Saturday, July 30, 2011

revew : korean mask

To be honest, i have no idea what brand are these masks. i got them for free from rie butik. one thing for sure, they are korean brand. i am not familiar with the brand. nabina? medieu vite white beam?
anyway, the first one i am going to review is medieu vita white beam. there is some english information and direction on the back of the packaging. it is for whitening purpose, and recommended to use twice a week for optimal result. i was surprised when i tried this on my face. the shape of the mask fit perfectly! in fact this is the best shape for sheet mask. i mean, sometimes with sheet mask is a little bit tricky, sometimes it is too big that will caused some fold here and ther, but this one, fit perfectly, no unnecessary folds here and there, it is just sit there comfortably and perfectly. as for the scent, it smells like.. hmm.. vitamin c? it reminds me of the body shop vitamin c products. wait,  was it vit c or e? the line with pink packaging? i used them when i was in college, long time ago so i forgot. overall, it smells nice, good extra moisturiser, and even when i was finished there was still lots of liquid left in the packaging to apply on my face. nice..

the second one is nabina collagen lifting mask. the shape is not fit to my face, to big and caused some folds here and there. but it smells nice, and i like the feeling after using this mask, not just extra moisturised but also..lifting? yeah, "kenyal2 kencang gitu deh.. terutama bagian pipi, kerasa banget".

overall, both are nice products. in fact i think all sheet mask will just work good for me.hehehe.. yup, so far sheet masks never failed me. it is only a little bit pricey i guess..

Friday, July 29, 2011

(not so good) Hair product review : vatika

haha.. the title says it all. i will review some products i don't like,,,,
well, when i bought this 2 products, i knew that should just stick with garnier or loreal but at that time they were not available, only this brand and some other unknown brand so i just boguht them. i bought in oil type and cream type to try which one is the best for me. as i told you before in my previous post, in yemen my hair became dry and tangled, so hard to brush smoothly. even conditioner is not enough. so extra hair care is a must. my yemeni friend said that yemeni women use hair oil. well, yes, in fact i saw my neighbour use hair oil then wrap her hair with cloth or thin cotton pashmina then started cleaning the house, then shower and wash it off.
so this is my review for vatika cactus enriched hair oil
Vatika is a brand from United Arab Emirates. the brand has so many variant, and i chose cactus one because it is for hair fall control.well, first, the smell, i don't know hoc cactus smells like, but this one smells ok. light perfume, fresh scent. the texture is.. well, oil. i tried it on my hair before shower. a little bit a mess, as the bottle is just like that, when i open it there is no other smaller cap to control the amount of oil. so, for the packaging, it is so unconvinient.
the effect for my hair, to be honest i don't feel any effetct. no bad effect though, but still, i don't feel any effect i expected. even after i leave it for quite a while, still, after wash i don't feel any different.

next is vatika styling hair cream with henna, almond and aloe vera
seriously, i don't know what it this product suppose to be. ok, it is written styling cream. when i hear styling cream it means cream to help you style your hair, like after wash, blow dry with this cream, something like that.. but.. what is written in the instruction:
before shampooing, massage cream into dry hair from root to tip.leave for 15 minutes for deep nourishment.wash hair as usual.

stop here, doesn't it sounds like creambath cream? massage and wait before rinse off?

anyway, the instruction is not finish.

after wash apply small amount to damp hair for all day pprotection, shine and to facilitate styling

ok, now it also sound like leave-on conditioner, although it said "facilitate styling" at the end

anyway.. back to product review, i tried this by following the direction.. what happened is... a disaster for my hair. a bad hair day. the cream just sticked to my hair, i couldn't remove although i was standing below the shower for quite looong time trying to remove the cream. the cream made my hair oily all day long.. or we called it "lepek" in bahasa. arrrrggggghhh not goooooddd!!
it is a weird product.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mask review : skin food chocolate mask and ginseng mask-- my dissapointment with skinfood new line mask

haha.. long title, i know. i can't be bother to post them in different title. so i'll just make it one..
first, finally i have finished all my sample mask i bought last time from chicprincessa, that contains 6 skinfood new mask; chocolate, ginseng, acorn jelly, honey red orange, olive and acai berry. overall, i am not satisfied. but anyway, let's review the last 2 masks; chocolate and ginseng.

