Tuesday, February 19, 2013

mask sheet review : my beauty diary earl grey tea macaron & skin food juice white cheek sheet

This would be my last post before i travel to Jakarta tomorrow.. Normally i don't update or write my blog when i was there, but this time i will stay quite long there (around 3 months) so i hope i could spare some time to write in here but well,,let's see :) anyway.. today i'm gonna write a review about mask sheet. Since normally mask sheet will be just a short review, so i'll just put two of them in one post.

First it.. My beauty diary Earl grey tea & macaroon sheet mask
As you may know by now, my beauty diary is my fav brand for mask sheet because of the cheap price, nice result, nice scent, all in all, everything is just nice for me. and this one? OMG from the name itself it's tempting already. tea and macaroon?who doesn't want to try that?
From the name, of course i expected some sweet or delicious scent from this mask..but i guess now i'm dissapointed by my own expectation just because it doesn't smell delisious as i thought it would be. The scent of this mask is really light in fact, i have to really sniff to it to be able to smell something.. There is only a light hint, sweet scent, not something delicious or yummy..lol. But anyway it's just a scent and i think many people prefer product like this anyway, with only a hint of sweet scent.

The quality, just like any other my beauty diary mask, never fail me. it did good as a mask sheet. It's sooo watery, moisturizing and hydrating, that although i put it on my face for 30 minutes it still didn't get dry. It also didn't give me any uncomfortable feeling like itchy, redness or rash.. it was a smooth comfortable 30minutes during this mask on my face.
and the result after using this mask, i got a fresh-brighten face, felt so hydrated. another nice mask sheet to keep!

Skin food Juice white cheek sheet
Actually it's not a face mask sheet. as you can see from the name, it's a cheek sheet. Yup! it's only for your cheek area!

can you read the description from the packaging? i hope it's clear enough.. well the promise is to minimize current skin discoloration and help brighten complexion.
But i was wondering.. why only for cheek? why not the whole face?
this is the cheek mask looks like..
it looks like an eye patch but bigger.. but in my opinion, it's still to small for cheek. it didn't cover the whole cheek.. only upper part of it. Or maybe my face to chubby and most korean girls have slim face? haha..
The mask itself is not like any regular mask sheet,, it's like with a jelly texture in it..

So last night i tried using this cheek mask.. put it on my cheek area and i left it for around 30 minutes..it felt a little bit cold, nice cooling feeling, didn't give me any discomfort, didn't make my cheek itchy. Then after 30minutes i removed it..
the result?
seriously.. nothing!
i don't see anything.. no brighten complexion or at least brighten and glowing cheek maybe? lol.. well of course there's no such thing like a magic product where you can get instant result, but sometimes mask sheet or mask pack can give you instant brightening or glowing or any other effect although only temporary. and this cheek mask didn't give me that.
of course, it's written in the packaging,  "apply 2 or 3 times per week"  so one application is not enough? but cmooon.. who will use this 2-3 times per week? well not me... with a price even more expensive than a mask sheet but only cover cheek area, i would just go for a regular mask sheet like my beauty diary than this one.

so ladies,,, that's it for today,, i gotta start packing.. see u soon!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

sleeping mask review : The face shop Raspberry slim&lift sleeping mask

Sleeping mask became part of my routine since i first tried it almost 2 years ago. I just like the idea of extra care while sleeping. I don't use it everyday, maybe only once to twice a week. So after i finished etude house sleeping pack tube and many sleeping pask sample, i decided to buy a new one, and i chose this one from the face shop, raspberry slim&lift. Actually i wanted to try the raspberry root sleeping mask version but it seems like it was discontinued and this is the new version, i'm not sure, but i've been looking in some my fav sellers and only this one available..

anyway.. what is this product anyway?
a little bit information from the bottle : "facial contours are toned and lifted while you are sleeping"
that's it? no more information in english? ok then, i'll look on the net..
well, this is more information i googled;

This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts tightens pores and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience.
Nourishes hydrates and relaxes skin through the night - Convenient. Does not need to be washed off.

The packaging is this nice simple looking plastic pump bottle, with a plastic cap. The pump is easy to use, so far i don't have problem with the pump
The texture..
it's a transparant light gel. How to apply this sleeping mask is just apply evenly as your last step of skin care before sleeping. After washing your face, toner, serum or emulsion or cream, apply this as your last step. First time trying this, i could feel this is soo light.. not rich or creamy like a night cream. i was hoping it would be or feel richer since it's a sleeping mask. The scent, it's a sweet fruity scent, very light and not overpowering. i don't think it smells like any berries but it's just a hint of fruity scent anyway.

