Sunday, November 27, 2011

BB cream review : skin food red orange jelly BB

As a fan of skinfood products, when they have new bb cream i always curious to try at least the sample. Since this one i couldn't find sample or travel size, so i took a risk buying the full size. well, i think this is skinfood's first bb cream on a jar packaging, not tube. Manybe because the texture, it is jelly bb cream. Just like holika holika jelly bb cream also come with a jar like this. Actually i don't like the idea of jar for bb cream, since it means i have to dip my finger over and over again. with or without spatula, it still not a good idea. in fact spatula is not really convinient. But i guess it is because the texture is thick-jelyy-like so it is better on jar than tube.
there is another cap to cover the product inside
 the back of packaging. all in korean. But can you see "open here" on the right side? open/peel the sticker, there is some description in english. I like skinfood for this. many other korean products have no english description on their packaging. Other brands i have now; holika holika, innisfree,tony moly, baviphat, no english translation. only skin food and etude house put product description in english on theri packaging
english description :
This flexible jelly pudding bb cream contains moisture-rich revitalizing ingridients from orange to keep your skin ultra moisturised and to create hydrate and jelly-like resilient skin with a smooth finish.
to use : put a moderate amount of cream on your hand and tap around your skin, use a modicum amount of each use because it contains lots of hydration, and then make sure to put the cap back on not to loose hydration.

ok not to the product, let's open the cap
the texture is just like a name, it is like a pudding-jelly. not watery or creamy like other bb creams. when i first dip my finger in it and scoop small amount, actually it was mor elike custard or like a very soft creme caramel.
although the texture is jelly like, it is sooo easy to apply and to blend. so convinient to use.
it smell a soft citrus-orange, so fresh. nice scent, just how i expected it from all skinfood products.
shade and swatch
mine is shade no.2 natural beige. Normally skin food bb creams no.2 just perfect for me, but i don't know why this one is slightly too light for me. although it blends well at the end, but when first apply to my face it looks too white.
very light. even out skin tone, you can't use this to cover some spot (both new or old spot). it is more like tinted moisturiser, so don't expect to get a foundation effect or  finish look from this bb cream.
it is good moisturiser, just like what it promised. But on the packanging it also says " with smooth finish" well, i don't feel any smooth finish with this. moisturised, yes. smooth finish, no.

overall, it is just an avarage bb cream for me because so far no healing or other good effect (skin care effect) than moisturiser. i would like my bb cream to give me other benefits like giving glowing skin, healing when skin is irritated or even fight blemish like my top 4 fav bb creams (always wanted to post about my top 4 bb creams but not yet until now. i am still waiting for a good bb cream to make it top 5 not just top 4).
This bb cream is good for those with dry skin and just want a natural look or to use on a daylight going shopping.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

lip gloss review : Baviphat pure kiss lip gloss #3 and my current fav lipgloss

My criteria for lip gloss are :
  • not sticky
  • smells nice
  • natural fresh colour ; pinky-orange-natural/nude
  • no glitter or little bit glitter but unnoticable
  • doesn't dry my lips
 it was soooo hard to choose lipgloss from internet. you need to browse a lot. it would be easier to go to the counter and try their tester. that way of course you will not get the wrong colour. But i really wanted to try korean lipglosses besides they are cheap. All the lipgloss i bought from korea are under Rp.50.000. So i thought, let's try all my fav colour, if i don't like them then next year i will not repurchase.

anyway,, this is the review for baviphat pure kiss lip gloss
the packaging, nothing special. the size is just like normal lipgloss size.
the aplicator
the swatch--nice, pretty, natural, fresh. i really like it!
This lipgloss fill almost all criteria i mentioned above. it's only the scent, actually there is no special scent. no fruity or floral scent, it's only some makeup-perfume light scent and it is ok for me.
the shade, i love it. and it is not sticky, which is good, and there is a little bit glitter but i can't really see it. it is unnoticable. of course since it is just lip gloss, after eating you need to reapply. without eating i think it will last only around 3 hours maximum.
But overall this is one of nice lipgloss that will make my lips fresh and nice natural look during the day. and this is definetely one of my favourite.

