Monday, October 31, 2011

peeling & mask review : innisfree wine peeling softener and wine sleeping pack

I bought this products last year for my stock, and finally now it almost finished. i read so many good reviews abouth this so i gave it a try. my first peeling was etude house magic bubble peeling, and when it was half way i opened innisfree wine peeling softener for alternative. i also got 2 sachets of wine sleeping mask pack from the same line, both are finished, and it is time for review!
innisfree wine peeling softener :
nice packaging. it is a glass bottle, and the shape is just like a bottle of wine, only in mini version. 
no english. all in i have to search on the net for the direction how to use this.
this is what i found from random search on google.

anyway, now jump to the review :
the scent : it smells sooo gooood.. sooo yummmmyyy.. i don't drink wine but i guess it smells just like wine. 
how to use : with cotton pad, rub on your face just like the toner.
texture : a little bit creamny but light and watery.
performance :
at first, i followed the direction with cotton pad, and i could see the tiny white peeled of which it supposed to be my dead skin-that;s what they say, but i didn't see that much. only a little, not like with etude bubble peeling. i thought it wasn't effective, so i tried again different way, buy rubbing it straight away to my dry face, without cotton pad. it turned out it was hard to work on it that way. it took some time rubbing and rubbing until it started peeling. so i guess the first way is much better.
as the result for my skin, it gave me a little smoother after using it, but not as smooth as etude house magic bubble peeling, so i prefer etude than this. but since it is an ok product, not giving me any breakouts, so i continue using this as an alternative of etude.

innisfree wine sleeping pack
the scent : smells exactly like the peeling softener. sooo lovely.... so nice to put on my face before sleeping, i could still smell it when i was laying down on my bed.
how to use : use as last step of your skin care routine before sleeping at night.
performance : similar with etude house sleeping pack, but if etude house sleeping pack gave me a very smooth soft result, this one gave me more moisturised. overall, i like this sleeping pack. it didn't give me any breakouts, and it provided enough moisturiser all night.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

skin care review : L'oreal derma genesis pore minimising smoother

first of all, welcome back to my life L'oreal! yup, l'oreal was one of my fav product, in fact i was quite loyal with l'oreal. around 2-3 years maybe? during my working days (after graduated from college) until i got married, i used l'oreal set (cleansing-toner-cream) white series or hydra series (forgot the name of this set but it's the green one). when i read l'oreal launched this new line, i was tempted to try if they are still as good as i remember or even better.

anyway, the story began when i read a review of this product on, one of my indonesian beauty/fashion website. in fact, not just l'oreal but i also bought some other products recomended, tested, reviewed by them. So, when i travelled to jakarta, i knew that we would spend more than a month there, so i thought, i'll just buy a set of skin care to use there. besides, i didn't want to open my korean products because it's better sealed or it could explode on the plane during the flight. so i bought this, and i'm glad i did. ok now let's jump to the review.

cleansing scrub
it's a tube content 100ml. at the back of packaging there is some information that they translated into bahasa and stick it there, you can see or even read it here;
the texture :
it's thick and creamy with tiny-little scrubs. you can't really see the scrubs from the picture because it is reallly tiny.
performance :
what it promises on the packaging : smoothes, refreshes, brightens
i didn't notice all that promises before, but i noticed after some days, every after i washed mt face with this, somehow i felt my face smooth. i was surprise actually. i didn't expect my cleansed to smoothes my face. i thought cleanser only well, to clean your face. that's it. as long as it cleans my face well without making it dry, that's good enough. but this one, i got extra bonus, which is it smoothes my face after i cleaned my face and wiped slowly with towel. nicee!!
and yes, it is a scrub cleansing foam, but it is mild, not too hard for my skin. i have been using this for almost 2 months, twice a day (day and night) and so far it's been good, not giving me any breakouts, harsh, also cleans well, and it does refreshes too, and as for brightens i can say yes it does brighter, not whiter though.

