Thursday, November 3, 2011

bb cream swatch and review : holika holika peach girl bb cream and holika holika baby bloom bb cream

i am so excited trying holika holika, one of the new brand from korea. i bought some sample size to try and some full size items from this brand. one of them is peach girl bb cream travel size that i bought from iheartkoreanbeauty, while the baby bloom one is free gift. anyway, here is the review :

holika holika peach girl bb cream
this is the one i have, a very small tube, but quite enough for try out. in fact i wish all bb creams have small size like this so i can try them all. hehe. i prefer buying this small size because i know i wont be able to finish the whole big tube since i like to try something new. anyway, the full size looks like this;
with a cute multi purpose lip gloss-blush cream on the cap. cute. 

and here is the swatch :
the one i have is shade 1 by the way.

performance :
first, of course i would test the scent. i couldn't smell any peach though. i even really sniffed to it when it was still on my hand. it was really nothing. no scent. i thought it would smell sweet like peach :) but anyway, i guess this is good then for those who don't like strong scent on make up products.

next, the shade. although it is shade 1 and normally swatch 2 match better on me, this one still works though. not too light, but i still curious about shade 2. at first dot on my skin it looked too light, but after i blended it well, it was still ok.but still, maybe shade 2 would be even perfect. the texture is easy to blend and apply, the thickness is medium. i like how it gave me fresh look. maybe this is why they called it peach. because it gave me a fresh natural glowing look, or i could say a peachy look?

then.. the coverage. it is light to medium. if you have some spot or scar to cover, i don't think this will be enough. you still need a concealer. i tried to covere my old dark spot with this and it wasn't really good.

other things to add? hummm... overall it is an ok product for me, and if nect year i couldn't find any new interesting bb creams, i would go with this, but shade is good for natural everyday look, but no for formal or party make up.

Holika holika baby bloom bb cream
full size products :

the swatch :

since i have only a sachet of this, and only enough for 3 days, i can't say really much abouth this. first, i don't have information about the shade on the packaging. is it only one shade? but anyway, the shade is ok, it suits me good, not perfect. i read on the internet that this one is for dry skin.oh. and the name is baby bloom, so i sniffed it, and yup, i could smell very light baby powder scent. i couldn't smell it when i apply it to my face, but when it was still on my hand and i sniffed it, i could smell that very light scent. The coverage is also light to medium, just like peach girl bb cream.the texture is medium thick and easy  to apply and blend.can't say other effects it is just a sample. but based on my 3days using this, ii don't have any problem and it kept my face moisturised and fresh natural look all day.

anyway, so far holika holika gave me a good impressions. can't wait to try more of holika holika!


nisa said...

pgn pake bb cream lagi tapi takut breakout lg >__<
btw aku lagi ngadain giveway, ikutan yaa!!

D_Red said...

review bedak dong, yg powder or pact yang pernah dicoba dan okay menurutmu..thanks ^_^

NKN said...

I just read Your review; and I'm even more curious about Baby Bloom BB cream - it was sent to me few days ago, and I can't wait to try it! ^^