And as i wrote on the tittle, i will show you my current favourite lip gloss;
nyx mega shine lip gloss natural
a'pieu nature floral tint gloss duo no.5 coral peach
baviphat pure kiss lipgloss #3
i don't like using the same lipgloss everyday so i use one of them today, the other one tomorrow and so on.. i like them all the same and even my grandma likes them. lol. there was this night when she told me that she likes the lip colour on my lips that i use everyday. well, thanks grandma..

for a'pieu and nyx i will review some other time..

Monday, November 21, 2011

egg soap review : tony moly egg soap vs holika holika egg soap

I wrote a post about egg invasions here and of course, i was interested to try, and i couldn't decide which one to buy between tony moly and holika holika egg soap, so i purchased both. oh. wait, i also purchased the one from baviphat. lol. Anyway, they are cute, the egg shape, the packaging, and the idea, but the important thing is.. are they GOOD? well, here is my review.

tony moly egg soap
the packaging is made from a carton, well, just like the real eggs carton actually, which is cute, but.. fragile. i know, it travelled all the way from korea to reach me, so when i got the package, while other products were saved and no damaged, this one was damaged. the carton teared apart, some even sticky to the soap. soo not pretty, so here i will just give you the picture random from google for the actual packaging without damage.
and this is the picture i took, after i moved them to plastic container (actually it is a container for food)
You can see how the colour for the white soap is different. the actual one is yellowish, not white like the picture from the net. Anyway, let's start with the review.
from what i read, the white one is for day use and the brown one is for night use.the only thing with a bar face soap, it tends to dry the skin, and this one, so sad to say this, it does!! in fact i could start feel the dry effect since it was still on my hand when i make a foam. And then when i started to massage gently on my face, it was ok, but the moment i rinse off with water, oh my God.. it was like the water not just rinse off the soap from my face but also took all the moisturise on my face. it made my face dry straightaway. and when at night i tried the brown one, it gave me the same effect. dry. less actually, not as bad as the white one. but still.i couldn't stand the dry effect of this soap, so i only use it for 3 days and keep them aside. Hoping that another season (summer maybe?) it could work for me.

Sorry tony moly. this product is cute but doesn't work for me. don't worry, it doesn't mean i will stop buying your products since you have some interesting and cute products.

Holika holika egg soap
same like tony moly soap, the packaging made from a carton-just like eggs carton, only somehow this one is stronger and it is not damaged. this is what it looks like :
the packaging

i bought the special set, contain 4 different egg soaps ; white (original), green (green tea), black (charcoal) and brown (red clay)
the size

in this review i will review the white one, the one i am using at this moment. 
So, how is it? well, i have been using this for around 10 days and so far so good. it doesn't give me the dry effect. but it is not soft or mild also. i think people with dry skin could feel the dryness after using this soap. because sometimes i felt dry, a little, but not all the time. it smells nice, don't worry, you won't smell egg. at first it was hard to make a foam with this soap. but one day i tried it when i was in the shower, with warm water, and it was easy to foam up this soap. so the next day and everyday i always use warm water to foam up bubbles easily.

As the effect for me, as a cleanser it cleans well, just ok, not that special but not bad, and as the other effect, which it suppose to tighten or minimize pores, so far i didn't see the effect for that. well, it s only around 10 days anyway, i hope after a month of using this soap i could see some results.
the negative of this soap is just like the tony moly, the packaging. it is cute but not convinient. You must prepare a container to keep this egg in your bathroom. this is how i keep it :
conclusion :

so, between tony moly egg soap and holika holika egg soap, the winner is..... holika holika!
and i still have 3 egg soaps from holika holika. i hope they are good.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jakarta spa review : Mom n Jo