transparant plastic bottle, just like other l'oreal toner packaging. the scent also similar with other l'oreal toner. not something lovely. smells just like.. hemmm.. toner? lol. seriously. it smells just like any other toner from supermarket like viva, nivea, etc.
what it promises on the packaging : smoothes skin refines and tightens pores.
as for the smoothes skin, i can't really feel it anyway. it's not as good as skin food peach sake toner. with skin food peach sake toner i could really feel after toning my face became smooth and my pores somehow feels tighter, but with this i just felt fresh and ready for the next step which is the cream. but it is still good toner as it doesn't dry my face.

gel cream
a pump bottle. i like it!

texture :
performance :
normally i don't rally like gel cream because it didn't give me enough moisturiser. i need creamy rich cream extra moisturiser in yemen. well, it turned out that this gel cream is rich! i thought it will just works good in jakarta, but heyy.. here i am back in Yemen, it's been 3 weeks and this gel cream works good too! i can feel my hands, my legs started getting dry as the winter just started, but my face still not feeling dry and moisturised. nice...

overall :
 this set of product is called pore minimising smoother. and yes, it is been awhile i didn't reach pore nose strip, and yes, i can really feel my nose smoother than before, which means it does minimise and smoothes my pore.
nice job, l'oreal! and the good thing is, the set cost me less than rp.300.000.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lip care review : skin food shea butter lip care bar raspberry

when i read the pricelist of pre order korean beauty products, it was sooo hard to choose one lip balm/lip care! first, sooo manu out there!! second, how do i know which one is good? i was searching for lip care review, and at the end i was in between 2 products, which is this one and etude house milk screw. as a fan of skinfood more than etude house, i chose this one.
from skin food website:
This lip care bar contains shea butter to provide moisture to dry, chapped lips, making them smooth and healthy

the size is standard, same like any other lip care bar, and it contains shea butter!.. which i hoped will be good. is it good?

to be honest, i am quite dissapointed. first, the scent is so so. very light berry scent but not lovely enough. in fact i have to sniff from close to be able to smell the raspberry scent. 2nd, it doesn't provide enough moisturised, specially at this time in Yemen when the weather change from summer into winter. it is very dry here and my lip started cracking. This one didn't help. at night i still have to reach my vaseline jelly for my lip.
and there is no colour. although when i tried on my hand i can see very light pink colour, very very light that you can't really see it, so i can't use it for lip colour either or at least to make my lip looks fresh and not pale.

anyway, i can't just put this product aside. i will just apply this one on a day light, although it means i have to reapply every hour or so.

my conclusion? i think i will not order any lip care product from skin food anymore. last year i also dissapointed with skin food honey lip treatment. so i guess lip care is not really the specialty of skin food. i still love skin food though. they have a good skin care products and make up. or maybe, if your lip is in normal condition, not dry or cracking, maybe this could work for you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

online shopping review : onikchan

Back to online shopping review, this is the last stop of my list for korean beauty products. i wrote about onikchan before here, just a preview and my recent purchase, now it will be full review :)
so, this is the 3rd year i placed an order here. what i like about this shop? take a look at the web ;

Onikchan has loooots of beauty products. Not just from korea, but also from US, Japan, Taiwan, and many more i guess. seriously, i don't know how she could manage soo many products like that. ok, i will mention the brands available here; D.U.P, Jill stuart, shills, kevin beauty maker, dot dot, beauty DIY, vin vin, majolica majorca, chacott, melliesh, faceq mask, my beauty diary, canmake, candydoll, kanebo, koji, sana, kiss me, hadalabo, kose, biore (import),  lunasol, holika holika, beauty credit, a'pieu, tony moly, innisfree, etude house, skinfood, liole, baviphat, vov, nature republic, the face shop, missha, banila co, 3w clinic powder. WOW. soooo many. and not just all that brands, she also open pre order from sephore, drugstore and nordstorm.
Many of that products i mentioned are still new for me and i am not familiar with. so, why i like this store most is obvious because it is the most complete brands, some are still rare to find in jakarta or other seller. For me, this store is to find something that other sellers don't have, and also to find new products to try.