skinfood chocolate mask
from skinfood website:
A chocolate mask pack that quickly melts on the skin to deliver the beneficial nutrients of Belgian Cacao mass. *How to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto the face ans leave for 3 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

how is it for me? well, of course, at first i was so excited.chocolate? hhhmmm yummyy..  i like my skin care to smell good, sweet, or even yummy. i could imagine the sweet smell of chocolate all over my face. when i opened the sachet, and apply all over my face.... dissapointed straightaway!!! it doesn't smells chocolate at all!! in fact it smells terrible! how can i describe the smell? well, there is something in mind.. it smells like.. "bumbu rujak basi!" don't laugh.. but that's the only thing i could remember to describe the smells.i couldn't even wait for 5 minutes for the mask to stay on my face. after maybe 2minutes i just washed it off. and this sachet contain quite a lot that i can actually use it for 2-3 times but i just can't take the weird unpleasant smell.
after i washed it off, i don't feel any difference. it was just like after washing my face daily.

ginseng mask
from skinfood website:
A mask pack that transforms dull-looking and lifeless skin into a pure, luminous complexion with powdered white ginseng from Geumsan. *How to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto face and massage gently. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

this ginseng mask smells similar (almost same in fact) with etude house honey mask pack in ginseng. the texture, the effect after using mask also same. it smells kind of herbal with a light scent of sweet fragrance.. the texture is sticky, and after i washed it off it gave me extra moisturised. it is quite good actually.
but still not my favourite and not something i will buy.

so yeah, i am dissapointed with skinfood new line mask. i prefer the previous one.. you know what i mean? here are the pictures..
this is the new line i am talking about...
if i have to choose which one is the best from all of this variant, i will choose olive. the olive one is good for extra moisturised. the rest are just so so. they don't smell lovely, and the effect after using mask i can't really feel it. i don't know if they work different with others, but for me, no, i will not buy any of them.

and this is the previous variant mask from skinfood i am talking about;
from this line i have tried banana, kiwi yogurt, rice, black sugar and sesame. all of them are good. smells nice.and i can feel the difference after using mask, i can feel the effect after first use, either soft face, moisturised or even brighter. my favourites are black sugar and rice for the effect, and banana for the sweet scent.
this line of mask, i will buy again and i don't mind to try other variant.

i hope next time skinfood launch new line of mask they will be as good (or even better) as this line.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

review : skinfood omija whitening travel/gift set

i am so happy that i got this set..i have been using skin food for 2 years-- tomato line, fresh juice c line and peach sake, which all of them i finished the whole bottle, and for mini size/travel set i've tried gold caviar, carrot, avocado and agave cactus. So when i got this one, yeaayyy... so excited. this set comes with toner, emulsion, serum and cream. the toner is of course the toner only, not with the tea bag like when you buy the full size bottle.anyway, i bought this set in chicprincessa.
not just this travel set, i also got this one:
it is like a small booklet. you open it, there is some picture for toner instruction, and on the right side as you can see there is a pocket, and here's what inside the pocket:
sample sachet for toner, serum and emulsion
did you see another sachet on the up right? it is the real omija tea for drinking!
i was confused when i got this. i asked the SA what is it? is it the tea bag for the toner? and she said, no it is the tea for drinking.. just make it like usual tea, with hot water, and drink it. oh i seeeee.. so in fact it is not skinfood product? she said, yes, it is just a gimmick so you can try drinking omija tea too..
hehe.. i think it is because many people asked what is omija tea? in fact many people never tried omija tea. including me, of course.

anyway, this set i got for free from skinfood store in singapore when i was there for holiday, i stopped by and bought milk shake point make up remover, and the SA gave me this.

so now that i have finished my peach sake line, it is time to try this one.
toner :
information from skinfood website:
A toner with a cold-brew dry Omija tea bag and active contents that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex

*How to Cold-Brew Omija Tea Bag
1. Open the toner lid, turn the packing and then dip the tea bag into the toner.
2. Leave for 1 minute, shake the toner gently and then remove the tea bag.
3. Shake the toner gently and then open the small cap on the packing to use.
4. After washing face, dispense an ample amount onto a cotton pad and wipe face in outward motions, or use palms and pat skin gently.

