact the cream smells more like soap or basic cream without scent.
The texture is a thick creamy gel, for me the texture is perfect, not too light and not to thick. i don't like it too thick or too rich. When i applied this, i like how it moisturized my face in instant, but not too much that made my face look greasy.
I applied this at night, and it's a good moisturizer for a night. it kept my face moisturized and free from dryness during the night. When i woke up in the morning, i felt my nose oily, but it's ok, i don't mind.
So, i like this cream a lot that i'm thinking to buy the full size, so i tried to apply this in the morning to see if it's good as a day moisturizer too. well, it's good actually. as long as i set it wtih bb cream and loose powder on the nose area it didn't make my face oily like during the night. but it may take awhile to wait before applying bb cream, and for people with oily skin this cream could be too rich. As for me too, although it's ok, but i think the emulsion one is better for a day use.

Rub me tender fog peeling
actually i was excited to get this on the set. peeling is my once a week routine, and to get this peeling product i was excited, specially after i tried the other type of this tub me tender and i didn't like it, so i hope this one would work for me.
it didn't.
Not that it didn't work for me.. the product just didn't work as a peeling at all. it didn't peel!!
it's just like a water.. or mist. it doesn't smell bad like the rub me tender bubble peeling. But seriously.. i can't make it work!! i sprayed on my dry-cleaned face, then start giving a massage like other peeling.. it did nothing!!! no peel.. nothing. just like rubbing my face with water..
i've been searching on the net on how to use this, maybe i did it wrong or something..

The direction is just to spray on the face then massage it. i tried it again and again.. on my face, on my hand.. still.. nothing!!!! no peeling or scrubbing effect. just like water... what the...
i really want to know if somebody onw this fog peeling or somebody ever tried?is it only me? did i get an expired product or what...?
seriously, this fog peeling is useless for me.. i can't use it.. :(

I like all except the fog peeling. I like all the collagen moistfull line. In fact i might buy the full size bottle of the facial freshner and the cream.. i just realised that i never but etude house skin care in full size bottle.. so far from the tester i've tried they didn't impress me that much, and this line is the first that convince me to buy the full size. i've checked the price on riebutik, chic princessa, and they are not bad..specially the cream,, it comes with a set.. so it's a good deal. Now i just need to try the other travel set for moistfull which is moistfull aloe (that i already have) and moistfull white (planning to get the travel set), which one is the best, i will buy the full size :)


Arya De Guzman said...

i love the collagen cream, it's perfect for my dry skin. as for the peeling I do not have the exact product but I tried peeling mist from other brand and I have to spray it when my skin is dry (it didn't work when my skin is moist)

Arya De Guzman said...

hi, I nominated you to the Liebster Award :)