Thursday, October 27, 2011

skin care review : L'oreal derma genesis pore minimising smoother

first of all, welcome back to my life L'oreal! yup, l'oreal was one of my fav product, in fact i was quite loyal with l'oreal. around 2-3 years maybe? during my working days (after graduated from college) until i got married, i used l'oreal set (cleansing-toner-cream) white series or hydra series (forgot the name of this set but it's the green one). when i read l'oreal launched this new line, i was tempted to try if they are still as good as i remember or even better.

anyway, the story began when i read a review of this product on, one of my indonesian beauty/fashion website. in fact, not just l'oreal but i also bought some other products recomended, tested, reviewed by them. So, when i travelled to jakarta, i knew that we would spend more than a month there, so i thought, i'll just buy a set of skin care to use there. besides, i didn't want to open my korean products because it's better sealed or it could explode on the plane during the flight. so i bought this, and i'm glad i did. ok now let's jump to the review.

cleansing scrub
it's a tube content 100ml. at the back of packaging there is some information that they translated into bahasa and stick it there, you can see or even read it here;
the texture :
it's thick and creamy with tiny-little scrubs. you can't really see the scrubs from the picture because it is reallly tiny.
performance :
what it promises on the packaging : smoothes, refreshes, brightens
i didn't notice all that promises before, but i noticed after some days, every after i washed mt face with this, somehow i felt my face smooth. i was surprise actually. i didn't expect my cleansed to smoothes my face. i thought cleanser only well, to clean your face. that's it. as long as it cleans my face well without making it dry, that's good enough. but this one, i got extra bonus, which is it smoothes my face after i cleaned my face and wiped slowly with towel. nicee!!
and yes, it is a scrub cleansing foam, but it is mild, not too hard for my skin. i have been using this for almost 2 months, twice a day (day and night) and so far it's been good, not giving me any breakouts, harsh, also cleans well, and it does refreshes too, and as for brightens i can say yes it does brighter, not whiter though.

transparant plastic bottle, just like other l'oreal toner packaging. the scent also similar with other l'oreal toner. not something lovely. smells just like.. hemmm.. toner? lol. seriously. it smells just like any other toner from supermarket like viva, nivea, etc.
what it promises on the packaging : smoothes skin refines and tightens pores.
as for the smoothes skin, i can't really feel it anyway. it's not as good as skin food peach sake toner. with skin food peach sake toner i could really feel after toning my face became smooth and my pores somehow feels tighter, but with this i just felt fresh and ready for the next step which is the cream. but it is still good toner as it doesn't dry my face.

gel cream
a pump bottle. i like it!

texture :
performance :
normally i don't rally like gel cream because it didn't give me enough moisturiser. i need creamy rich cream extra moisturiser in yemen. well, it turned out that this gel cream is rich! i thought it will just works good in jakarta, but heyy.. here i am back in Yemen, it's been 3 weeks and this gel cream works good too! i can feel my hands, my legs started getting dry as the winter just started, but my face still not feeling dry and moisturised. nice...

overall :
 this set of product is called pore minimising smoother. and yes, it is been awhile i didn't reach pore nose strip, and yes, i can really feel my nose smoother than before, which means it does minimise and smoothes my pore.
nice job, l'oreal! and the good thing is, the set cost me less than rp.300.000.

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