*For optimum results, use the toner within 3~4 months. Keep it refrigerated or store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

it smells soooo lovely!! sweet and feminime scent, i lovvveeeee it straight away! in fact i read in one of beauty blogger that this toner smells even better after you place the tea bag inside... this is the picture how it is work with full size bottle
and this is how the full size bottle looks like..
 i think this toner is what makes this line soo special. it is so unique new concept with a tea bag. and the toner itself is a really good product. in fact, i can say this is my favourite toner ever!! yup!! this is my favourite from all korean brands toner i have ever tried!! not just that it smells lovely, it also gives me both refreshing and moisturising, that i always expected from a toner.
i reaaaallly loves this toner that i checked my favourite online sellers to check their price.. and... it turned out that this is akin food premium line,chicprincessa, riebutik, intenshop, onikchan... all of them sell this toner for more than rp.200.000 arrrrrggggghhhh....

from skinfood website:
serum that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After toner application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorbed

the serum of course smells similar with the toner, and the texture is nice, light and moisturising, but for me it is not too important as the emulsion and cream are both rich and moisturising enough so i think i can skip this serum. unless you really want  to whiten your skin maybe you should not skin this serum.
the mini size serum i got is so cute.. look at this
look.. even in mini size bottle it comes with a pump! how lovely..

from skinfood website:
An emulsion that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After toner or serum application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorbed.

i was so surprised that the emulsion is very rich. richer than other skin food emulsion. compare to skin food tomato, peach sake, avocado, carrot and agave cactus emulsion.. this one is the richest. what i mean the richest here is that this emulsion gives moisturising effect most, better than other emulsion i mentioned. think it is similar or same rich with gold caviar emulsion. too bad that i finished my gold caviar looong time ago so i can't compare them.

An cream that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After emulsion application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorb
this cream is very very riiiiiccchhh.. i can feel it the moment i have it on my finger. the texture is sooo creamy and fact it is tooo thick for me to use in the afternoon. so i use it as a night cream only. if i use this in the morning, it would be hard  to put my bb cream after that as it is too much and in fact makes my face looks oily. but for night, sleeping with ac, this is a good cream.

my conclusion:
so, my favourite from this line are the toner and emulsion. i wanted to buy the set with serum but... this is what i don't like : the price for this line is tooo high!!! above other skin food line.. each bottle for this set is above RP.210.000,, some 225,000, some 215,000.. so if i buy the set it will cost me.... around.. rp.650,000!!!??? for toner-serum-emulsion (not including cream) oh noooo.... i need to think twice to buy this! lol.. maybe next year? :)
and as for the whitening effect, i can't say or comment anything as i just try this not quite long and it is just travel set so i don't think i will see any brightening or whitening effect.
to end this post, i will say, i love this line of skinfood and i will definitely buy the full size set if i have more budget next time!

Monday, July 11, 2011

cleansing products from local market

finally.. i finished all my korean cleansing products. well, i still have my skin food milkshake point make up remover that i saved, only use it to remove heavy make up or just to remove eye liner. but for daily facial wash, lotion... all finished! i have ordered new cleansing from korea, of course, but i asked for the shipping to delivery to indonesia, since it is cheaper and easier and i will go there soon to visit my family and holiday.