So i was expected it would give me extra moisturized during the night, but i was dissapointed. my skin care cream is richer and more moisturized than this. Ok then, extra moisturized maybe not what it promised. In fact it promised slim and lift... BUT.. a big but here, i don't feel any lifting effect either. do i have to use it continuesly to see more result? but some other mask i could feel the lifting effect instantly although not permanently. This one is not even instantly. No softer face, firm and lift face, nothing really. it's just a light moisturizer for me and i'm not a fan of it :(

Maybe i expected too much? well, i had a good experience with etude house sleeping pack, innisfree wine sleeping pack, holika holika honey sleeping pack..so i was hoping this would be good too.. but anyway.. since it didn't give me any breakout or rash, i will just continue using this until i finish the whole bottle i guess..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

hair care review : skin food Moisture egg hair pack

This is my first skin food hair product i've tried. After awhile using skin food skin care,cleansing, make up fot the face, of course i also curious to try their hair and body products, and as for the hair, i chose this one. I really wanted to try their shampoo and conditioner too but i found it a little bit too expensive for shampoo products, well, i mean.. comparing to the market or drug store shampoo products.

Anyway,, the name is a hair pack. as far as i know, korean brand named a mask or wash off mask as a "pack". Like for a face wash off mask, they use the name "wash off pack" so i guess this one is a hair mask since they named it hair pack?
the information from the packaging
From the direction to use, it's not too much different than to use any conditioner. Maybe just leave it longer for maximum result.
First, the packaging comes in this plastic bulky tube. It's 200 gr so it's quite bulky for a tube. The design is just simple, no cute stuff there.
and then.. the scent.. don't worry, it doesn't smells like egg. it actually smells just like some other drug store hair mask or hair cream product
colour and texture..
it's yellow-ish thick and creamy, like a custard..
I tried to apply it both in dry hair before shower of wet/damp hair after shower.
When i first tried it just follow the direction, after shampoo, remove excess water from the hair by squeezing my hair, then started to apply this creamy hair pack from the middle off the hair till the end, not from the root. it didn't feel like the cream stick on my hair or absorb, it felt like the cream just came off with water so i need to put more. i think it's best to towel dry your hair first so the cream will absorb more. Anyway, then i waited while scrubbing my body or just with soap, then i rinse it off with water.
the result?
i don't see or feel any amazing result. it felt just like any other drugstore conditioner! seriously! yes, my hair was easier to comb and less tangled and not dry but only for that day and the effect is just same like other conditioner like dove or pantene.

But i didn't give up. Some other time i tried using it on my dry hair, before shower. I applied it on my dry hair. it was nice, not sticky and messy.. Then i waited before shower.You know what.. this way is better.. i could feel the cream absorbed to my hair and gave my hair nice moisturizer
The effect of this way is slightly better.. it felt like a hair mask this way, not just any conditioner. i could feel the extra moisturized and softer hair. But again, it didn't wowed me. it felt just like hair mask from drug store/market! -- lately i tried pantene and dove hair mask and they both are good and this one is just like them.

My conclusion? not special product, just so so, just like something you can get from drug store and supermarket with cheaper price. So it's clear that i'm not impressed and will not repurchase this, but i'm still curious with skin food pomegranate hair care line though.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

BB cream review : skin food good afternoon Honey black tea bb cream

When the skin food launched this new line of good afternoon bb cream last year (was it last year already?) i could see the good response and antusiasm of beauty bloggers out there. Well, first, they are cute and comes with 5 variants you can choose : apple cinnamon tea, berry berry tea, honey black tea, peach green tea, rose lemon tea. and then the price is also in the lower side. i got mine for Rp.89.000 each from chic-princessa ready stock products. If  you ordered from pre order it would be even cheaper.
As a fan of skin food, i wanted to grab all of them! lol but well, i managed to just got 2 of them which is this honey black tea and peach green tea.
This is information for each line :
Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ contains moisturizing honey and skin-firming red tea extract to keep skin soft and glowing.
Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF 20 PA+  contains vitamin-rich peach and oil-controlling green tea, promoting a fresh matte complexion all day long.
Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB SPF20 PA+  contains revitalizing rose and hydrating lemon tea for a firm, dewy complexion.
Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB SPF 36 PA++  contains skin-brightening apple and detoxifying cinnamon tea along with clinically proven skin lighteners to promote a bright complexion with a subtle glow.
Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB SPF35 PA++  contains the anti-aging superfood, acai berry, and raspberry tea along with clinically proven wrinkle smootheners to keep skin smooth and firm.

