Sunday, October 16, 2011

online shopping review : chic princessa

next destination for online shopping.. it's chic princessa.

i knew this website since three years ago, or since i started using korean beauty products, and i have been a loyal consumer ever since. everytime i travelled to jakarta or some moment where my mom send me a package i always stoped by and bought something.
Anyway, the website itself is user friendly, easy to use. First you need to register (free, of course) then you can start shopping by click "buy" to any products you want and will automatically added to your shopping chart. It is also easy to find products you are looking for as it is categorized brand and by category, for example, there is chic's beauty category that when you click, it will show cosmetics products on different other category; base&powder, bb cream, blush&highligt, eye, lip, nails, pallete and sample corner.
All the prices are reasonable, of course much much cheaper than the counter, but still more expensive than pre order items. Yup. the good thing is that all the products available here are ready stock so you don't have to wait a month or so. In fact, if you pay before 3am, the delivery will be on the same day. oh yes, that's another good thing about this shop. The service is really quick. once i asked a question about something and the reply also fast. The proccess of the order also fast.i received my package the next day or 2days after i paid.

My favourite items (that kept me coming back shopping here) are the mask sheet, sample corner and travel set. items i bought this time:
 some skinfood travel sets, skin79 bb cream mini tube, skin79 pact, innisfree herb pastel blusher
 set of skin food bb cream in mini tube
skin food platinum grape cell travel set
skin food ancient rice travel set
my beauty diary mask sheets and some baviphat and etude house samples.

and then... this year i found out that they also accept pre order (which the price would be cheaper). I was wondering why they don't put pre order option on their website so customers will aware with the option. i was looking everywhere on the website where to order by pre order, where are the list for pre order products, but sadly it's not on the website. when i asked chic-princessa, the owner replied, yes i can join their pre order and she forwarded my email to her sister who managed pre order. So this 2 sisters, vivi and wiwi, one manages chic princessa ready stock (the website) and the other manages pre order.
After that i got the pricelist, and every month i got an update about their pre order price list and schedule. i am so happy that they have lots of products on their pre order list. NYX, laneige, tony moly, apieu, innisfree, nature republic, the face shop, missha, baviphat, the skin food, etude house, and holika holika.i had a hard time choosing them. lol. anyway, this is my haul from pre order :

overall, i am satisfied shopping here, both on the website (ready stock) and pre order (you have to wait 2-3weeks from the day pre order closed). i will definetely come back and shop here again.


peripelangi said...

may i know chic princessa contact?

galleryibu said...

check the web and click contact us. she will reply to your email

galleryibu said...

Customer Service: 085693118880 /