Thursday, October 20, 2011

mask review : skin food kiwi yogurt mask wash off

Ever since i tried skin food mask wash off series, i like mask wasf off better than peel off mask. So, after satisfied with skinfood rice, sesame and black sugar (although the black sugar one is more like scrubs) wash off series, last year i bought other variants, banana and kiwi yogurt. I had this kiwi yogurt for awhile,unopened in my drawer. i didn't open it until i finished all my mask. so last month when i finally finished all other masks, i reached this one.

so, is it good? well, let's see.

scent : i was a bit dissapointed with the scent. well, i was hoping it will smell kiwi+yogurt? well, i can't really imagine how kiwi smells like, but at least i was hoping it will at least smells fresh-fruity, but it doesn't. it smells like.. a bar soap? an original non perfumed soap. it is ok, though. not a bad smell or something yucks, but i am the type that likes lovely scent in my beauty products. hehe

texture : it is thick. creamy and as you can see below, there are tiny little green kiwi-seeds-alike.
how to use :
just like any other skin food mask wash off, after clean your face, gently massage over dry face, leave it for around 10-15minutes, then rinse off. to get a cooling effect, put this product in the refrigerator. i always keep my skin food mask wash off in the fridge. i like it cold better.

the effect :
after rinse off, i can feel and see how my face look soooo fresh and clean, also brighter and a little bit moisturised. yup, the moisturizer here is not as good as banana one.
i have no complain about the result. no breakout, no side effects.

overall, this product is recomended for those who want express fresh-clean-bright face, or if you feel your face look dull, you need something refreshing, you can reach for this one. but for me, this one come last comparing skinfood banana, rice, black sugar and sesame.from all of that skin food wash off i still prefer rice or black sugar.

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