Why somehow i want to write about spa place? Because it is time to share all the ladies about this little heaven on earth, and i will start with my fav one.
A little bit background about me and spa, i was not interested at first. For me, salon is enough. hair creambath, hair spa, and so on.when i felt tired and need massage, i would just call "mbok pijat" to come to my house. Then the journey started 3months before i got married. I started looking for a special treatment on spa houses around Jakarta, and... wow. a good spa is really a little heaven on earth. seriously. Now i am addicted.
anyway, this post is about my experience at mom n jo
Mon n Jo's specialty is actually for mom and baby. They have this special treatment for pregnant women, after labor and babies. But when i went there, the spa in Darmawangsa square, this very nice lady, mbak Wulan, very helpfull explain about their service and she told me that their service is not only for pregnant women. I told her, "i'm getting married" and she started giving me all recomendation, even schedule. Like body scrubs 4 times every week, and on the last week ratus, wax, and so on. Then i set an appointment for me.
the waiting room at mom n jo Darmawangsa square
photo from
My first treatment was Body scrub, with oatmeal something. The treatment started with a warm-aromatic water for my feet, and the therapist gave a gentle massage on my feet. it was sooo relaxing. the sofa so comfortable, with relaxing instrument music and a nice aromatherapy smell all over the place.Then they took me to the treatment room, with a massage bed and shower. therapist left me there to take of my clothes and get ready, and she knocked before she came in. The body scrub treatment is nice.. i enjoyed it and fell in love straightaway. The smell, the light massage, so relaxing and really could make me forget all the problems out there. After body scrub, i took a shower there to rinse off the scrubs, and voilaaa!! smooooth skin.

Since then although i tried some other spa places, i kept coming back to mom n jo because i found it the best. the next weeks, i had more body scrub treatment, ratus, wax, facial, even  anti-cellulite massage. I was soo happy with their service that i decided to buy a gift voucher for me and my husband for after wedding day. I thought we will be so tired after all wedding preparation and wedding say itself, and a couple treatment at mom n jo would be perfect gift for us.
So i told mbak wulan about my idea, and she helped me choosing some treatment and make a gift voucher, which is nicely wrap with a thick envelope (not just a paper of voucher).

couple treatment:
body massage, boreh wrap, milk bath
this time my treatment was in of course, couple room, where there are 2 massage bed and... a bath tub!
Boreh wrap (from
Discover the new you with our herbal Boreh wraps. Our boreh wraps consist of carefully selected herbs which work in synergy to detoxify your body, increase circulation, improve function of the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and intestines, and thus aid your body´ss natural cleansing process. The warmth will gently soothe your muscles into discover a new fabulous you.. This is an excellent complement with Lipomassage or a stand-alone treatment.80 minutes.

so they applied this special herb to our body, then wrap our body with special blanket, after a while, it got warm, and hotter.. it was like in sauna. lol. it smells like indonesian traditional herb, and it felt warm and nice.

next is..milk bath.
while we were lying down with boreh wrap, they prepared a milk bath for us, with candle around the bath. well, of course, first, it was really romantic. the bath also nice, not just the milky smell but the temperature, everything is just perfect.

last is a massage.
Deep Tissue Massages 80min
This deeply therapeutic massage will help to address locked muscle groups. Deep tissue kneading and muscle manipulation techniques are applied to release body tension and stress. Excellent for body toning, sculpting & after-exercise.

couple's room
photo from
there was this point when somehow during the massage me and my husband fell asleep. WOW, the massage was sooo relaxing. it was like the therapist released all the tense muscle and make us relax, body and soul. After the treatment we agreed that mom n jo massage is the best.and that's why only this one i remember the price (Rp.240.000)  and became my fav treatment here.