so, for now i have to look for some cleansing products here. if you read my previous post about shopping in yemen then you will guess or know that,,, here, there is no branded international cosmetic shop or counter like the body shop, clinique, biotherm, clarins, loreal, SK II, you name it, all of that brands are not available here. and of course, my favourite korean brands are not available. so what is available here? well, pond's, clean and clear, olay, neutrogena, johnson's, nivea and some middle east brand made in saudi or UAE. that's what available in the supermarket. one year ago i found loreal, not a l'oreal cosmetic counter, but some cosmetic store sold them, and when i wanted to buy again it was not available anymore. sigh.

so last week i wen tto the market and this is what i bought:
from left to right : clean&clear exfoliating daily wash- clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser-johnson's face care daily essentials 3 in 1 nourishing cleansing lotion

so i bought 3 types of cleansing here. the foam wash one, toner and lotion.

clean&clear exfoliating daily wash
about 2 years ago i bought clean&clear facial wash and i didn't like it. so i tried different type this time, which is the one with soft scrub, and of course that's why they named it exfoliating daily wash. it is just an ok cleansing product for me, nothing really special. the scrub so soft and just feels like baking soda. the real baking soda from kitchen (have you tried using baking soda on your face? try it!). my face felt fresh and not dry after washing. maybe what makes this one not too special for me is becauce it has no sweet scent that i like. yup, i would like my skin care and cleansing products to smell sweet, yummy, nice.. not just regular artificial cosmetic scent. anyway, this one is made in france and it is about 7USD

clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser

so, this is a toner type cleanser, which actually i had doubt, because normally toner type cleanser contain alcohol, which of course this one too, and my experience before with cleansing toner was not good, it made my skin dry. but i bought it anyway :)
after i tried this one, i was surprise with the cleansing power. the cleansing power is WOW. it is good in removing make up dirt, etc... i was surprise that there was this day that i didn't go out, stayed at home all day. then at night when i clean my face with this, i thought i would see my cotton pad clean, i was surprised that it wasn't! my face was dirty! normally on the day when i didn't go out, then i clean my face with skinfood milk mania cleansing emulsion, nothing on my cotton pad.. so i guess this one is really good in removing all the dirt.
BUT, big but here, again, it contains alcohol, and in fact i think the alcohol in it is a lot, because i felt the sting and burn sensation on my face during application, and even after i washed my face after that with facial wash, the stingy-cold-burning thing still there. arrrgggggghhhhh...
so despite i like this for the cleansing power, i can't use this everyday because of the alcohol is too much and it will make my skin dry if i use this everyday. in fact after 3 days i started spot some dry flakes on my forehead. so i stopped using this and will only use this maybe once a week.
this one is made in italy and i removed the price tag so i forgot how much it is.

Johnson's face care daily essentials 3in1 nourishing cleansing lotion
the last one is from johnson's. 3in1? i don't know why they call this 3in1. is it maybe it does cleaning, toning and moisturising all at one product? i don't think so. for me it is just regular cleansing lotion. the cleansing power, texture and everything just same like skinfood milk mania cleansing emulsion, only that skinfood smeels nice milky yummy that i like, and this one is just smells like a regular cleasing in the market.
this one is made in greece and i removed the tag price so i forgot how much it is.

so, i bought all 3 cleansing in one market, and they all came from 3 different countries. interesting, huh?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

start browsing and shopping part 3: eggs invasion

Yup! as i was browsing for skincare-make up line, i realised that this year or since end of 2010 there was this "egg" new line launched by some brands. I know, eggs are good for your skin as a pore minimizer. when i was in high school i used to apply egg white all over my face as a face mask. I remember how my room turned to smell egg after that, not mention that if my hair accidentally laid on my face and stucked on the egg whites, disaster! i have to wash my hair too (not just my face) after that.
Thank God that nowadays they invented this egg stuff and i can't wait to try them! i read somewhere that this "egg concept" also associated with the egg's texture itself. imagine a hard boiled egg, so soft without lumps, that's what the products promise to you. a soft skin without or with minimize pore like a boiled egg. hehe.. make a sense right..

