Monday, July 11, 2011

cleansing products from local market

finally.. i finished all my korean cleansing products. well, i still have my skin food milkshake point make up remover that i saved, only use it to remove heavy make up or just to remove eye liner. but for daily facial wash, lotion... all finished! i have ordered new cleansing from korea, of course, but i asked for the shipping to delivery to indonesia, since it is cheaper and easier and i will go there soon to visit my family and holiday.

so, for now i have to look for some cleansing products here. if you read my previous post about shopping in yemen then you will guess or know that,,, here, there is no branded international cosmetic shop or counter like the body shop, clinique, biotherm, clarins, loreal, SK II, you name it, all of that brands are not available here. and of course, my favourite korean brands are not available. so what is available here? well, pond's, clean and clear, olay, neutrogena, johnson's, nivea and some middle east brand made in saudi or UAE. that's what available in the supermarket. one year ago i found loreal, not a l'oreal cosmetic counter, but some cosmetic store sold them, and when i wanted to buy again it was not available anymore. sigh.

so last week i wen tto the market and this is what i bought:
from left to right : clean&clear exfoliating daily wash- clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser-johnson's face care daily essentials 3 in 1 nourishing cleansing lotion

so i bought 3 types of cleansing here. the foam wash one, toner and lotion.

clean&clear exfoliating daily wash
about 2 years ago i bought clean&clear facial wash and i didn't like it. so i tried different type this time, which is the one with soft scrub, and of course that's why they named it exfoliating daily wash. it is just an ok cleansing product for me, nothing really special. the scrub so soft and just feels like baking soda. the real baking soda from kitchen (have you tried using baking soda on your face? try it!). my face felt fresh and not dry after washing. maybe what makes this one not too special for me is becauce it has no sweet scent that i like. yup, i would like my skin care and cleansing products to smell sweet, yummy, nice.. not just regular artificial cosmetic scent. anyway, this one is made in france and it is about 7USD

clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser

so, this is a toner type cleanser, which actually i had doubt, because normally toner type cleanser contain alcohol, which of course this one too, and my experience before with cleansing toner was not good, it made my skin dry. but i bought it anyway :)
after i tried this one, i was surprise with the cleansing power. the cleansing power is WOW. it is good in removing make up dirt, etc... i was surprise that there was this day that i didn't go out, stayed at home all day. then at night when i clean my face with this, i thought i would see my cotton pad clean, i was surprised that it wasn't! my face was dirty! normally on the day when i didn't go out, then i clean my face with skinfood milk mania cleansing emulsion, nothing on my cotton pad.. so i guess this one is really good in removing all the dirt.
BUT, big but here, again, it contains alcohol, and in fact i think the alcohol in it is a lot, because i felt the sting and burn sensation on my face during application, and even after i washed my face after that with facial wash, the stingy-cold-burning thing still there. arrrgggggghhhhh...
so despite i like this for the cleansing power, i can't use this everyday because of the alcohol is too much and it will make my skin dry if i use this everyday. in fact after 3 days i started spot some dry flakes on my forehead. so i stopped using this and will only use this maybe once a week.
this one is made in italy and i removed the price tag so i forgot how much it is.

Johnson's face care daily essentials 3in1 nourishing cleansing lotion
the last one is from johnson's. 3in1? i don't know why they call this 3in1. is it maybe it does cleaning, toning and moisturising all at one product? i don't think so. for me it is just regular cleansing lotion. the cleansing power, texture and everything just same like skinfood milk mania cleansing emulsion, only that skinfood smeels nice milky yummy that i like, and this one is just smells like a regular cleasing in the market.
this one is made in greece and i removed the tag price so i forgot how much it is.

so, i bought all 3 cleansing in one market, and they all came from 3 different countries. interesting, huh?

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