so I bought honey black tea and peach green tea,  i was planning to use honey black tea during winter and peach green tea for summer. and for now, i only opened the honey black tea and keeping the peach green tea for later..
i like the packaging.. it's inside the tube, simple and compact enough to carry for travelling. it contains 30 g, which is enough for people who like trying new products like me.

 information from the packaging..
 i like the promise there.. long lasting bb cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging..

Firat, the scent,, it has a light hint of honey which i actually like, not too overpowering, and a light hint of honey is nice and better than regular cosmetic or perfume scent.
 i got mine for shade number #2. shade #2 of skin food bb cream normally fits me and perfect for my shade.
the texture and swatch..
The texture is light creamy.. perfect for me, not too watery and not too thick. very easy to apply evenly, blended and absorbed perfectly without waiting too long..
the shade is as i expected, it's just my tone. perfect shade for me. But the coverage is only light to medium, although it's buildable, you can apply more if you think you need more, but still the coverage for me is just like for a day light, not for a formal or night make up. To go to some occasion not casual or daily shopping, i prefer other bb cream with more coverage.
after blended..
My experience with this bb cream..
i decided to started using this bb cream on that time when my face started getting dry.. about 1 and half month ago.. my skin started effected by dry winter.. my skin became dry on some areas, i started to see some dry flakes... rrrrrggghhh.. and i thought, this is a good time to test this new bb cream to see if it's good and has a healing effect..
and.... less than a week (around 5 days..) i could see the result immediately. This bb cream has a healing properties for my dry skin!! When i applied this on my dry skin area, it moisturized the dry skin and cover the dry flakes and after some days the dry flakes were totally gone!! it also didn't make the sensitive part even worse. so it's the right bb cream for me to use when my skin needed some healing! bye bye dry flakes and sensitive skin..

Overall, i like this bb cream a looot.. i'm happy that i got this and excited to try the other variants (even all variants if possible.. lol)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

eye product review : Garnier Light eye roll on

I found this 2 products in Zinati, a new make up-skincare shop in town..it's something like watson but.. middle east style maybe? hehe..i used to have the eye roll on (the yellow one) before, but i stoped using it and forgot about it until i saw it again last time. Actually what attracted me more is the new version one, the tinted eye roll on, that you can use and apply to cover dark circle. I read review about that somewhere (can't remember) and in asia (Was it jakarta?) they even named it as BB eye roll on as you know, it's the trend of BB cream so everything with a BB name would be interesting.

Anyway, the one i got has no BB name on it, but instead the name is "tinted eye roll on" and you know what.. the tinted roll on (the new version) is made in france while the regular yellow one is made in india.. and they were displayed next to each other. huh.

ok then i'll just start to review both of the eye roll on
The information from the box (the yellow regular one)
this one is the information from the box of the tinted eye roll on
the roll on.. it's easy to use. just simply apply under your eye, it will glide smoothly..

Ok, first the yellow one..
from the front packaging :
it contains caffeine and pro vitamin B5
massaging roller helps drain puffiness
immediate cooling effect
anti puffiness
anti dark circle

For people with "panda eyes" or dark circle around or under the eyes area, this product is so tempted to try. Like me.. hehe.. although somehow i knew it wouldnt work like magic but i still bought it.. again. so yes, i wanted my eyes to look fresh, without dark circle under my eyes... well ok, maybe less dark circle..
So i started using it on January.. it's been a month i used this regularly.. well, it gave a nice cooling effect but seriously... i guess i can't expect a magic here. first, you need to be patient and second, you need to also change your life style like drinking a lot of water and have enough sleep, not late after midnight sleep.
There was some days (almost a week) when i didn't feel healthy so i slept early continuesly and drank lots and lots of water.. and i could see how my dark circle on my eyes really improved!it was less visible.. but the moment i was back to old habit, sleeping late and less water.. the "panda eyes" came back although i was still using this eye roll on.
So girls.. it's not a magic product, if you want to make it work, well, you should change your life style too!!

