Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lipbalm oh lipbalm..

If you read my post "who finished my skinfood cream?" here, then you already know how my daughter likes playing with my make up/skin care products. She started this new "hobby" since her 2nd birthday. she started copy-ing me, tried to follow everything i did, and of course, since she always watch me in front of mirror applying make up-- "dandan", and skin care routine, she got curious and wanted to try everything.
one thing she like most is lipbalm. maybe because it is fun to apply on the lips, and maybe because it smells good. because i tried to give her my old lipstick that i don't like the colour and never use, she didn't want it.

You know what, now i have to buy lip balm every 2 weeks!!! it's been going on like this for about 5 weeks. take a look at this picture:
my 3 lipbalms for this 5 weeks. look at the first one on the left.. no cover. lol.. i don't know where it is.. my daughter took it and refused to give it back.. when finally i found it, no cover..
anyway, i will give a hort review about them..
the first one on the left is flormar brand, the website is
it is vanilla scent, sooo sweet. i like it. and it gave enough moisturizer to my is a clear lip balm, no colour.nice product.
the one in the middle is labello, the website is and this is my favourite. not just because it smells sweet cherry but also becaus it gave a natural red colour. actually it is too red for me so i am planning to get another variant. maybe the pink one. when i checked the website i was so excited to found that there are so many variant.

look at this:

the third one on the left is "the beauty shop" lip moisturizer in lemon. no info about the website. i don't really like this because the lemon scent is so soft that i can't really smell it, and the moisturizer is not as good as the other 2.

anyway, a little bit story about how i ended up buying lip balm every 2 weeks, because.. my daughter always aked for it. and she cried if i didn't give it to her. she always climbed the chair when i was in the toilet or praying or cooking, anytime i was busy, she climbed the chair and took it. once she has it, she would not give it back to me. she kept applying on her cute small adorable lips, then smiling in front of mirror.
i have to hide it! so i tried to hide it, but then my daughter asked my husband to give it to her. the way she asked, of course with tears... so my husband just gave it to her and told me to buy the new one. arrrrggggghhhh! so that's how it started.

everytime she got the lipbalm, when finally i could take it from her, it already damaged.
take a closer look

look at the white one (vanilla)..hehehehe....

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