so, here are the eggs!
from tony moly

tony moly egg soap

tony moly egg pore skin care series
from holika holika
i have mentioned about this on my previous post about holika-holika
holika holika egg soap special set
holika holika egg cooling toner
holika holika egg tightening essence

from baviphat :
baviphat white egg foam
baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap in lavender.
they have also egg soap in green tea and jasmine variant.
skin food

skin food black egg pore foundation
skin food black egg pore primer
they also have the serum for this new black egg series.

egg white nose pack
egg white pack
this is not new from skin food, but since here is about egg, so i put it here.
moisture egg hair pack
this is also not new, and if you google for review about this product, most of them like this.
the face shop:

the face shop Home Aesthetic Pack - purifying egg white pack
from nature republic:

soft creamy egg white cleansing cream

soft creamy egg white foam cleanser

see? quite  a lot.. how can i choose? as a woman with sebum and pore problem on my nose, of course i am willing to try!! hehehe.. so this is what i have oredered:

holika holika egg soap set
holika holika egg cooling toner
tony moly egg soap
skin food black egg pore foundation
baviphat sugar girl egg soap in lavender

can't wait!! hehe
if you know some other egg products, tell me!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

review : skinfood Honey lip treatment

from skin food website:
A lip treatment gel containing more than 50% natural honey to provide moisture and luster to dry lips.
You will enjoy its sweet scent and honey taste. * Use:
Apply sufficient amount, when lips feel dry or before going to bed.

my opinion, this is a product with almost no effect. Lip treatment? oh, cmon.. the REAL honey is (of course) much much better.. we all know that honey is good for the skin, and commonly used as a mask, and also apply-ing honey to the lips will give you nice, soft, dry-free lips. but what i don't like from applying honey on my lips is the sticky feeling. so i bought this skin food honey lip treatment, hoping that it will do as good as honey without sticky feeling. but well, i was dissapointed.

in some season i have dry-cracked lips, and this product did nothing. my vaseline jelly and real honey are much much better in keeping my lips moisturized and heal the cracking. the texture is too light watery, not like other lip tratment with more creamy texture. this is more like syrup or thick water, that if you press the tube too hard you will get too much product out that will end up you don't know what to do with it than just apply to any part od your body.hehe.the only good thing from this product is that as it said, sweet scent and honey taste. it really taste like honey. once my daughter asked me to apply on her lips too, and i did, and she knew it straight away, she said, "honey!" and after she licked her lips, she said, "sweet!"

and of course, maybe it is more convinient for travelling than caryying the real honey with bottle or jar, right,, but still.. for me it is just for fun.. for the sweet taste on the lips only.. i can't even use this as a lip balm before using lipstick because the texture so watery but sticky so the lipstick can't stick there and will just smeared around.. arrgggghhh

ok, i am dissapointed at this lip treatment from skin food, but i still ordered another lip care from skin food this month, which is the shea butter one, i hope that one would be better than this!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lipbalm oh lipbalm..

If you read my post "who finished my skinfood cream?" here, then you already know how my daughter likes playing with my make up/skin care products. She started this new "hobby" since her 2nd birthday. she started copy-ing me, tried to follow everything i did, and of course, since she always watch me in front of mirror applying make up-- "dandan", and skin care routine, she got curious and wanted to try everything.
one thing she like most is lipbalm. maybe because it is fun to apply on the lips, and maybe because it smells good. because i tried to give her my old lipstick that i don't like the colour and never use, she didn't want it.

You know what, now i have to buy lip balm every 2 weeks!!! it's been going on like this for about 5 weeks. take a look at this picture:
my 3 lipbalms for this 5 weeks. look at the first one on the left.. no cover. lol.. i don't know where it is.. my daughter took it and refused to give it back.. when finally i found it, no cover..
anyway, i will give a hort review about them..
the first one on the left is flormar brand, the website is
it is vanilla scent, sooo sweet. i like it. and it gave enough moisturizer to my is a clear lip balm, no colour.nice product.
the one in the middle is labello, the website is and this is my favourite. not just because it smells sweet cherry but also becaus it gave a natural red colour. actually it is too red for me so i am planning to get another variant. maybe the pink one. when i checked the website i was so excited to found that there are so many variant.