my first purchase here was travel set of skin food and  my second purchase was eco tools brush and everyday mineral brush.this year, i bought this:
skin food gold kiwi set, etude house rub me tender ( i wasn't planning to buy this. i was planning to buy something else from nature republic but not available so i just replaced with this since i need peeling), and nature republic banana mousse pack.

other thing about onikchan, she is good with customers and total commited. well, there is this story that last year, when i placed ecotools brush, it turned out that the arriving schedule was late. i was panicked as i was leaving jakarta soon. and i bet she really felt sorry too, and thank God it arrived one day before i left jakarta, and she delivered it to my door, not by post. was quite a story though, how my other ecotools brush was not arrived yet, so she changed it into everyday mineral brush, which is ok for me.

so, this is my last stop for korean products/cosmetics online shopping.i hope you girls enjoy reading it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

mask review : skin food kiwi yogurt mask wash off

Ever since i tried skin food mask wash off series, i like mask wasf off better than peel off mask. So, after satisfied with skinfood rice, sesame and black sugar (although the black sugar one is more like scrubs) wash off series, last year i bought other variants, banana and kiwi yogurt. I had this kiwi yogurt for awhile,unopened in my drawer. i didn't open it until i finished all my mask. so last month when i finally finished all other masks, i reached this one.

so, is it good? well, let's see.

scent : i was a bit dissapointed with the scent. well, i was hoping it will smell kiwi+yogurt? well, i can't really imagine how kiwi smells like, but at least i was hoping it will at least smells fresh-fruity, but it doesn't. it smells like.. a bar soap? an original non perfumed soap. it is ok, though. not a bad smell or something yucks, but i am the type that likes lovely scent in my beauty products. hehe

texture : it is thick. creamy and as you can see below, there are tiny little green kiwi-seeds-alike.
how to use :
just like any other skin food mask wash off, after clean your face, gently massage over dry face, leave it for around 10-15minutes, then rinse off. to get a cooling effect, put this product in the refrigerator. i always keep my skin food mask wash off in the fridge. i like it cold better.

the effect :
after rinse off, i can feel and see how my face look soooo fresh and clean, also brighter and a little bit moisturised. yup, the moisturizer here is not as good as banana one.
i have no complain about the result. no breakout, no side effects.

overall, this product is recomended for those who want express fresh-clean-bright face, or if you feel your face look dull, you need something refreshing, you can reach for this one. but for me, this one come last comparing skinfood banana, rice, black sugar and sesame.from all of that skin food wash off i still prefer rice or black sugar.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

online shopping review : riebutik

next stop for korean beauty shop is riebutik. it is one of the famous online shop for korean products in indonesia, i guess. because many of indonesian beauty blogger i read, they bought their korean products from riebutik. in femaledaily forum this seller also quite famous and favourite, both for pre order and ready stock.
i have been a loyal consumer since 3years ago or ever since i started using korean beauty products. first time i bought the ready stock item, then last year i started join their pre order and this year again, i ordered some items from them. So, the pre order system is every month, there is an open date and close date for every batch, and the package will arrive 2-3 weeks after pre order closed.
the price of course much much cheaper than the shops in the mall, and if you purchase rp.2.000.000 there is 5% discount. you can choose ready stock pre order or if you want to buy something that is not available at that time of course you can always join pre order. 
anyway, this is my haul from riebutik this year:
i ordered some more products but not available, i don't know was it because discontinued or sold out at that time.
i still have some pictures of haul from riebutik from last year, so i just put them here;

