Thursday, December 8, 2011

mask sheet review : my beauty diary strawberry yogurt

fiuuuuhh.. finally.. i can access my blog. i wrote on my previous post about my problem sign in gmail and blogspot. after around 4days trying do everything to sign in, i gave up and i gave my laptop to my husband and asked him to fix the problem. This morning when i tried again, somehow it worked! i can sign in.. phew.. i didn't know what happened or what he did to fix it, i hope it is not happening again.

anyway.. back to more review!! i have many stuff waiting for review.. i hope i have enough time!lol.
ok, this one is short review about a mask sheet that i used last night, which is my beauty diary strawberry yogurt;

first impression when i opened the sachet, smells niceeee... smell just what its written there : strawberry and yogurt. the smell of yogurt make it smells sooo delicious, sweeeeet....
nest, i put it on my face, then wait.... 15 minutes later, the mask still sit there comfortly, no itchy feeling or burning or anything uncomfortable. in fact i enjoyed my me time with this mask and a novel...
after 15 minutes, i checked the mask, still wet and moist, not drying.. so i waited another 5minutes before removing the mask. after that, i checked my face on the mirror. it looked sooo fresh, brighter, and when i touched it, fully moisturised. loved it!
there is ingridients list on the back of packaging.

overall, i like this MBD mask. in fact i've tried around 5-6 variants of MBD and so far i like them all and no bad side effect on me.

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