Thursday, December 8, 2011

skin care review : holika holika aqua splash toner & emulsion (travel set)

i finished my set of l'oreal dermagenesis skin care, so it's time to try new products!! but before i tried all that skin care full bottle set, i wanted to try some of travel set/mini bottle skin care i have, and it is time for holika holika! and this is what i have :
holika holika aqua splash toner and emulsion- in mini bottle. the toner is 1/3 left and emulsion is 1/2 left. i likt holika holika packaging. sooo cute, they know how to attract customers. look at tha packaging of the full bottle:
now for the product review :
scent :
smells lovely and fresh, and remind me of i of my perfume when i was still in high school (so long ago! lol) it took me awhile to rememnber what was it.. and then somehow i remember.. it is dafidoff cool water. yup. the scent of this toner slightly like dafidoff cool water, which is very nice and of course, much much softer scent
texture and performance :
the texture is just like other korean toner. similar texture like skin food and etude house toner. the toner itself is so refreshing, and the good thing is that it doesn't dry my skin.

scent : smells just like the toner but softer
texture and performance :
the texture is soooo watery. loo at this;
it can't stay on my hand. so runny and watery. so for me, since it is winter here it is not moisturised enough. i think i need the cream not the emulsion. so this one i think for thoe who want light moisturiser. anyway, it absorbed fast, which is good, and also good to use before bb cream.

after 3 days using this, i got some red spot/acne on my forehead, and nothing i change on my routine (same bb cream, same face soap, only this new toner and emulsion) so i was like 50% sure it could be because of this products, but i continued using it anyway and somehow it was ok. so i don;t know, was it because of using new products or something else (not my cycle).

like the toner, nos so much for the emulsion.
but i don't think i will but the full size bottle for this product. i don't find something so special.

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