Saturday, July 30, 2011

revew : korean mask

To be honest, i have no idea what brand are these masks. i got them for free from rie butik. one thing for sure, they are korean brand. i am not familiar with the brand. nabina? medieu vite white beam?
anyway, the first one i am going to review is medieu vita white beam. there is some english information and direction on the back of the packaging. it is for whitening purpose, and recommended to use twice a week for optimal result. i was surprised when i tried this on my face. the shape of the mask fit perfectly! in fact this is the best shape for sheet mask. i mean, sometimes with sheet mask is a little bit tricky, sometimes it is too big that will caused some fold here and ther, but this one, fit perfectly, no unnecessary folds here and there, it is just sit there comfortably and perfectly. as for the scent, it smells like.. hmm.. vitamin c? it reminds me of the body shop vitamin c products. wait,  was it vit c or e? the line with pink packaging? i used them when i was in college, long time ago so i forgot. overall, it smells nice, good extra moisturiser, and even when i was finished there was still lots of liquid left in the packaging to apply on my face. nice..

the second one is nabina collagen lifting mask. the shape is not fit to my face, to big and caused some folds here and there. but it smells nice, and i like the feeling after using this mask, not just extra moisturised but also..lifting? yeah, "kenyal2 kencang gitu deh.. terutama bagian pipi, kerasa banget".

overall, both are nice products. in fact i think all sheet mask will just work good for me.hehehe.. yup, so far sheet masks never failed me. it is only a little bit pricey i guess..

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Stephanie said...

Nice review!! I have a blog award for you on my blog