Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mask review : VOV daily fresh mini pack 17 cereals

This is my firsy trial for VOV product. I was tempted for the cute packaging and the idea of you don't have to buy big size-full bottle of mask with one variant. this way, you can buy lots of variants and try them all, not using the same mask every week, interesting (at least for me. hehe..) anyway, this one is a wash off pack type, and last night when i was gonna use it i couldn't find any information about how to use;
no english information
so i looked in google, and just like any othe wash off type mask,after cleansing your face, apply on the face with a little massage, wait for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with luke warm water.
from some review on beauty bloggers they said this sachet is for 2-3 times use, so i didn't squeeze all the products out. well, it would be too much anyway. 1/3 to 1/2 would be enough.
the texture. just like a very thick night cream
my thought :
first, i couldn't smell anything. it is like no scent at all. the texture is just like a thick night cream, as you can see above. when i first applied on my face, there was this stingy feeling that i don't like. i thought it will be gone after awhile, but it wasn't. so during my 15-minutes with the mask on, i could feel this sting-y, not burn feeling and it didn't hurt like when your skin irritated or so, but anyway, it wasn't comfortable, and after i rinsed off, i felt nothing!! it was just like i just washed my face with facial soap. no smoother skin, brightening effect or extra moisturised feeling. in conclusion, no "after mask" effect.
so, i was dissapointed actually. although it didn't breakout my skin (i was worried before with the stingy feel, but turned out it was ok, no break out after).  anyway, i still have some more vov daily fresh mini pack in other variants and will try them all, i hope they are better than this.

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