look at this:

the third one on the left is "the beauty shop" lip moisturizer in lemon. no info about the website. i don't really like this because the lemon scent is so soft that i can't really smell it, and the moisturizer is not as good as the other 2.

anyway, a little bit story about how i ended up buying lip balm every 2 weeks, because.. my daughter always aked for it. and she cried if i didn't give it to her. she always climbed the chair when i was in the toilet or praying or cooking, anytime i was busy, she climbed the chair and took it. once she has it, she would not give it back to me. she kept applying on her cute small adorable lips, then smiling in front of mirror.
i have to hide it! so i tried to hide it, but then my daughter asked my husband to give it to her. the way she asked, of course with tears... so my husband just gave it to her and told me to buy the new one. arrrrggggghhhh! so that's how it started.

everytime she got the lipbalm, when finally i could take it from her, it already damaged.
take a closer look

look at the white one (vanilla)..hehehehe....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Online shopping review : where to buy skincare/make up sample

I got a comment on my multiply asking about where did i buy all the skincare/make up sample. well, i have some favourite online shop that sell samples. i wanted to review them all, but at this moment i am placing order with them for skincare/make up, and as it is pre order so i will have to wait for around 2weeks-1month for the itemd to arrive.
but anyway, as the topic now is samples, i will just mention them...
i have two favourite corner on chic-princessa, which are... travel set and sample area. check this out:
there are various of sample sachet for only rp.3.000! how great it is for people who like trying new products, like me! not just sample sachet for skincare/make up, but also bb creams in jar for trying!! if you don't know which bb cream to choose, or if you are bb creams freak and just want to try bb cream, go to this site.
the price for bb cream sample in jar is depend on how expensive it is in full bottle size..the selling price start from rp.16.000-rp.40.000 (BRTC). i bought my bb cream samples here; BRTC gold caviar, skin69 gold oriental,  banila co, and many more that i can't remember! hehe

oh.. there is one thing i love MOST here, which is.. the travel size!! last year i bought the skin food mask pack (6 different type) and omija whitening set here! this is the photo:

and as for this year, i already bought skin food mini bb cream set (set of 3 bb creams), platinum grape cell gift set and skinfood ancient rice travel set. wow.. how great it is that i can try 2 new skinfood line without buying the full size bottles!

travel size item available here at this time :
and.. many more.. you can just check out the website...

go to the site, and click samples area folder, you can find lots of samples there.. last year i bought my skin food carrot toner-emulsion and skinfood, missha toner-emulsion sample size (in small bottles, not sachet) here.
 oopss.. i don't have the photo for carrot toner-emulsion i bought here, but i still have this missha photo
 at this moment, i already placed my order for holika holika with intenscorner (first time joining pre order here), so i will review more about this site later after i receive the items. and as for the sample/travel size, i ordered etude house moistfull travel set :)
 this is also online seller where you can find samples or travel set. this year would be the third time i shop here.
i bought this skin food gold caviar travel set here.
i also ordered skin food avocado toner-emulsion, skin food agave cactus toner emulsion, etude house aqua sherbet toner-emulsion, all in mini bottle size. i also bought some sample sachet here, i can't remember them all as i bought quite a lot of sample last time.. i think rtude house precioud mineral bb cream sample sachet, skin food mushroom bb cream sample sachet, missha bb cream sample sachet..
if you want to check what's in stock for samples at this moment, go to her site, then look for folder all about samples.

guess what i order this time? of course.. that skin food gold kiwi set and the mask!! and at this moment i also placing my order here for nature republic. so i will review more later about this seller.
 i started shopping here since last year. and just like other sellers, riebutik also has a special folder for sample size, sachet, travel size. i bought this skin79 bb set here.

i also bought innisfre olive travel set, some baviphat sample sachet, innisfree sample sachet here.
if you want to check what's in stock, go to the site, check folder special set and sample sachet/travel size. i will review more abouth this seller later after i receive my order here. Yup, i already placed my order again with riebutik!