and then there is this tinted eye roll on.. with another promise to cover dark circle..
from the front packaging :
anti dark circle care moisturizer _ tinted concealer
reduction of dark circle + immediate coverage
immediate coolong effect
with caffeine + lemon essence
instant fairness

ok,, now it also sounds like an eye concealer right.. when i first i saw it, i thought, i got to try it!
there's shade to choose from this tinted concealer, and at that time i bought this there were 2 shades only, 01 and 02.. i got mine number 02-light.. number 01 is even lighter.
 so this is the shade of this tinted eye roll on.  when i first applied it under my eye.. omg,, it's toooo light! but when i used my finger to smear it evenly somehow the colour just adjusted and set perfectly.  So since then i used this roll on as an under eye concealer. the texture is very light, not creamy or thick, and easy to apply. i needed my finger ti do the job but it was great. I don't know how it effected permanently but as for now i've been using it for a month everyday in the morning as an eye concealer before applying bb cream, while the yellow one i used it at night or in the morning when i woke up before shower.

my conclusion?

again, not a magic product, but fun to try and since it's not really expensive so i don't mind repurchase this when mine is finish. or maybe i will just repurchase the tinted roll on one to use as an eye concealer.

Monday, February 11, 2013

skin care set review : Etude house aloe moistfull skincare kit

As i mentioned on my post about etude house moistfull collagen skincare set, i also have this moistfull set with aloe, and i was gonna try this one first before deciding which line to buy (well i was hoping to try the moistfull white first too, if possible).
The set comes with a carton box, including 4 types of skin care;
aloe moistfull soothing skin
aloe moistfull first essence
aloe moistfull soothing lotion
aloe moistfull soothing cream

This is information from www.prettyandcute.com  (without soothing skin) :

Etude House Aloe Moistfull Skincare Kit is a mini set that to help soothe, alleviate, and moisturize dry and irritated skin. Enriched with Baobab Tree Extracts and Organix Aloe, it instantly supplies skin with full moisture by penetrating deep into the skin. It will retain moisture in the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Set Includes:
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Essence…......15ml
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel……….…..15ml
Aloe Moistful Soothin Cream………...10ml

Aloe Moistfull Soothing Essence: After cleansing, apply to entire face. Gentle pat to help absorption.
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Cream: After essence, apply an appropriate amount all over face. Gently pat to help absorption.
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel: After cream, massage over face. Re-apply when needed to dry and irritated areas.

  • Moisturizes
  • Tightens Complexion
  • Soothes
  • Moisture Retention
  • Alleviates

I like how the set comes in 15ml for each skin, essence and lotion, and 10 ml for the cream, so i have more time and more product of course, to try. Normally with a travel mini size like this, the cream and essence only 5 ml so normally they will finish first. But this one i got 15 ml of essence and 10ml of the cream.

So this line is supposed to soothe and moisturized dry and irritated skin, so it would be good for sensitive skin too. In my case, i could use this line on winter when the weather here suppppper dry and my skin got irritated, dryness,flaky skin and redness sometime. Or you can use this line on summer, when you were out and got sunburn and need a skincare to sooth your skin.

well, to see how this line work, let's just start with the review..

Aloe moistfull soothing skin
Now many korean started to use the word "skin" instead of "toner", but actually they are the same.. So this is the first step of the skin care rouine..I used this one with a cotton pad. The texture is watery, the scent.. i don't really know how the smell of aloe, but this one just smell fresh.. there is  a scent of sweetness, i don't know what it is, but comparing to moistfull collagen skin/toner, i like the scent of moistfull collagen better.
As i applied this on my face, it freshen up my face, giving a little bit cold sensation but not burning or tingling. It didn't make face dry, so i think it's quite good for me.

Aloe moitfull first essence
After soothing skin, now it's time to apply the essence. The texture is this watery transparent very light gel. seriously, it's sooo light, almost like water. It's only a little bit thicker than the soothing skin. In fact i grabbed it wrong between the essence and skin twice or three times because they look the same and there was some time i didn't read the label and pour the essence into cotton pad as i thought it was the soothing skin, or other way round.
Not just the texture, the scent also similar with the skin. When i applied this on my face, it felt sooo light, just like applying thicker water.It was absorbed on my face very quickly. it felt like a light moisturizer.Maybe it boost up the skin to prepare for the next step but for me i don't really feel the effect of this essence. it feels like i can just skip this one.

