Thursday, December 1, 2011

online shopping review : via femaledaily marketplace

I am a reader of and sthis year i decided to join the femaledaily forum which quite addicted :) my favourite thread is of course, recommended online shop. some months before i traveled to Jakarta i started browsing female daily marketplace and that's how i knew hijabstoreonline from one of female daily active member, ketupat kartine. she opens pre order for hijabstoreonline with affordable price, and the moment i checked the website, i fell in love straightaway with their accessories!
the website

i wrote down some of my favourites, and ended up i wrote too much.oh  nooooo then i have to take a look one by one to choose at least 3-5 items only since it would be my first time shopping here and i don't know the quality yet.
But seriously,, it was sooo hard to choose. take a look:
collection of elastic bands, headbands and sashes

anyway, i decided to buy this items:
i still have one more item which is the black chiffon sash, i left it in jakarta, accidentally, because i wore it a day before i left so i forgot to put it in the box together with other accessories.

anyway, i was satisfied with the quality. they are good. the elastic headband is not too tight andthe gold headband on the side is pretty, with or without hijab. the good thing is that they are sweet, pretty and not too much.

this is my favourite:
a flower clip. simple but pretty. clip it on the side of your hijab or hair if you don't wear hijab, and that's it. if you started getting bored with your everyday look, try this for a new look.

this is an elastic headband. very pretty with pearls. but for me this is only for some special occasion. i wantes my daughter to wear this but it was too big so i guess it is only for adult? hehe
black with glitter elastic band. i like this too,, i wore this when i have big family halal bihalal last ied.

a pretty headband, simple and pretty, just the way i like it.

overall, i am satisfied with both hijabstoreonly products and ketupat kartini's service as a seller. i also ordered hijab black pins (jarum pentul) and it turned out not really top quality and she told me she's sorry for that before i received the package. it was so nice of her telling me the truth, she told me she didn't know that items would be dissapointed not like other products. she even sent me the pins even before i paid! the pins are ok anyway, not top quality but i still can use it. so if they have new cute products i will definetely buy more!

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