Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lip care review : skin food shea butter lip care bar raspberry

when i read the pricelist of pre order korean beauty products, it was sooo hard to choose one lip balm/lip care! first, sooo manu out there!! second, how do i know which one is good? i was searching for lip care review, and at the end i was in between 2 products, which is this one and etude house milk screw. as a fan of skinfood more than etude house, i chose this one.
from skin food website:
This lip care bar contains shea butter to provide moisture to dry, chapped lips, making them smooth and healthy

the size is standard, same like any other lip care bar, and it contains shea butter!.. which i hoped will be good. is it good?

to be honest, i am quite dissapointed. first, the scent is so so. very light berry scent but not lovely enough. in fact i have to sniff from close to be able to smell the raspberry scent. 2nd, it doesn't provide enough moisturised, specially at this time in Yemen when the weather change from summer into winter. it is very dry here and my lip started cracking. This one didn't help. at night i still have to reach my vaseline jelly for my lip.
and there is no colour. although when i tried on my hand i can see very light pink colour, very very light that you can't really see it, so i can't use it for lip colour either or at least to make my lip looks fresh and not pale.

anyway, i can't just put this product aside. i will just apply this one on a day light, although it means i have to reapply every hour or so.

my conclusion? i think i will not order any lip care product from skin food anymore. last year i also dissapointed with skin food honey lip treatment. so i guess lip care is not really the specialty of skin food. i still love skin food though. they have a good skin care products and make up. or maybe, if your lip is in normal condition, not dry or cracking, maybe this could work for you.

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D_Red said...

haha aku juga punya lip care rapsberry ini

Klo buat aku lumayan melembabkan lah,walaupun gak tahan lama.
Setidaknya gak bikin putih2 di bibir lah^_^