Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lip product review :Tony moly petite bunny gloss bar

A cute stuff from tony moly!
I think it's one of favourite and famous tony moly products out there. When i typed on google, there are so many result of this product's review. Actually i didn't know about this from the net. These cuties attracted me when i was in the store. So one day i visited Tony moly store in PIM 1, and I saw this, i thought, oh cute..i Swatched it on my hand, and decided to buy the pink one. The price from the store is Rp.79.000. I checked rie butik, it's Rp.46.000 if you order there. see why many people like to buy online? But anyway, that time after i went home and tried the gloss bar the next day, i liked it straightaway and the next visit to PIM i went to Tony moly again and bought the orange one. As i'm writting this review, to be honest, i don't know which number i got. it's written in korean. sos sorry about that.
 anyway, this is information from tonymoly english global site :
1. Strawberry extract: prevent trouble, pore refine 2. Grape extract: potent anti oxidant, cell regenerating 3. Orange extract: abundant vit C, whitening and radiant skin 4. Peach extract: prevent dry skin, strengthen skin immunity 5. Apple extract: pectin fortifies pore 6. Cherry extract: whitening and anti-aging Lift up about 3~5mm and lightly apply to lips Excessive lifting may cause damage

I like the packaging.. it's a pen stick type, with a cute bunny cap. just cute.

the swatch :

the left one is the pink one and the right one is the orange one.. it's not too different right.. and i got this shade colour after about 5 times swipe.

about the product itself.. it's actually not a lipstick.. for me it's more like a tinted balm. I don't know why they named this gloss bar because there's no glossy effect from this product.
How this gloss bar on my lip, first i like the colour on my lip. i need to apply this more than 2 swipe for the colour to show, or it's up to you how do you like the colour. You want more, just add more swipe.

and the good thing is that it moisturized my lip. I don't need to apply lip balm before this. Just use this, i got the moisturized and the colour. and it looks natural on my lip. i like it.. specially for everyday colour, it made me look fresh and not too over make up. But if you are working, or dress up nice going somewhere, you might want lipstick. This one is only for casual occasion.

overall, yes i like this and although i might not buy more of this, i will look for other tony moly lip product.

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