Saturday, July 16, 2011

review : skinfood omija whitening travel/gift set

i am so happy that i got this set..i have been using skin food for 2 years-- tomato line, fresh juice c line and peach sake, which all of them i finished the whole bottle, and for mini size/travel set i've tried gold caviar, carrot, avocado and agave cactus. So when i got this one, yeaayyy... so excited. this set comes with toner, emulsion, serum and cream. the toner is of course the toner only, not with the tea bag like when you buy the full size bottle.anyway, i bought this set in chicprincessa.
not just this travel set, i also got this one:
it is like a small booklet. you open it, there is some picture for toner instruction, and on the right side as you can see there is a pocket, and here's what inside the pocket:
sample sachet for toner, serum and emulsion
did you see another sachet on the up right? it is the real omija tea for drinking!
i was confused when i got this. i asked the SA what is it? is it the tea bag for the toner? and she said, no it is the tea for drinking.. just make it like usual tea, with hot water, and drink it. oh i seeeee.. so in fact it is not skinfood product? she said, yes, it is just a gimmick so you can try drinking omija tea too..
hehe.. i think it is because many people asked what is omija tea? in fact many people never tried omija tea. including me, of course.

anyway, this set i got for free from skinfood store in singapore when i was there for holiday, i stopped by and bought milk shake point make up remover, and the SA gave me this.

so now that i have finished my peach sake line, it is time to try this one.
toner :
information from skinfood website:
A toner with a cold-brew dry Omija tea bag and active contents that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex

*How to Cold-Brew Omija Tea Bag
1. Open the toner lid, turn the packing and then dip the tea bag into the toner.
2. Leave for 1 minute, shake the toner gently and then remove the tea bag.
3. Shake the toner gently and then open the small cap on the packing to use.
4. After washing face, dispense an ample amount onto a cotton pad and wipe face in outward motions, or use palms and pat skin gently.

*For optimum results, use the toner within 3~4 months. Keep it refrigerated or store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

it smells soooo lovely!! sweet and feminime scent, i lovvveeeee it straight away! in fact i read in one of beauty blogger that this toner smells even better after you place the tea bag inside... this is the picture how it is work with full size bottle
and this is how the full size bottle looks like..
 i think this toner is what makes this line soo special. it is so unique new concept with a tea bag. and the toner itself is a really good product. in fact, i can say this is my favourite toner ever!! yup!! this is my favourite from all korean brands toner i have ever tried!! not just that it smells lovely, it also gives me both refreshing and moisturising, that i always expected from a toner.
i reaaaallly loves this toner that i checked my favourite online sellers to check their price.. and... it turned out that this is akin food premium line,chicprincessa, riebutik, intenshop, onikchan... all of them sell this toner for more than rp.200.000 arrrrrggggghhhh....

from skinfood website:
serum that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After toner application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorbed

the serum of course smells similar with the toner, and the texture is nice, light and moisturising, but for me it is not too important as the emulsion and cream are both rich and moisturising enough so i think i can skip this serum. unless you really want  to whiten your skin maybe you should not skin this serum.
the mini size serum i got is so cute.. look at this
look.. even in mini size bottle it comes with a pump! how lovely..

from skinfood website:
An emulsion that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After toner or serum application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorbed.

i was so surprised that the emulsion is very rich. richer than other skin food emulsion. compare to skin food tomato, peach sake, avocado, carrot and agave cactus emulsion.. this one is the richest. what i mean the richest here is that this emulsion gives moisturising effect most, better than other emulsion i mentioned. think it is similar or same rich with gold caviar emulsion. too bad that i finished my gold caviar looong time ago so i can't compare them.

An cream that brightens skin using a patent-awarded Omija herb complex and ingredients producing skin-lightening effects.

*To use
After emulsion application, apply an ample amount onto the face with gentle strokes and leave until it is completely absorb
this cream is very very riiiiiccchhh.. i can feel it the moment i have it on my finger. the texture is sooo creamy and fact it is tooo thick for me to use in the afternoon. so i use it as a night cream only. if i use this in the morning, it would be hard  to put my bb cream after that as it is too much and in fact makes my face looks oily. but for night, sleeping with ac, this is a good cream.

my conclusion:
so, my favourite from this line are the toner and emulsion. i wanted to buy the set with serum but... this is what i don't like : the price for this line is tooo high!!! above other skin food line.. each bottle for this set is above RP.210.000,, some 225,000, some 215,000.. so if i buy the set it will cost me.... around.. rp.650,000!!!??? for toner-serum-emulsion (not including cream) oh noooo.... i need to think twice to buy this! lol.. maybe next year? :)
and as for the whitening effect, i can't say or comment anything as i just try this not quite long and it is just travel set so i don't think i will see any brightening or whitening effect.
to end this post, i will say, i love this line of skinfood and i will definitely buy the full size set if i have more budget next time!


Stephanie said...

Lately, skinfood has really high prices for their skincare line, especially the Omija whitening line. I'll wait for your update n how the whitening effect progresses. :)

cominica-ai said...

ya ampuun botolnya lutuuu bangeeettttt.
btw mo tolong follow ulang blog ku donk ,abis ganti url nih :(

makasih yaah~

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, I just curious have u bought the full size yet?
Do u feel the whitening effect?
Actually I'm interested with the serum n want to buy the full size since I don't find online shop that sell this line as gift set.

Nice blog u have here, n I decided to follow ur blog.
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galleryibu said...

hi penulis amatir,
no i didn't buy the full size. not yet :) i still have some skinfood gift set to try, ancient rice and platinum grape. i'll see which one is best for me to buy the full size.
thanks for stopping by/ follow you back

Penulis Amatir said...

Wow, so u have the skinfood ancient rice, then I shall wait for ur review since I'm curious about that line too :)

wanie-ladybird said...

hi i was very late to see this,
i jes bought skinfood omija collection FOR MY FREN, i bought direct from korea (went for holiday) 2 weeks ago. the price is more cheaper ofcoz than other country
for my fren also is her 1st time using it, i cant wait the progress, share ur experince also

nice blog, gud info, need to follow

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