overall, i like shopping here. the website itself, for ready stock products it is categorized by brand in separate folder, while for preorder pricelist you can download the pricelist from the web or if you can't download it you can just contact them and they will send you the pricelist by email.
the working hours is only from 9am to 3pm, so if you send email after 3pm you will have to wait until tomorrow to get reply. but sometimes i got reply after 3pm though :). and in some time of the month they are very very busy in the time of package arriving from korea i guess, so sometimes it took some time for them to reply your email.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

online shopping review : cupcalicious

next stop for shopping.. it's
it is the first time i shop here.I found out about this website when i was looking for indonesian seller who sell mask sheet with a cheap price. and yes, i bought mask sheets here.
oke, first, the website itself, i like the girly theme with a picture of 3 girls with make up on the top. it is easy to find products you are looking for as it is categorized base on products function and you can also search by brand.
 and then, the service : i can't say more than.. "excellent". seriously. the service is really good and fast. the delivery is the same day if you pay before late afternoon (i don't really know the time), but in my case, the delivery was the same day. and the good thing is that i got an update for every process. check all this emails :
1st email:
Your order #635 history
Payment for your order was successfully processed.
You can review this order and download your invoice from the "Order history" section of your account by clicking "My account" on our website.

2nd email :
Your order #635 history
We are processing your order.
You can review this order and download your invoice from the "Order history" section of your account by clicking "My account" on our website.
3rd email :
Your order #635 history
Your order is currently in transit.
You can track your package by clicking on the following link:
You can review this order and download your invoice from the "Order history" section of your account by clicking "My account" on our Website.

all that emails i receieved in the same day, from payment accepted, order in processed until the last email i got the tracking for my package. i can't ask for more. excellent,

next, the price. my beauty diary mask and baviphat mask sheet only Rp.12.000 each. and for vov mask wash off only! this is what i bought from here:
vov mask wash off, baviphat mask sheets, my beauty diary mask sheets, dr.jart black label mini size, and i got some baviphat samples too!

overall, i am satisfied shopping here. i just hope that they will have more in stocks products in the future. they have pre order too, but i don't know the time i will come back here for sure to shop for more mask sheets!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

online shopping review : chic princessa

next destination for online shopping.. it's chic princessa.

i knew this website since three years ago, or since i started using korean beauty products, and i have been a loyal consumer ever since. everytime i travelled to jakarta or some moment where my mom send me a package i always stoped by and bought something.
Anyway, the website itself is user friendly, easy to use. First you need to register (free, of course) then you can start shopping by click "buy" to any products you want and will automatically added to your shopping chart. It is also easy to find products you are looking for as it is categorized brand and by category, for example, there is chic's beauty category that when you click, it will show cosmetics products on different other category; base&powder, bb cream, blush&highligt, eye, lip, nails, pallete and sample corner.
All the prices are reasonable, of course much much cheaper than the counter, but still more expensive than pre order items. Yup. the good thing is that all the products available here are ready stock so you don't have to wait a month or so. In fact, if you pay before 3am, the delivery will be on the same day. oh yes, that's another good thing about this shop. The service is really quick. once i asked a question about something and the reply also fast. The proccess of the order also fast.i received my package the next day or 2days after i paid.

My favourite items (that kept me coming back shopping here) are the mask sheet, sample corner and travel set. items i bought this time:
 some skinfood travel sets, skin79 bb cream mini tube, skin79 pact, innisfree herb pastel blusher
 set of skin food bb cream in mini tube
skin food platinum grape cell travel set
skin food ancient rice travel set
my beauty diary mask sheets and some baviphat and etude house samples.

