Monday, December 19, 2011

Lip tint review : etude house miss tangerine follow me tint

picture borrowed from ebay.
After reading a review about this product here, i decided to buy it. the colour looks so natural and i liked it from the picture. when i got this lip tint, i was right! i fell in love straight away. this is what i need!
the packaging is just so so. simple, standard, slim.
 this is the colour of the lip tint. nice and fresh orange colour..
and this is the swatch, on my hand and tissue, so you can see the difference;
see? on the tissue it was orange colour, not change. but when i applied to my hand, the colour changed to more warm orange colour. it was only 2-3times, if you apply more, the colour will be more into red.

anyway, my thought about the product:
the colour : you can adjust it the way you like, if you want just light orange colour, just apply once. if you want more colour, apply more and the colour will change. on my lips, it is more natural-orange-pinky colour. anyway, i like the colour. full stop. it is perfect for natural look.

moisturizer : oh yes, the moisturizer is good too. i don't have to put lip balm before this, and it kept my lips moisturized all day. that's why they called it 2 in 1 product. as moisturzer and lipstick.

other plus : contain spf 13.

overall, for a house wive mother, this one is one is must have item for me for everyday natural look. i will look for other similar product like this to try, and if i can't find other interesting product like this i will repurchase this one.

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the little miss jessica said...

Thank you for stopping by at my blog, I'll try to be as informative as I can :)
Btw, this miss tangerine is quite popular, no? I saw loads of review about this product. :o