Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mask review : skin food chocolate mask and ginseng mask-- my dissapointment with skinfood new line mask

haha.. long title, i know. i can't be bother to post them in different title. so i'll just make it one..
first, finally i have finished all my sample mask i bought last time from chicprincessa, that contains 6 skinfood new mask; chocolate, ginseng, acorn jelly, honey red orange, olive and acai berry. overall, i am not satisfied. but anyway, let's review the last 2 masks; chocolate and ginseng.

skinfood chocolate mask
from skinfood website:
A chocolate mask pack that quickly melts on the skin to deliver the beneficial nutrients of Belgian Cacao mass. *How to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto the face ans leave for 3 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

how is it for me? well, of course, at first i was so excited.chocolate? hhhmmm yummyy..  i like my skin care to smell good, sweet, or even yummy. i could imagine the sweet smell of chocolate all over my face. when i opened the sachet, and apply all over my face.... dissapointed straightaway!!! it doesn't smells chocolate at all!! in fact it smells terrible! how can i describe the smell? well, there is something in mind.. it smells like.. "bumbu rujak basi!" don't laugh.. but that's the only thing i could remember to describe the smells.i couldn't even wait for 5 minutes for the mask to stay on my face. after maybe 2minutes i just washed it off. and this sachet contain quite a lot that i can actually use it for 2-3 times but i just can't take the weird unpleasant smell.
after i washed it off, i don't feel any difference. it was just like after washing my face daily.

ginseng mask
from skinfood website:
A mask pack that transforms dull-looking and lifeless skin into a pure, luminous complexion with powdered white ginseng from Geumsan. *How to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto face and massage gently. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

this ginseng mask smells similar (almost same in fact) with etude house honey mask pack in ginseng. the texture, the effect after using mask also same. it smells kind of herbal with a light scent of sweet fragrance.. the texture is sticky, and after i washed it off it gave me extra moisturised. it is quite good actually.
but still not my favourite and not something i will buy.

so yeah, i am dissapointed with skinfood new line mask. i prefer the previous one.. you know what i mean? here are the pictures..
this is the new line i am talking about...
if i have to choose which one is the best from all of this variant, i will choose olive. the olive one is good for extra moisturised. the rest are just so so. they don't smell lovely, and the effect after using mask i can't really feel it. i don't know if they work different with others, but for me, no, i will not buy any of them.

and this is the previous variant mask from skinfood i am talking about;
from this line i have tried banana, kiwi yogurt, rice, black sugar and sesame. all of them are good. smells nice.and i can feel the difference after using mask, i can feel the effect after first use, either soft face, moisturised or even brighter. my favourites are black sugar and rice for the effect, and banana for the sweet scent.
this line of mask, i will buy again and i don't mind to try other variant.

i hope next time skinfood launch new line of mask they will be as good (or even better) as this line.


pinkbuble said...

This packaging looks cute!!!!
btw, salam kenel yah!

D_Red said...

wuaaah hampir aja aku mau pesen chocolate mask,untung udah km review duluan..hehe

Akhirnya aku lebih milih pesen cucumber mask buat PO, cos akhir2 ini kulitku sering merah2 gara2 gigitan nyamuk, n menurut review di salah satu forum sie cucumber mask bs membantu mengurangi kulit kemerahan (smoga bekerja jg utk gigitan nyamuk)..haha

Hoàng Nguyên said...

Do u have oily skin ? . I have oily skin and have some acnes , and I like Olive mask .Can I use it ?