Sunday, July 10, 2011

start browsing and shopping part 3: eggs invasion

Yup! as i was browsing for skincare-make up line, i realised that this year or since end of 2010 there was this "egg" new line launched by some brands. I know, eggs are good for your skin as a pore minimizer. when i was in high school i used to apply egg white all over my face as a face mask. I remember how my room turned to smell egg after that, not mention that if my hair accidentally laid on my face and stucked on the egg whites, disaster! i have to wash my hair too (not just my face) after that.
Thank God that nowadays they invented this egg stuff and i can't wait to try them! i read somewhere that this "egg concept" also associated with the egg's texture itself. imagine a hard boiled egg, so soft without lumps, that's what the products promise to you. a soft skin without or with minimize pore like a boiled egg. hehe.. make a sense right..

so, here are the eggs!
from tony moly

tony moly egg soap

tony moly egg pore skin care series
from holika holika
i have mentioned about this on my previous post about holika-holika
holika holika egg soap special set
holika holika egg cooling toner
holika holika egg tightening essence

from baviphat :
baviphat white egg foam
baviphat sugar girl egg herb soap in lavender.
they have also egg soap in green tea and jasmine variant.
skin food

skin food black egg pore foundation
skin food black egg pore primer
they also have the serum for this new black egg series.

egg white nose pack
egg white pack
this is not new from skin food, but since here is about egg, so i put it here.
moisture egg hair pack
this is also not new, and if you google for review about this product, most of them like this.
the face shop:

the face shop Home Aesthetic Pack - purifying egg white pack
from nature republic:

soft creamy egg white cleansing cream

soft creamy egg white foam cleanser

see? quite  a lot.. how can i choose? as a woman with sebum and pore problem on my nose, of course i am willing to try!! hehehe.. so this is what i have oredered:

holika holika egg soap set
holika holika egg cooling toner
tony moly egg soap
skin food black egg pore foundation
baviphat sugar girl egg soap in lavender

can't wait!! hehe
if you know some other egg products, tell me!

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