Aloe moistfull soothing lotion

Aloe moistfull soothing lotion.. it's a very lightweight lotion..when i first applied on my face, i don't know why i smell a hint of jasmine scent...? it has a similar hint of scent like the skin and essence, but maybe this one smells a little bit stronger, like there is another extra fragrance there.. maybe not jasmine but sometimes i could smell a hint of jasmine or something like it..??
 I think this lotion is a watery based, i could feel and see it as it absorbed on my skin. This i a good lotion for a day light, since it's very light but moisturizing. But i think i have a little problem with this lotion. there was some day when i felt itchy after applying this lotion. it was weird, since it didn't happen with the cream although they are from the same line. It didn't give me any breakout or anything though.

Aloe moistfull soothing cream

The cream.. when i opened this small cute jar, i liked the cream straightaway from the look!!why? well, it looks like the right texture for me. Not to thick and not too light. The scent is similar with the lotion but the lotion still has a stronger scent.  The texture of this cream is lighter than moistfull collagen cream, but this one also a good moisturizing cream. It kept my face moisturized during the night. No dry skin when i woke up, and it's not too rich that made my face feel greasy in the morning, so for me it's a good cream!!

Overall, what i could say is, comparing to etude house moistfull colagen line, i will definetely choose the moistfull collagen, not this one. well maybe this one will be moire suitable to those who has irritated or sensitive skin. My skin condition is quite normal at this time so i don't really feel the benefit of this line.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

face mask review : Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask

This is one of innisfree famous product out there! i've been reading many reviews about this, and i've been wanting to try since 2 years ago.. But always distracted by other cuter or more interesting mask. lol.. yup.. i'm the type who can't say no to cute lovely products, so that's why it's been awhile for me to finnaly have this one. In fact this one i bought in Shanghai, when i visited innisfree store and bought a set of innisfree products, including this one.

anyway, to get it started, this is information i found on the net..
From the picture above..it's clear that this mask is targeted for skin with pores, blackhead, extra sebum.. it will be good for those with oily skin..
First, the packaging.. i like the packaging..it looks classy, strong..first i thought it's made from glass but no, it's made from some kind of plastic but the good, thick, solid one, not kind of cheap-thin plastic. The size is also perfect. Not too big, not too small. just enough for people who like trying new stuff like me. Sometimes when the jar is too big and the product too much i don't know how to finish it and i can't take it for travelling. But this one, it's convinient for travelling too. I will take it with me when i travel to Jakarta by the end of this month.
Open the cap, there is this another plastic cover, which is good. No spatula included though. I don't know if you buy not with set if you will get spatula, but i don't get spatula. i don't like to dip my finger in it since it's sticky and not hygienic but i don't have extra spatula :(
The texture is this creamy thick paste, with brown-greyish color, just like any other volcanic mask i guess. The smell is ok, of course since it's volcanic mask, i can't expect sweet or delicious smell, but thank god at least it doesn't smells bad. it smells.. well, just like volcanic mask. i've tried other volcanic mask before and they are all have similar scent.
The thick paste after i scooped out
This is how it looks like when spread out evenly.. I used my finger to spread out on my face, although i would like to use a mask brush but i don't have any at this moment. Well, surprisingly, it was easy to apply with my hand. at first i though it would be messy, sticky and not spread evenly but it wasn't.. it was easy and smooth to apply, i could decide how thin or how thick i want to apply the layer of the mask.

After i applied evenly on my face, i was waiting for around 10-15 minutes. it will get harden a little bit, but the good thing is not too much, not that kind that will make your face stiff and you can't even talk. It will only get harden a little bit and for me it didn't give me any discomfort like itchy or redness after use

To remove the mask, it could feel like the mask stick on your face and need a little effort to remove it completly. try to use warm water, it's better and easier. I needed to rub and massage circular with water to remove the mask.

The result?
I felt my fave smoother and matte. not that silky smooth, but a little bit smooth, tight and matte. i felt my pores on my nose tightening. So it really is for pore and sebum care, and targeted for oily skin. because i dont feel extra moisturized effect from this mask. and i used this mask at night on the weekend, the next morning when i woke up and shower late, i felt some part on my skin a little bit dry. I think it was because the effect of the mask from the night before. The mask made my face really matte that's good for my oily nose but not good for other part of my face like my cheek.

Overall, this is really good treatment for oily skin, but not for dry skin. it will make your skin even dryer. But for a pore or sebum care, this is a good mask!
I like it and i'm thinking to buy other variants of this innisfree mask. They even have in 30 ml, i think it would be cute..