Monday, August 8, 2011

my first blogger award and skin SOS (please help beauty blogger!)

Hi all, this last one week i have been busy moving to the new house, where the internet was not connected yet. Now as i finally got internet, i checked my mail, and so surprised that stephanie gave me blog award.
and this is the post about the award. thanks to stephanie! this is my first blog award, since i am new blogger gere, so it means a lot to me. thank youu!!

This time i will not review any skin care or cosmetic, but in fact i need your help, beauty blogger! i have this SOS problem with my skin.. my face right now is extra dry with dry flakes and redness like a sunburn. I am in Yemen and always coveres, so where or when i got exposed to sun, i don't know. in fact i have been busy at home cleaning, moving and arranging things (as i just moved to a new house) so i didn't go out for a week.seriously. it really hurting me.. the redness is on my cheek, and allllll my skin care didn't help, in fact thet alll hurting me.. everytime i apply lotion, toner, cream, cleansing,mask,, anything, i have this burning sensation like you apply alcohol to an open is summer here with some rain, but it is not hot as before (june), it is better now, with some rain, nice wind.
please help me, give some suggestion.. :( and don;t forget, i am in Yemen where here i can't find all products. in my drawer i still have some korean skin care products; skin food and etude house toner, emulsion, wasf off type mask, peeling, mbd sheet mask, bb creams. HELP...


Stephanie said...

Your most welcome! Well, I used to have that kind of stinging sensation on my face. I usually apply hydrocortisone cream for a week (max) on my face and that would clear up. Don't use the hydrocortisone cream too often, or else you face will be dependent on it.

Hope it helps!

P.S: Have you tried aloe vera on the face? Just in case you couldn't get your hands on the hydrocortisone because it does need prescription.. ^^ Lemme know how it goes!

Lovely CosMe said...

Congrats on your award;) how is ramadhan there?it'll be nice to read a post about ramadhan there,but guess you're just too busy with the house moving(and i understand how hard it is,i was a transfer student for years due to my parent's job).

phanie was right,aloevera could work on some people(i eat aloevera fyi).Or,extra virgin olive oil maybe?oil is the best to fight dryness..I use rosehip oil for my dry skin.Try to find it there,or olive oil if it isn't available.

galleryibu said...

hi girls, i swear i was thinking of aloe vera. but, here in Yemen they don't sell aloe vera. you have to look or find yourself in the middle of desert. we took some for my daughter's hair like a year ago, and well, the aloe vera here is thin, not

anyway, so far the burning sensation is gone, but still dry flakes everywhere..