Thursday, December 15, 2011

skin care sample review : holika holika black caviar

new korean products that i am interested to try this year is holika holika. i ordered as many samples i could get from holika holika (some i got it free). After i finished with my holika holika aqua splash travel set skin care, now it is time to try the next sample skin care, which is black caviar line. the size of this one is smaller than holike holika aqua splash sample. maybe this one is really just sample while aqua splash i could say that set as travel set (i could use the set for around 2weeks!) but look at this black caviar set. i think it will last less than a week.
i got 2 black caviar wrinkle recovery skin (toner), 1 emulsion and cream an a sachet.

i looked for information on the net but most of them are in korean. anyway, this is what's written on the cream sachet:

holika holika black caviar line is a premium regeneration and mutrition line, which is made by a secret highly enriched essence extracting method only passed on my the emperor and the nobles, containing the whole nutrition of black caviar itself.

there is no other description about the product (all in korean), so what i know is that only it is for wrinkle care. and since i only got very small bottle of the products, i can't say much about it. 

first, this set has no scent! well, i don't really know what caviar suppose to smell in a scin care, but i've tried skinfood gold caviar before and skinfood has a light sweet scent. this holika holika, although i sniffed very close to my nose, i couldn't smell any scent, both perfumed cosmetic scent, herbal or natural sweet scent.

for the toner, it has a yellow-brown colour. it was quite unusual i guess. normally toner/skin, no matter what colour in a bottle, blue/pink/any other colour, it will turn no colour in a cotton pad. this one, in a cotton pad the colour still stand out. a little bit reminded me of a betadine though. but overall, it is a nice toner, doesn't sting and doesn't dry my face.

next is the emulsion, as i expected from caviar line, the emulsion is rich. just like a cream. i was wondering if the emulsion this rich how about the cream? i remember that skin food gold caviar emulsion also rich and very moisturised, so i guess this one is quite similar to skinfood. overall, it is a good moisturiser. it kept my face moisturized all day. 
texture of holika holika emulsion
last is of course, the cream. when i first squeezed out thr cream from the sachet, i was quite surprice with the texture. it is lika a gel but sooo thick with something like glitter in it. look at this
sooo thick that it will not drop even i move my hand upside down, it will just stay there.
can you see the glitter? but of course, once i applied to my face i can't see any glitter or shiny stuff on my face. the cream itself is super rich. i think if you have oily skin you can't use this for a daylight. maybe at night yes. for me i just use it at night because i think the emulsion is rich enough for all day.  so this is for a night cream for me.

overall, from 3 days using only, i can't say about the effect. but the product set is good for me, i got no bad reaction. but i don't think i will purchase the full size bottle for this set. it is just not my favourite.

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