and then... this year i found out that they also accept pre order (which the price would be cheaper). I was wondering why they don't put pre order option on their website so customers will aware with the option. i was looking everywhere on the website where to order by pre order, where are the list for pre order products, but sadly it's not on the website. when i asked chic-princessa, the owner replied, yes i can join their pre order and she forwarded my email to her sister who managed pre order. So this 2 sisters, vivi and wiwi, one manages chic princessa ready stock (the website) and the other manages pre order.
After that i got the pricelist, and every month i got an update about their pre order price list and schedule. i am so happy that they have lots of products on their pre order list. NYX, laneige, tony moly, apieu, innisfree, nature republic, the face shop, missha, baviphat, the skin food, etude house, and holika holika.i had a hard time choosing them. lol. anyway, this is my haul from pre order :

overall, i am satisfied shopping here, both on the website (ready stock) and pre order (you have to wait 2-3weeks from the day pre order closed). i will definetely come back and shop here again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

online shopping review : iheartkoreanbeauty

Before i start reviewing beauty products, i want to review some sellers i bought all products this year, and my first review is iheartkoreanbeauty. I first found out about this seller from some beauty bloggers out there. Many good reviews about this seller, so i gave it a try and contacted the seller, if it is possible to send to jakarta and she said yes. I started browsing on but now she has a new link on .
anyway, the seller/owner named zhen, or at least that's how people call her (i don't know her real name), was very nice and helpfull, and i think she is also korean beauty products customer/user, so she can answer my questions really well like customer to customer. I can also ask for suggestion from her, which is nice.
oh, and these are products from iheartkoreanbeauty:
2 i like most from iheartkoreanbeauty. first, she has loooottsss of travel size/sample bottle for sell. i loooove trying new products and buying the travel size is a good option. Second, she is the most generous seller in giving free gift or free samples. look at this :
You see that tony moly ice queen multi play cream? it is a free gift! free gift in a full size bottle? how generous is that? well, she said that it is my vip gift. she has this program about if you purchase for some amount, you will be a vip member and get a free gift. but seriously, she is the first seller who gave a full size bottle as a free gift!
In the process, my order took sooo long. some unexpected happened. my baviphat order didn't came, so she must contacted the korean seller to order it again, and after waiting and waiting.. it turned out that the products i ordered discontinued. she felt very sorry, and she even gave some discount for some items for me. how nice..
And the good service didn't stop there. she also helped me tracking my package after a week still not arrived. she helped me checking to singapore post office and email me the tracking copy.

In conclusion, i am very happy shopping here. the only thing i don't like is just... the delivery fee from singapore to jakarta. lol.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

supermarket, mayestik and other shops shopping hauls

First day when we arrived in Jakarta, first thing we needed to go to the supermarket to buy tooth brush, shampoo, soap, etc. I enjoyed looking at all new products i didn't see last time (which is last year!).I felt like i wanted to buy and try all the new products there. lol. Everytime we passed supermarket, either carrefour, hero, giant, food hall, i always stopped by and picked some interesting products. And of course, one day we also went shopping to Mayestik, and i bought some hair products with cheaper price and rare to find in supermarket.

overall, i enjoyed so much shopping for beauty products in jakarta, and i bet next year there will be more new and interesting products to try! As for this year, here are the products i chose to buy and try:

from supermarket :
Rudi hadisuwarno hair growth serum (this is not the first time i bought this product. i tried it before and it worked great, so i repurchased this) - biore make up remover cleansing foam (i bought the cleansing sheet too, but i finished it)- loreal derma genesis set (foam, toner, gel cream)- maybeline lip&eye make up remover- wardah olive oil - ponds toner - ponds whitening set (cleansing foam, day and night cream) - taman sari mustika ratu shampoo and conditioner- mustika ratu conditioner - makarizo hair energy

from mayestik :
Mayestik these days so not convinient as the big building is under renovation and all tenants moved to the side of the road, small small temporary shops. But thank God 2 of the cosmetic shops located in the front so i didn't have to go inside. The first one named budi mulia (the very famous one since long ago, i guess) and the other one i forgot the name, but it is located next to budi mulia and surprisingly, cheaper price! 
Anyway, from Mayestik i bought hair products. Makarizo hair texture shampo and conditioner variant mint, strawberry yogurt, green tea and black chocolate. I've tried 2 variants before; vanilla and cinamon coffee, and i liked them, so i bought the rest of the variants to try. i also bougth l'oreal hair spa for around Rp.90.000 (i forgot the exact price), but i saw in ranch market it was Rp.115.000.
next is makarizo hair energy (for creambath) honey&royal jelly, another cream creambat i never tried, and makarizo rebonding system (although i don't know if i really need this. haha.. maybe one day if i want a make over)
i also bought 2 wardah lipstick from mayestik but i forgot to put them together here.