less than a year after that, i got pregnant. when i was 7months pregnant, i lived in Jakarta until after labor. Again, mom n jo became one of my favourite place in jakarta. Of course that time i tried a massgae for pregnant women;
Pre-Baby Bliss 80min
This ultra gentle massage is tailored to the special needs of expectant mothers. Using quality grade hypo-allergenic maternity oil, our therapist will concentrate on improving the circulation to legs and calves while easing tension in the lower back and neck.  
price = Rp.240.000

my comment, oh my God, every mom to be really deserve this.seriously, if you are pregnant, try this!!!!!!
7-9months pregnant when it was hard to sleep at night, pain on your back, waist, having this massage was just soooo nice and i felt like i wanted to have it everyday. lol. My sister said it's a little bit pricey though. i know, but i kept telling my self, i deserve this! lol. The technique is different for this massage. since i was pregnant with a big tummy, of course i didn't lay on my tummy. The therapist gave a massage while i lay on my side. so i went there every week until my last week of pregnancy. At that time they opened their branch in Brawijaya mother and children hospital. Small branch, ony one room. And since i joined the pregnancy exercise class there, once i tried mom n jo there. The service was same, but the place in darmawangsa is better.

Then i have a baby. so this time was my baby's turn! i took her to mom n jo when she was eight months for a baby massage.
price Rp.90,000
at that time their business was growing good. they rent more space in darmawangsa square, more treatment room, and new room for baby. At that time, 8months year old, my baby was not friendly with any stranger or new people. so at first she rejected the therapist when she was touching her. But after 5minutes massage, magically my baby was calm and in fact giving her arm to the therapist for more massage. hahaha.. she liked it!!!
baby's treatment room
photo from

this is my fav spa place. eventhough the price is a little bit higher than other spas around my neighbourhood, i kept coming back here just simple because they have the best massage. I don't know what makes it different and special, it's like the therapist there, they have this special technique that could really make me super relax and satisfied, that i often fell asleep during massage and i woke up feeling sorry for myself that i missed it! lol.

Now their business is growing even bigger. now they have their own place close to darmawangsa square, called "house of mom n jo". Now everytime i travelled to Jakarta, eventhough i am not pregnant and my baby is big now, i still keep coming back here for massage!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BB cream Swatch and short review : skin79 gift set

This bb cream set is actually from last year purchase (haha.. soo late review!) well, i have been trying many bb creams and when i purchased this i tried only 2 of them and recently i tried the rest 2 so now i am ready for all 4 skin79 bb cream review. I bet you all already familiar with this skin79 bb cream, specially the pink and gold one. it's quite popular and most online seller for korean products sell this, either the mini gift set or the full size. anyway, here they are:
super + BB pink - super + BB gold - BB diamond collection the prestige - BB diamond collection pearl

swatch :
from left to right : same like above (pink-gold-diamond pink- diamond pearl). as you can see, the pink and gold one has similar shade while the shade of 2 diamond collection also similar.

skin79 super + BB pink
triple function, as written on the small tube :
UV protection SPF25 PA++
wrinkle free
when i first searching bb cream on the net, this one is one of the famous bb cream that when i searched on google, so many reviews i found there. from what i read, they said that this one is supposed for summer while the gold one is for the winter.
anyway, when i tried this one, i liked it straightaway. the texture is creamy but easy to blend and the shade is fit for me. but there is one down side. last year when i travelled to singapore, i took this for me. i thought it would be perfect. the small size is convinient for travel, the shade is right, and for holiday i don't need any make up, just bb cream + loose powder and lipgloss. it was perfect at first. but, holidat at singapore = all day walking under the sun, walking down orchard road, MRT, taking photo at interesting landscape = sweat, tired.. and when i checked my face after lunch.. i found the bb cream on my face became cakey-melted.. make it look dull, not blend perfect anymore. i don't know, is this bb cream not suppose to use while you are doing lots of activites outside or was it the weather and some other things?
anyway, when i tried again the other day when i didn't do activities outside too muct that didin't requires sweat, this bb cream was just perfect.

