Sunday, February 3, 2013

bb cream review : Baviphat BB special miniature gift set part 1

To be honest, i'm not too excited trying this although i loooove gift set.. why i'm not too excited? because bb cream on this set only available for this special gift set, not for sale in the big tube. Why? i really have no idea.. But i was checking on the net and it seems like they don't sale this on full size. In fact maybe it's no longer available on baviphat. Only seller from ebay, gmarket, etc still carry this set.

For me, well, it's been in my drawer since last year (woooopppsss) and i was trying many other bb creams (and as you may know.. it could take months and months to finish 1 tube.. it seems impossible to finish 1 tube of bb cream, specially if you are that kind of person who like to try something new..hehe) so by the time i finally get a chance to try.. it's been more than a year since i purchased this from iheartkoreanbeauty :), online seller based in Singapore.
and since there are 4 bb creams total in this set, i will divide it into 2 reviews..
First, let's see these cuties
from left to right:
the blue one : Baviphat moisture teardrop 50% BB
the pink one : Baviphat shiny reflection 2in1 BB
the white one : Baviphat supreme discolor magic BB
the yellow-gold one : Baviphat triple Vline cover BB SPF45/PA++

I like the packaging.. each tube has a glossy finish packaging, looks pretty for travelling, not that kind of plastic tube. The cap is this silver twist cap..again, not that cheap look like plastic cap that i normally got from bb cream 8ml sample like this.

Ok then.. now i will start the review with the blue one,
Baviphat moisture teardrop 50% BB
Since they don't have the full size product for this, i couldn't find any information on the net. All i could do is just guessing from the name.. so.. the name is moisture, so it's suppose to provide good moisturizer and the target is people with dry skin. Teardrop 50%? what's that suppose to mean? lol well for me i'll just label it as moisture bb cream.
so here's the swatch

The shade is acceptable for me.. not too light and not too dark. the texture is also nice, not too thick and not too watery. The scent is just cosmetic scent, not perfumed or fragrant smell. When i first trying this bb cream, i find it a little hard to spread and blend..Comparing to other bb cream i recently used; holika holika aqua petit jelly bb and skin food good afternoon honey black tea bb cream; both are easy to blend-- while this one, i find it need a little bit more effort to blend it well on my skin. and it also need more amount of bb cream to cover the whole face than other bb cream i've tried. I squeezed out the same amount like other bb cream, and it turned out i needed more cream.

The other day i tried using primer before this, and it blended easier. But without primer, i needed more time and effort to set this bb cream.
Now to what it claim based on the name, which is moisture. o yes, in fact it is a good moisturizer, a good bb cream for dry skin. There was one day i was using this bb cream and didn't set with powder. Just this bb cream. 4 hours later.. my nose was shiny! shiny as in soooo oily... i was surprised because the weather still dry here although it's not that cold anymore, and normally during this time my nose less oily and my skin became dryer. With this bb cream, my face stay moisturized during the day my nose became oily again. But at least my face stay moisturised and no dry flakes.

overall, it's good moisturiser bb cream but as a bb cream it lack many things.. come on.. no SPF? these days all bb cream contain spf! and then the blending-spreading process also not as convinient as others.. so.. still poor comparing to other bb cream.

next to review..
Baviphat shiny reflection 2in1 BB
Ok, the name scare me already.. shiny? is it with glitter? i don't like bb cream with glitter!! and in fact yes it is bb cream with glitter..
so what to review? i don't even dare to try this.. so sorry girl..but anyway here's the swatch
without flash

with flash
The texture is watery, the most watery from all b cream on this set. the colour also a little bit different than the moisture one. This one has an orange tone.
The glitter? oh yes there is a glitter and it's sooo noticable. in fact although i wash my hand with water after this swatch, the glitter was still there!
So i'm sorry i didn't try this one on my face. i'm a housewife-mother, my daily activity is to take my daughter to her kindergarten, pick her up, shopping for grocery, baking cake in my kitchen.. why do i need a glittler on my face and look like a disco ball? maybe if you want to go at night to the club.. or party.. yes you can try this.. but for me,, these days.. no, thank u :)
 so that's it for now.. i will continue tomorrow with the other 2 bb creams from this set.

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