from the body shop:
the body shop had a great deal when i went there.. i went to body shop not just once but more than that. first, i bought banana shampoo and conditioner and my husband also bought a set of men body wash and aftershave. that day we got one free product to choose. we can choose any product and they will count the cheapest as a free gift. so we chose spa wisom japan. Next visit, they have a good sale for shampoo, soap, and some set of their products so i bought ice blue shampoo (around 15.000 to 20.000 rp cheaper than normal price).

other shops :

i am a fan of body scrubs made in indonesia! i bought lulur bali sekar jagat, bali ratih, mustika ratu, wardah and vivele.

i guess that's it for my beauty products shopping. Now it is time to try and enjoy using them...

see u soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am Back.. ..with lots of shopping hauls :)

I am officially back in Yemen after one month plus one week spend holiday in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia. Holiday in Jakarta for me is not just about spending time with family, but of course... Shopping!! Actually even before my trip i already made some order from internet, specially korean cosmetics that i joined pre order from some sellers.

For my first post after my long holiday, here are my hauls of korean products;

skin care, make up, cleansing, mask, etc. I bought them from chic princessa pre order, iheartkoreanbeauty, riebutik, onikchan & intenscorner
and of course, with lots of samples..

now let's take a look closer..
skin care products:
innisfree lavender moisture lotion
innisfree lavender moisture skin
innisvree lavender moisture cream
innisfree mint pore tightening skin
innisfree mint pore tightening serum
innisfree mint pore tightening lotion
holika holika bulgarian rose skin
holika holika bulgarian rose emulsion
holika holika bulgarian rose cream
holika holika egg cooling toner
tony moly multi play cream
mask and scrub products :
the face shop raspberry slim&lift sleeping mask
innisfree moisture sleeping mask pack lavender
baviphat mud pore tightening nose pack
the face shop blackhead ex nose clay mask
tony moly latte art cappuccino cream-in scrub
cleansing & peeling products :
skinfood wine bubble cleansing foam
innisfree brightening cleansing lotion lemongrass
innisfree apple juicy cleansing oil
nature republic nutrition banana mousse pack (oopss... i should put this together with mask, not cleansing)
etude house rub me tender bubble peeling
baviphat rice total make up remover
baviphat milky strawberry latte mousse foam
baviphat pearl brightening gommage cream

make up products :
holika holika face 2 change liquid roller bb cream
holika holika aqua petit jelly bb cream
nature republic by flower bb cream
skin food red orange jelly bb cream
nature republic ice jelly primer in cherry
skin food black egg pore foundation
skin79 skinny mirror pact
skin food choco eye liner jam coco dip mocca
tony moly backstage eye liner black
innisfree herb pastel blusher
a'pieu nature floral tint gloss duo no.5 coral peach
baviphat pure kiss lipgloss #3
the face shop lovely me:ex plumper no.01
nyx mega shine lip gloss natural
etude house miss tangerine follow me tint
skin food shea butter lip care bar #1 raspberry
nyx luscious lip palette the perfect everyday colours
skin food fresh fruit lip&cheek #4 apricot
nyx tango with bronze powder
mask sheet/mask pack sheet
my beauty diary, baviphat, vov, innisfree, skin food

so, now you can see or imagine product i'm gonna use and review for the whole year.. lol. yup, i alway bought lots for my stock for a complete year (or at least 8-9 months).
Next i will also review the seller i bought all this products, and of course, posting other shopping hauls from jakarta.

see u soon!