Skin79 super + BB Gold
triple function, as written on the small tube :
UV protection SPF25 PA++
wrinkle free
this one is my favourite bb cream, not just from all of skin79 bb cream but also one of my favourite from all b creams. this would be on my top 5 fav bb cream for sure. The shade is perfect for me, and i like fow the texture is easy to blend, and it has a good moisturiser too!! esactly what i need. in fact i bought another small tube for this. and one day when i'm tired trying new bb cream, i will buy the full size bottle of this and stick with it! :)

Skin79 BB diamond collection the prestige BB balm
there is no information about the function of this bb cream on that tiny tube. the full size bottle of this one is so girly and pretty anyway. and the product itself, the texture is lighter than the super + pink and gold. the shade also different. this one is like with a peach tone. anyway, at first try i liked it, but after some hours, it has some dewy effect that i don't really like, and somehow it made my upper cheek a little bit oily. so it is not really my favourite. but i read on the other review that it works good for them and if you like dewy finish, this might bre good for you.

Skin79 diamond collection Pearl

there is no information about the function of this bb cream on that tiny tube. the shade, the texture just same like the diamond prestige one, only this one comes with glitter. well, that's why thet put the word "pearl" maybe? anyway, can you see the glitter from the photo? it's hard to see it there, i know. my first application i didn't notice it too although i put it on my hand first. when i finish i applied i just noticed, what.. what is it on my face.. blink blink!!!! oh my god... it's like you are wearing a wrong costume or something. i mean, i am a houswife and a mother, and it was a day light, i was gonna go out with my daughter to the souq (big market, but not a mall) and my face was like i was gonna go clubbing. lol. seriously. this one is not for me. i don't need it..maybe on my university year i might need this. so in my opinion, i think this one is for going out at night, party, to the club, photo shoot, but definetely not in day light to go shopping :)

ok, that's all for the review, and in my conclusion, my fav is the gold one!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

bb cream swatch and review : holika holika peach girl bb cream and holika holika baby bloom bb cream

i am so excited trying holika holika, one of the new brand from korea. i bought some sample size to try and some full size items from this brand. one of them is peach girl bb cream travel size that i bought from iheartkoreanbeauty, while the baby bloom one is free gift. anyway, here is the review :

holika holika peach girl bb cream
this is the one i have, a very small tube, but quite enough for try out. in fact i wish all bb creams have small size like this so i can try them all. hehe. i prefer buying this small size because i know i wont be able to finish the whole big tube since i like to try something new. anyway, the full size looks like this;
with a cute multi purpose lip gloss-blush cream on the cap. cute. 

and here is the swatch :
the one i have is shade 1 by the way.

performance :
first, of course i would test the scent. i couldn't smell any peach though. i even really sniffed to it when it was still on my hand. it was really nothing. no scent. i thought it would smell sweet like peach :) but anyway, i guess this is good then for those who don't like strong scent on make up products.

next, the shade. although it is shade 1 and normally swatch 2 match better on me, this one still works though. not too light, but i still curious about shade 2. at first dot on my skin it looked too light, but after i blended it well, it was still ok.but still, maybe shade 2 would be even perfect. the texture is easy to blend and apply, the thickness is medium. i like how it gave me fresh look. maybe this is why they called it peach. because it gave me a fresh natural glowing look, or i could say a peachy look?

then.. the coverage. it is light to medium. if you have some spot or scar to cover, i don't think this will be enough. you still need a concealer. i tried to covere my old dark spot with this and it wasn't really good.

other things to add? hummm... overall it is an ok product for me, and if nect year i couldn't find any new interesting bb creams, i would go with this, but shade is good for natural everyday look, but no for formal or party make up.

Holika holika baby bloom bb cream
full size products :

the swatch :

since i have only a sachet of this, and only enough for 3 days, i can't say really much abouth this. first, i don't have information about the shade on the packaging. is it only one shade? but anyway, the shade is ok, it suits me good, not perfect. i read on the internet that this one is for dry skin.oh. and the name is baby bloom, so i sniffed it, and yup, i could smell very light baby powder scent. i couldn't smell it when i apply it to my face, but when it was still on my hand and i sniffed it, i could smell that very light scent. The coverage is also light to medium, just like peach girl bb cream.the texture is medium thick and easy  to apply and blend.can't say other effects it is just a sample. but based on my 3days using this, ii don't have any problem and it kept my face moisturised and fresh natural look all day.

anyway, so far holika holika gave me a good impressions. can't wait to try more of holika holika!