Sunday, November 27, 2011

BB cream review : skin food red orange jelly BB

As a fan of skinfood products, when they have new bb cream i always curious to try at least the sample. Since this one i couldn't find sample or travel size, so i took a risk buying the full size. well, i think this is skinfood's first bb cream on a jar packaging, not tube. Manybe because the texture, it is jelly bb cream. Just like holika holika jelly bb cream also come with a jar like this. Actually i don't like the idea of jar for bb cream, since it means i have to dip my finger over and over again. with or without spatula, it still not a good idea. in fact spatula is not really convinient. But i guess it is because the texture is thick-jelyy-like so it is better on jar than tube.
there is another cap to cover the product inside
 the back of packaging. all in korean. But can you see "open here" on the right side? open/peel the sticker, there is some description in english. I like skinfood for this. many other korean products have no english description on their packaging. Other brands i have now; holika holika, innisfree,tony moly, baviphat, no english translation. only skin food and etude house put product description in english on theri packaging
english description :
This flexible jelly pudding bb cream contains moisture-rich revitalizing ingridients from orange to keep your skin ultra moisturised and to create hydrate and jelly-like resilient skin with a smooth finish.
to use : put a moderate amount of cream on your hand and tap around your skin, use a modicum amount of each use because it contains lots of hydration, and then make sure to put the cap back on not to loose hydration.

ok not to the product, let's open the cap
the texture is just like a name, it is like a pudding-jelly. not watery or creamy like other bb creams. when i first dip my finger in it and scoop small amount, actually it was mor elike custard or like a very soft creme caramel.
although the texture is jelly like, it is sooo easy to apply and to blend. so convinient to use.
it smell a soft citrus-orange, so fresh. nice scent, just how i expected it from all skinfood products.
shade and swatch
mine is shade no.2 natural beige. Normally skin food bb creams no.2 just perfect for me, but i don't know why this one is slightly too light for me. although it blends well at the end, but when first apply to my face it looks too white.
very light. even out skin tone, you can't use this to cover some spot (both new or old spot). it is more like tinted moisturiser, so don't expect to get a foundation effect or  finish look from this bb cream.
it is good moisturiser, just like what it promised. But on the packanging it also says " with smooth finish" well, i don't feel any smooth finish with this. moisturised, yes. smooth finish, no.

overall, it is just an avarage bb cream for me because so far no healing or other good effect (skin care effect) than moisturiser. i would like my bb cream to give me other benefits like giving glowing skin, healing when skin is irritated or even fight blemish like my top 4 fav bb creams (always wanted to post about my top 4 bb creams but not yet until now. i am still waiting for a good bb cream to make it top 5 not just top 4).
This bb cream is good for those with dry skin and just want a natural look or to use on a daylight going shopping.


très magnifique said...

i really need to try this thanks for the review i have been eyeing this for a long time :)

Caroline.caz said...

Hi I've been thinking of getting #2 Natural beige but I read on another blog that it has a pinkish undertone to it, is his true (sometimes it's hard to tell in photos)? I have samples in #1 Light beige, which although has yellow undertones, is too light for me.

Thanks, in advance!
- Caroline

galleryibu said...
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galleryibu said...

hi caroline,
i just tested it again on my hand under the light and yes, it has a slightly pink undertone but it didn't really show when i applied to my face.